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Ubisoft Paris



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DS, PC, PSP, X360

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05/22/12 Ubisoft
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05/24/12 Ubisoft

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In the escalating political climate of the near futurewhere strategies on the battlefield must be delicately balanced with maneuvers at the negotiating table a new breed of soldier has arisen. Trained to be better than the best and outfitted with the most comprehensive array of high-tech gear ever assembled, the future soldier stands apart by his ability to remain undetected. He slips unseen behind enemy lines. He uses the perfect combination of diplomacy and force to achieve his objectives while remaining politically invisible. He is a Ghost.

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Propaganda posted 27/06/2012, 02:35
One of my favourite shooters this gen, next to BF3 and Killzone 2/3. The sales aren't acurate here though, it's been frozen like this for weeks.
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-girgosz- posted 02/06/2012, 01:45
Cover is not accurate. The game actually has move support...
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Blaiyan posted 16/02/2010, 01:41
It's nice that there are so many shooters coming that can possibly put a dent in cod and This might turn out good but i'm not into tactical shooters and what mostly troubles me is that the quality of the game might not be as high as it is on way too many platforms for me to seriously consider paying full price. I'll see though.
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