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America - Front

America - Back

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07/11/06 Sega
06/29/06 Sega
07/07/06 Sega

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A war has broken out on Xbox Live between three nations, in which all the "HOUNDs" of the world will participate! --Will you be able to turn even your heart to steel? The weapons standing on the battlefield are "HOUNDs". They are a new land weapon that is extremely customizable. The effective use of squads resulted in amazing achievements in combat and every nation incapable of securing enough military strength have been seeking elite pilots who will loyally follow orders... Squad versus squad battles of up to 6vs6. Voice chat, the key to strategy. Battle situations change in realtime. A power struggle between three nations lasting up to two months. Furthermore, the story leading up to the war is available in the form of the Story Mode (Offline Mode). Are you a hero or just cannon fodder... You cannot survive alone in this war.


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As of: November 10th, 2006

Opinion (5)

thewastedyouth posted 28/05/2012, 10:59
How come Japan sales are not tracked, SHOULD HAVE SOLD MORE!!!
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jarypo_87 posted 06/01/2010, 04:56
MS shut down the multiplayer. is single player only now. Highly suggest you do not buy it.
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sonicshuffle posted 05/04/2009, 11:54
It's an alright game. If you have xbox live.
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DanBal76 posted 31/12/2007, 07:32
Chromehounds: awful single player campaign, fantastic online multiplayer game. Lets face it, Chromehounds is practically a multiplayer only game. The single player campaign is nothing more than a training ground for the online multiplayer game, and even for that matter it is pretty, pretty weak. If you don't have Xbox Live don't bother with Chromehounds, but if you do, give it a try, it may surprise you.
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SpookyXJ posted 06/11/2007, 05:05
While this game was a disapointment to me I did still manage to have some fun with it. Theres plenty of customization of mechs and combat is handeld well. The mission structure sucks as it basically a tutorial for the online portion of the game. Online deathmatch was fun for a bit but the online war system sucked.

In short this game is for you only if you really really love mech games. As of now its you only choice on the 360 if your intereested in a Mech simulator.

I wish MS would make a real Mechworrior sim for the 360. I'm afraid that licence is offically dead now though. RIP FASA
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