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07/31/89 Nintendo
06/14/89 Nintendo
10/01/90 Nintendo

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Tetris - Summary

Tetris is a puzzle game originally developed in Russia by a man named Alexey Pajitnov for the Academy of Science of the USSR in 1984. It has been released in various versions continually since then, but the Game Boy version has been the most popular of these by a notable margin.

Released in 1989, Tetris would soon be packaged with all Game Boys. In America, the game continued to be a pack-in for 5 years. It has, on many occasions, been considered the greatest video game ever developed due to the simplicity and elegance of its design.

The goal of the game is to arrange "Tetrads" (a variety of shapes made of four blocks each) as they fall, to complete rows across the bottom of the screen. When a row is filled with blocks, it will disappear, earning the player points. When the screen fills to the top, the player loses.


Shipping Total

35,000,000 Units

Opinion (23)

Hibern81 posted 22/12/2018, 03:31
Pretty damn close to gaming perfection! Astronomical replay value!
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EJBass83 posted 07/12/2018, 04:12
This game actually sold 35.26 million and the NA numbers should be 28.20 million instead.
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Flilix posted 04/03/2018, 01:33
Best puzzle game evah!
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thewastedyouth posted 17/05/2012, 05:51

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Kai Master posted 04/03/2010, 10:22
did you know that you can see the full 611 weeks of Tetris' sales by changing the last number un the adress (the menue stops at week 400) !
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FreeTalkLive posted 17/01/2010, 08:47
The best game ever? Maybe so...
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