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America - Front

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilised





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11/10/09 Activision
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11/10/09 Activision

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RETURN TO MODERN WARFARE – Arm yourself with the most cutting-edge military weaponry and tactics in the world to take the fight to the terrorists. Wield assault rifles and high-caliber sniper rifles, disorient your foes with flashbangs, smash through the opposition in a massive Battle Tank, or call in an air strike to level an enemy position.
 DIVERSE GAMEPLAY – Fight on the ground in building-to-building tactical combat, hack into enemy computer terminals, take the controls of military vehicles like Battle Tanks and UAV spy drones, or man the guns of an AC-130 gunship and rain down destruction.
 • The all-new Survival Mode pits you and your squad against wave after wave of advancing enemy troops.
 • Replay any level in Quickplay Mode.
 • Try and beat your best score in new Arcade Mode.
 BIGGER AND BETTER MULTIPLAYER – Battle it out with up to 6 players in either local wireless play or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
 ALL-NEW GLOBAL CONFLICT – Jump between U.S. and British elite military forces battling terrorists across global hotspots, with a new Modern Warfare storyline and missions unique to the Nintendo DS version.


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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 9,363 n/a 1,652 11,015
2 n/a 5,913 n/a 1,043 6,956
3 n/a 13,006 n/a 2,295 15,301
4 n/a 13,488 n/a 2,380 15,868
5 n/a 21,164 n/a 3,735 24,899
6 n/a 27,027 n/a 4,769 31,796
7 n/a 28,830 n/a 5,088 33,918
8 n/a 9,824 n/a 1,734 11,558
9 n/a 4,654 n/a 821 5,475
10 n/a 4,579 n/a 808 5,387

Opinion (8)

roccerfeller posted 15/02/2010, 11:16
damn this game didnt sell as good as its predecessors.
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coonana posted 11/12/2009, 03:01
That or Metroid Prime: Hunters is up there too.
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Chrizum posted 27/11/2009, 02:00
Looks really good for a DS game. Probably the best portable FPS game ever.
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Hisiru posted 21/11/2009, 06:00
It's not MW2 guys. The campaing is completely different but it's good as hell for a portable FPS.

Best portable FPS ever.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 15/11/2009, 09:41
LoL, I love it how Ds gets more hardcore games than Wii

even Assasin's Creed 2 and MW2 : 0
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zaMy posted 14/11/2009, 06:02

almost every system got this game, even the DS, but the Wii didnt?

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