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03/02/10 2K Sports
08/12/10 2K Sports
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Major League Baseball 2K10 brings baseball’s most exciting match-up to life:  Pitchers vs. Hitters.  Get ready to battle.

Work the corners - Based on each pitcher’s mechanics and official scouting reports, Total Control Pitching lets you put the ball exactly where you want it -- provided you keep a close eye on your pitch count.
Work the count - With Total Control Hitting you can time your swing to hit for power, put the ball in play or take a defensive cut. Batter's Eye uses a hitter’s real-life eye rating to help you identify Fastballs, Breaking Balls and Off Speed pitches before they get to the plate.
The best play like the best - True-to-Life Player Rating System, Signature Style and a new Motion Model ensure every pitch, swing, catch, throw, steal and slide looks and feels like you’re at the ballpark.
Become a living legend - With My Player mode you can create a player, choose a team and then play your way into the Hall of Fame.
Authentic Presentation - MLB Today delivers real-time scores, standings, news and stats to ensure timely commentary that reflects what’s actually going on in the Majors.

Knowledge is power - Use Inside Edge to scout players, assess strengths, weaknesses and tendencies, and then exploit them to get the upper hand.


--2K Sports

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1 n/a 47,446 n/a 8,373 55,819
2 n/a 28,431 n/a 5,017 33,448
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Opinion (4)

slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 03:49
Bring back old school pitching controls!
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Mr Puggsly posted 25/04/2010, 05:12
@ uppertone
Could have good legs over time. I think it would be best to make this a 360 exclusive. It gets ignored on Sony consoles because of the The Show. Also MS tends to hype its exclusives.
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uppertone posted 14/04/2010, 11:09
It's a shame cause it's the best game in the series so far, very improved from the last version.
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C_Hollomon posted 15/03/2010, 08:40
That's bad sales. I guess that 1 million no hitter contest didn't make many people care to buy the game. I think it's time for them to stop making baseball games.
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