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Everybody's Tennis

Minna no Tennis



Clap Hanz



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07/17/07 Sony Computer Entertainment
09/14/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
04/13/07 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Finally, a Tennis game for everyone! Filled with classic Hot Shots personality and true tennis gameplay, Hot Shots Tennis delivers an experience both amateurs and pros can enjoy! Play a quirky cast of tennis pros then challenge friends and family in singles or even 4 player doubles matches.

The sport of Tennis will never be the same.

Explosive Tennis Action!
Designed for easy pick up and play and longer rallies!

14 Hot Shots Choose!
Play with 14 colorful characters with crazy personalities and tennis skills!

Master Exotic Courts!
Play 11 different courts including a Hawaiian beach, Old West town, Greek ruins and more!

Discover different costumes, courts, and more as you progress further in the game!!

Various Game Modes Offer Something for Everyone!!
  • Training Mode- Perfect your tennis skills! Learn to position yourself, hit a the perfect serve, volley at the net, and lay down a powerful overhead smash!
  • Challenge Mode- Work your way up 7 Classes of difficulty to become the ultimate Hot Shot!
  • Tennis with Everybody- Play head to head with a friend for an intense singles match or play doubles with up to 4 players (multi-tap required).
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krimoz911 posted 06/01/2010, 01:52
They might remake this for ps3 with wand support.
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FilaBrasileiro posted 21/09/2007, 05:42
Actually it's 50% of HSG popularity right now, according to this site Everybody Tennis sold 550k in Japan.
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FilaBrasileiro posted 20/09/2007, 10:35
I agree with you Globox, to some extent, this is like TT.....but we don't know how well this sold in Japan.
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Globox82 posted 18/09/2007, 09:08
50% that is
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Globox82 posted 18/09/2007, 09:07
This game seems to be more of a "crash test" than full game. What do i mean by "crash test"? Well gameplay is solid, it seems easy but actually it is very deep and a lot of fun. Now problems start with. No fun and crazy practice challenge mode as in Virtua Tennis...something that you would expect in colorful game like this. No possibilities to customize and create your own character. yes there are some new "uniforms" to get by unlocking them. But no real player creation. No appearance creation. Game needs more variety. Also no ONLINE support.

I think if they correct this things and create great online...and make new game from grounds up for PS3...then this game could reach at least 50 of popularity Hot Shots Golf has in Japan.

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