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10/04/11 Namco Bandai
09/22/11 From Software
10/07/11 Namco Bandai

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Dark Souls - Summary

       When the flame is extinguished only the darkness remains...

       The flame is now about to die.
       Without the flame lighting the human world, a morning will never come.
       Meanwhile a mysterious mark of a dark curse starts appearing on people's bodies.


- Your soul and patience will be tested again

Dark Souls is an actionRPG which focuses on a strong sense of accomplishment and true joy of RPG such as exploring deep dungeons, encountering dreadful monsters and discovering new items .

- Meticulous Graphics of Dark Fantasy World

Dark Souls also emphasizes on the graphics to render a perfect atmosphere of a dark fantasy world. The in-game world consists of various dungeons and fields to explore, and all of them are seamlessly connected. It is possible to walk to areas that you can see far off in the distance.

-  Solid Game System and Well Thought-out Level Design

Although the game can be extremely challenging sometimes, intense swordfight actions and rich variety of equipment that expend your play style will help you to overcome the difficulties in the game. Well thought-out level design is for nothing but a sense of accomplishment. After going though the levels, you will realize the importance and fun of trial and error.

- New Network System for New Online Gaming Experience

Dark souls allows you to experience casual online gaming. Non-synchronized communication will always make you feel a sense of appropriate distance to other players as well as a sense of mild unity. You will also have opportunities to role-play mutually in the game so that even the multiplayer games blend into the story.


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1 282,357 n/a n/a 282,357
2 39,179 n/a n/a 39,179
3 16,222 141,665 64,513 42,672 265,072
4 9,507 35,951 24,890 13,669 84,017
5 5,922 17,722 10,173 6,039 39,856
6 4,455 16,705 7,185 5,028 33,373
7 3,247 11,189 5,714 3,690 23,840
8 2,386 7,331 6,350 3,326 19,393
9 2,045 7,058 4,045 2,547 15,695
10 1,799 11,639 3,449 3,038 19,925
Rob5VGC posted 10/02/2016, 04:52
Bloodborne outsold it.
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Azhraell posted 09/08/2015, 07:19
will pass 2M this year :D/ only 8k more to go
Message | Report
Wright posted 17/01/2015, 03:53
Almost two million in retail! C'mon! You can do it! :D
Message | Report
fluky-nintendy posted 10/03/2014, 01:47
Still showing some legs! Hope the sequel can pass the 2M mark, PS3 only
Message | Report
Slimebeast posted 28/08/2013, 05:12
Such a fantastic game. My second favorite game series of all time behind Elder Scrolls. There's not a single flaw in this game. Pure perfection.
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-girgosz- posted 17/11/2012, 12:52
Iveyboi: Prepare to Die Edition
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