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10/02/12 Capcom

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1 637,317 296,974 315,457 167,053 1,416,801
2 94,513 48,344 74,667 36,261 253,785
3 39,261 22,855 32,823 16,180 111,119
4 21,591 21,605 19,037 10,631 72,864
5 12,100 16,655 14,717 8,212 51,684
6 6,153 14,756 16,232 8,517 45,658
7 3,564 16,487 16,715 8,964 45,730
8 2,984 28,760 23,237 13,642 68,623
9 2,296 20,188 17,196 9,724 49,404
10 2,871 21,998 23,881 11,449 60,199
-girgosz- posted 30/01/2015, 07:22
What a joke, this is way undertracked: The game officially sold 6 million on PS3 + 360 as of sept 2014 and it's the 3rd best selling Capcom game of all time.
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Raziel123 posted 25/08/2014, 04:14
best game ever
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ZombieVito posted 08/02/2014, 10:06
Capcom just reported this game sold 1 million in Japan. Guess it's a little bit undertracked no?
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late_release posted 23/09/2013, 12:33
Love this game and I've been playing the franchise since its debut. Like a comment bellow, people need to learn how to play it. Sure it isn't as horrific as the first ones but it has other ways to enjoy this fantastic and gigantic game.
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A203D posted 11/09/2013, 05:13
Thats nothing but garbage. This game is nothing more than Capcom attempting to westernise their games with Japanese developers. RE5 started this with the Gears of Wars style co-op. It got the sales Capcom wanted, so they continued with RE6. If you like this game fine, but lets not pretend its Resident Evil. A game is not good just because its made in Japan. This game might be above average, but its not Resident Evil.
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Heavenly_King posted 02/08/2013, 05:07
@Wagner: The thing is that people began bitching about survival horror. And also It does not help that most times Japanese developers want to express their own take on the genres they touched; and so, RE6 as a 3rd person shooter is different and it needs a gamers with enough patience to actually understand and play the way is meant to be played.

Most japanese games have this "endurance" part; and most people are not willing to give the game enough time in order to go past that. But that is not an excuse, Japanese developers need to get rid of that "gaming fat" in order to get directly into the juicy meat.

I remember playing Yakuza 3 for the first time, and I was like WTF is this; but then, considering the story was good; it motivated me to go forward and after that the game clicked with me; and now I have platinumed Y3, Y4; and I am hoping for Y5 to be released in west shores.
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