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"Hail to the Jester, Baby"

By Gordon Bryant 23rd Jun 2011 | 13,175 views 
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Put on your shades and prepare  to step into the boots of Duke Nukem, whose legend has reached epic  proportions in the years since his last adventure. The alien hordes are  invading and only Duke can save the world. Pig cops, alien shrink rays and  enormous alien bosses can’t stop our hero from accomplishing his goal: to save the  world, save the babes and to be a bad-ass while doing it.

The King arrives with an arsenal  of over-the-top weapons, non-stop action, and unprecedented levels of  interactivity. This game puts the pedal to the metal and tongue firmly in  cheek. Shoot hoops, lift weights, read adult magazines, draw crude messages on  whiteboards or ogle the many hot women that occupy Duke’s life - that is if you  can pull yourself away from destroying alien invaders. With hours and hours of  over-the-top single player action, and a range of bodacious multiplayer modes,  rest assured knowing the fun will last.  Duke Nukem was and will forever be a gaming icon, and this is his legend.


  •  Ego and Then Some: Step into the  shoes of Duke Nukem, the steroidal One-Man army who never fails and always gets  the Babes.
  •  Bust a Gut: Duke pulls no  punches. He does and says the things you  are thinking. Duke’s constant stream  of hilarious one-liners  throughout the game will have gamers rolling.
  •  World Interactivity: Spend as  much time as you want shooting  hoops, lifting weights, playing pinball, pool,  air hockey, and slots.
  •  Scale and Variety: This game has  it all; packed with explosive FPS  action, outlandish settings, vehicle driving,  and puzzle solving —  gamers will never tire of the endless fun.
  •  Multiplayer Like No Other: Duke  re-envisions classic modes of play  in his own hilarious and humiliating  way.  Shrink your opponent and  squash him with your foot.  Freeze and  shatter him.  Attach explosives  to his back. Roll a pipe bomb between his  legs, or just frag him  old-fashioned with a rocket.


 Features subject to change and may not be available on all  platforms.


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fauzman posted 01/03/2012, 06:14
Just finished this. I am wondering what happened to the story since this game didnt have one.
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SolidGear3 posted 18/11/2011, 09:43
I pre-ordered tgis last January and picked up Day 1. The most fun I'd had all year. Proof positive that reviewers are more trustworthy than a politician. 9.5/10.
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Salem posted 29/06/2011, 06:33
@gustave, because xbox and ps3 are more mainstream plain and simple.
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gustave154 posted 29/06/2011, 05:59
why are people buying this?? if you really want to play the game then get the PC version...
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 02:08
Expected more after such a long wait!!!!
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biosonico posted 24/06/2011, 01:12
Despite the bad reviews it had a good second week in Europe, go Duke!
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