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Eigo ga Nigate na Otona no DS Training: Eigo Duke

英語が苦手な大人のDSトレーニング えいご漬け





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01/26/06 Nintendo
10/27/06 Nintendo

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Have you always wanted to improve your English but can never find the time or the right teacher? With English Training for Nintendo DS, you can give your English skills a boost while having fun, too!

English Training helps you improve your written and spoken English in a similar way to Dr Kawashima's Brain Training, with daily bite-size training sessions. Written exercises require you to listen to an English sentence, spoken by the Nintendo DS, and dictate the text with the stylus on the touch screen. Spoken exercises require you to speak English phrases into the inbuilt DS microphone, and the software grades you on your pronunciation.

Most exercises include simultaneous translation in French, German, Dutch, Spanish or Italian (depending on the language chosen) so you can learn useful phrases as you go along. A colour-coded grammar system also teaches you how sentences are constructed; with the subject, verb, object, adjective and adverb indicated in different colours.

As well as the extensive solo mode, you can also send a temporary demo of the software wirelessly to another DS, or test your English skills against friends in multiplayer 'language battle' mode against up to seven other people.

  • More than 3,000 English words and phrases, and more than 1,700 tasks to complete
  • Simultaneous English – French/German/Dutch/Spanish/Italian translation in many exercises
  • Record your voice with the DS microphone and listen to how you pronounce English phrases
  • Stamp your progress with the in-built calendar and chart your daily improvements
  • Unlock new exercises and stamp designs by improving your language skills
  • Up to four profiles can be stored on a single game card, so the software can be shared with friends or family
  • Test your skills with others in multiplayer language battles for up to eight people, sharing one game card
  • Send a beginner or advanced demo of the software to a friend through wireless DS download

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Opinion (6)

Gintoki posted 12/01/2010, 09:31
lol this is so easy...
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SJGohan3972 posted 24/12/2008, 03:36
I think everyones in the US should have too buy this so that we can get some better language :) (you like what I did there?)
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wareagle372 posted 15/06/2008, 01:06
apparently this game doesn't work too well for senbei
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okr posted 27/05/2008, 10:42
In my opinion this application focuses too much on dictation, which makes it too easy for advanced learners and too hard for beginners.

Et "peu de success en dehors du Japon"? It sold nearly one million in Europe. Pas trop miteux.
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Aj_habfan posted 24/05/2008, 07:18
Well, most people in America and quite a few in Europe already know English, so there is little point for them.
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Senbei posted 16/06/2007, 10:46
Peu de succes en dehors du japon c'est dommage...
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