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02/07/12 Electronic Arts
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02/10/12 Electronic Arts

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Kingdoms of Amalur is an original fantasy universe that serves as the setting for both Reckoning and 38 Studios’ upcoming massively multiplayer game, codenamed Project Copernicus. Amalur's cultures and expansive history were created by R.A. Salvatore, and the world is being brought to life through the artistic vision of Todd McFarlane. Legendary game designer Ken Rolston provides players their first journey into Kingdoms of Amalur through the hero’s journey in Reckoning. The story of Amalur will continue to expand through comic books, novels, toys and additional games.


- Electronic Arts

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Mr Puggsly posted 15/07/2014, 01:05
I finally got around to playing and completing this game. The story wasn't particularly noteworthy, but the God of War style hack n' slash games was great. I mostly focused on the main quests and completed it in 23 hours.

I'd recommend it to people that enjoy games like Elder Scrolls and Fable.
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pots555 posted 03/09/2012, 04:40
Such a good game. I can't believe it didn't sell more units.
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T.Rexington posted 23/07/2012, 11:34
I agree with Pugs, the game can hit 2 million but it'll still be a flop because it failed to sell 2 million when it was $60 on retail, the most important time of a game's life. Just because they move units at $5-$20 doesn't mean it's gonna be profitable at the end of the day.
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usrevenge posted 17/07/2012, 02:14
probably one of the best games this year. it deserved more. I think they tried to hard on the story and pushed the budget way higher then it needed to be.
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Mr Puggsly posted 21/06/2012, 04:57
@ Horrorfest - Most big budget MMOs fail or get lost in obscurity. Just like this game.

So I fail to see your point.
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Horrorfest posted 15/06/2012, 04:00
You don't know anything, most of the money they spent was on their MMO. This did not cost them 300 million.
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