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05/22/12 Ubisoft
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05/24/12 Ubisoft

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1 n/a 322,022 104,331 63,708 490,061
2 n/a 98,393 52,486 22,545 173,424
3 n/a 49,809 28,097 11,641 89,547
4 n/a 30,194 17,769 7,167 55,130
5 n/a 20,100 12,666 4,896 37,662
6 n/a 13,577 9,195 3,403 26,175
7 5,989 11,853 7,183 2,844 27,869
8 1,621 8,438 9,782 2,723 22,564
9 861 7,546 14,906 3,355 26,668
10 652 4,998 9,635 2,187 17,472
T.Rexington posted 23/07/2012, 11:31
And a million units sold. I expect to hear this hitting 2 million on all platforms combined sometime in the next 2 months, depending on the digital sales of the PC version.
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bouzane posted 14/06/2012, 06:35

My my, aren't we a confrontational, immature little douche bag? How was that called for? Where did you get that absolutely ridiculous data for the revenue generated by Skyrim? Valve takes far less than 30% and they most certainly did not make more from Skyrim than Portal 2. Also, how is this even relevant? I was pointing out the fact that Valve has no issues with generating tens of millions of sales for their games on the PC. Ubisoft doesn't have the franchises to match Valve's success but their is no excuse for doing as poorly as they did. As I stated previously, if they just dropped the extremely restrictive DRM they would definitely have found PC games as a whole to be more enticed to purchase their titles. About your conduct again, it is absolutely sickening to think that morons like you are allowed to post such vitriol on a public forum. All I have to say is grow up child and learn to conduct yourself like a half-way respectable human being.

@Mr Puggsly

That's half of all gaming revenue and growing. Sure, much of it is for browser games and MMOs but there are still plenty of core games being sold for the computer. Steam generates tremendous sales and it's not the only digital distributor for the PC. There is no reason why Ubisoft can not find enough sales to justify a port. Again, if they ported this game without including SecuROM I would have purchased it and I doubt I'm the only one.
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Mr Puggsly posted 04/06/2012, 08:44
@ bouzane - PC generates half of all gaming revenue? If that's true, I'm sure its including browser games, MMOs, and other crap like that. For games like this, developers need to rely on consoles.
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ManciuD posted 03/06/2012, 07:41
bouzane does it hurt to be soo stupid?
pc generates half of gaming revenue?
mental institutions should stop people like you from using computers
ps:valve makes more money from pc gamers because they dont supprt console gaming(no free dlc,no updated tf2,no digital distribution on consoles etc) and the vast majority of valve money comes from all steam games sales
they made more money from 30% of skyrim sales then their own last game portal 2

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bouzane posted 03/06/2012, 03:42

Funny thing is, the PC generates about half of all gaming revenue. The problem is not the public, its Ubisoft. I always used the PC as my main gaming system but I wouldn't even consider buying Ubisoft's titles due to their extremely draconian DRM. Why pay money for a broken product? Maybe if they had a clue how to properly release and market their titles for a different audience they would have found success on the PC much in the same way that Valve has (just look at the success of their titles).
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T.Rexington posted 22/05/2012, 09:25
Half a million out the gate, that's not too bad at all.
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