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09/25/07 Microsoft Game Studios
09/27/07 Microsoft Game Studios
09/26/07 Microsoft Game Studios

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Halo 3 - Summary

Halo 3 is the third game in the Halo Trilogy and provides the thrilling conclusion to the events begun in "Halo: Combat Evolved." Halo 3 picks up where "Halo 2" left off.

Structurally, the campaign is very similar to the first two Halo games; much of the game consists of first-person shooter (FPS) “run-and-gun” action, with some lengthy segments involving vehicles thrown in for good measure. Up to four players can play through the campaign, either on the same console or on Xbox live.

In the online mode, up to 16 players can take part in contests over 11 different maps in a plethora of different battle types, which are all customisable. A new addition is the match moderation feature known as The Forge, which allows players to move objects around the different levels in real time, as well as spawn weapons and vehicles.

The game also offers players the ability to save and edit video clips from their battles. Camera perspective in this theatre mode isn’t fixed, so players can relive their online victories (and losses) from every possible angle. On top of this, the file-sharing option allows players to share these clips, as well as screenshots and Forge creations with the online community.

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14,500,000 Units

Opinion (575)

hellobion2 posted 26/11/2023, 12:22
Nothing beats halo!
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ExplodingBlock posted 25/05/2015, 05:01
The wiki says this sold over 15 million copies
If so, this is some SERIOUS undertracking
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darkenergy posted 09/01/2015, 05:26
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ice posted 02/10/2014, 07:15
Would be nice to get some official figures for the Halo games.
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Welfare posted 26/07/2014, 01:37
Does VGC count all versions of this game? Looking back at old NPD data, USA first year is severely under tracked. NPD has it at 4.82 million in the first year, VGC is 4.24 million. Unless VGC put those missing sales in 2008, Halo 3 could already be at 12.5 million.
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