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10/04/11 Namco Bandai
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10/07/11 Namco Bandai

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Dark Souls - Cheats

Total cheats available: 61

Walkthrough / Guides / Tips

Date Title User
12th Oct 2011 Dragon and soldiers exp trick. Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Dark forest exp farming/trick Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Drake sword Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Pyromancy trainer Laurentius Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Petrus of Thorolund Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Griggs of Vinheim Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Big Hat Logan Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Merchant Locations Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Laito Katana Mad55
12th Oct 2011 Darkwraith Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Forest Hunter Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Gravelord Servant Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Path of the Dragon Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Princess Guard Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Way of White Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Chaos Servant Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Warrior of Sunlight Covenant MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Gifts MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Sorceries MasterVG71782
13th Oct 2011 Returning to Undead Asylum MasterVG71782
13th Oct 2011 Painted World of Ariamis MasterVG71782
13th Oct 2011 Gargoyle Tail Axe MasterVG71782
13th Oct 2011 Dragon King Greataxe MasterVG71782
13th Oct 2011 Easy Taurus Demon Fight MasterVG71782
13th Oct 2011 Moonlight Sword MasterVG71782
13th Oct 2011 Sorceries List Mad55
13th Oct 2011 Pyromancies Mad55
13th Oct 2011 Miracles Mad55
14th Oct 2011 Humanity MasterVG71782
14th Oct 2011 "Invincible" Ghosts MasterVG71782
14th Oct 2011 Maneater Mildred (Invader) MasterVG71782
14th Oct 2011 Paladin Leeroy (Invader) MasterVG71782
14th Oct 2011 Kirk, Knight of Thorns (Invader) MasterVG71782
14th Oct 2011 Xanthous King, Jeremiah (Invader) MasterVG71782
14th Oct 2011 Curing Curse MasterVG71782
22nd Oct 2011 Rite of Kindling MasterVG71782
25th Nov 2011 Asylum Demon (BOSS) MasterVG71782
25th Nov 2011 Stray Demon (BOSS) MasterVG71782
25th Nov 2011 Capra Demon (BOSS) MasterVG71782
25th Nov 2011 Bell Gargoyles (BOSS) MasterVG71782
25th Nov 2011 Gaping Dragon (BOSS) MasterVG71782
26th Nov 2011 Chaos Witch Quelaag (BOSS) MasterVG71782
26th Nov 2011 Moonlight Butterfly (BOSS) MasterVG71782
26th Nov 2011 Great Grey Wolf Sif (BOSS) MasterVG71782
26th Nov 2011 Iron Golem (BOSS) MasterVG71782
26th Nov 2011 Dark Sun Gwyndolin (BOSS) MasterVG71782
26th Nov 2011 Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough (BOSS) MasterVG71782
26th Nov 2011 Crossbreed Priscilla (BOSS) MasterVG71782
27th Nov 2011 Seath the Scaleless (BOSS) MasterVG71782
27th Nov 2011 Pinwheel (BOSS) MasterVG71782
27th Nov 2011 Gravelord Nito (BOSS) MasterVG71782
27th Nov 2011 Four Kings (BOSS) MasterVG71782
28th Nov 2011 Ceaseless Discharge (BOSS) MasterVG71782
28th Nov 2011 Demon Firesage (BOSS) MasterVG71782
28th Nov 2011 Centipede Demon (BOSS) MasterVG71782
28th Nov 2011 Bed of Chaos (BOSS) MasterVG71782
28th Nov 2011 Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (BOSS) MasterVG71782


Date Title User
08th Oct 2011 Achievements (41) MasterVG71782
12th Oct 2011 Achievements (41) Mad55
13th Oct 2011 New Game+ (0) MasterVG71782

Shipping Total

1,260,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2018

Opinion (57)

xboxonefan posted 13/08/2016, 04:23
The most frustrating game reached a Million
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Mr Puggsly posted 28/03/2015, 04:45
@Daguza - Well this did great for a port and no sales in Japan.
Message | Report
Daguza posted 26/03/2015, 02:05
I love it when an xbox game dose badly :)

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Wright posted 12/01/2014, 03:10
This game had such strong legs on a new platform, and that's amazing considering how niche the game can be sometimes. Though the Ps3 version almost double it in sales, but that's mostly thank to Japan, which doesn't help this version at all.
Message | Report
think-man posted 14/10/2013, 05:18
I take that back, It was never released in Japan which Is where the Ps3 version got the bulk of its sales.
Message | Report
reviniente posted 24/03/2013, 09:37
Yeah... 'bad', certainly is relative.
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