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Twisted Pixel Games



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09/13/11 Microsoft Studios
10/06/11 Microsoft Studios
09/16/11 Microsoft Studios

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“Where he came from no one knew…though I once heard tell he was kicked out of Castolon, Texas, for teaching a mule to play poker, breaking one of the few lawsin that frontier town at the time.

His goal was to get revenge on his old posse who had packed him with lead and left him with a permanent address under three feet of Texas clay...then get dangerously drunk on apple jack whiskey.

He was a one-man judge, jury and executioner on the bloody vengeance trail”.
He was...the Gunstringer.

                                                                           - Excerpt from “The Gunstringer Rides Again”


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Twisted Pixel Games, creators of The Maw, Splosion Man and Comic Jumper, proudly present our latest original IP: The Gunstringer! We're bringing you an all-new type of Kinect game where you'll puppeteer an awesome skeleton cowboy marionette with your hands. Brace yourself for an action-packed production of gunplay on the vengeance trail!

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1 n/a 13,030 1,460 2,165 16,655
2 n/a 4,281 1,633 884 6,798
3 n/a 2,972 1,562 677 5,211
4 n/a 3,163 1,392 681 5,236
5 n/a 2,633 1,480 614 4,727
6 n/a 3,246 2,931 923 7,100
7 n/a 2,898 4,593 1,687 9,178
8 n/a 3,285 8,369 2,598 14,252
9 n/a 5,424 3,828 1,851 11,103
10 n/a 6,882 2,202 1,628 10,712
Mr Puggsly posted 11/02/2013, 04:43
Shame this didn't sell better, its arguably the most fun I've had with the Kinect.

It didn't really need Kinect though. It would be a blast to play with a joystick as well.
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thewastedyouth posted 27/04/2012, 01:15
this is actually pretty good, almost all kinect games suck but wow nice to see a good one
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T.Rexington posted 20/04/2012, 10:37
I wonder how many people have played this in total from the bundles. Fruit Ninja is over a million downloads and I think there were anywhere from 100000-300000 paid downloads. This game would probably be over a million units if it wasn't for it being a digital game, although I supposed Twisted Pixel would announce the success.
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Chunkysatsuma posted 31/12/2011, 09:23
cannot wait to buy this
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Mr Puggsly posted 19/12/2011, 03:47
Just finished it, brilliant game. Shame it doesn't have gamepad support. More people should play this game.
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Mr Puggsly posted 15/12/2011, 04:56
The Kinect bundles are downloads. Those are not counted.
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