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Imagine: Dream Weddings


Virtual Toys / Lexis Numerique



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11/04/08 Ubisoft
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11/07/08 Ubisoft

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As a young wedding designer, create the perfect wedding that matches the bride’s taste and expectations.

Key Features

  • Manage the weddings of 6 different brides, each with their own personality and specific tastes
  • Design the wedding invitation, choose the dress, veil, bouquet, and more! You can also choose the bride’s hair and makeup, the location of the ceremony, and the music!
  • Choose who will be in the ceremony and select the outfits that will please the bride
  • Live the big day! Ensure everything goes smoothly and your bride is happy! If not, you may face some unexpected events during the ceremony!
  • Unlock new characters, clothing, and accessories with each “perfect” wedding that you design! Exchange the unlockables with your friends via the DS’ WIFI connection.

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DarkFury posted 21/09/2009, 07:57
Million seller, yet again. Just shows the power of the Mainstream compared to core.
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primogen18 posted 21/04/2009, 03:16
Wow, I mean why? Wedding designer? I hate this and the "___z" line of games, they are "dumbing down" gamers and insulting casuals. Nintendogs is the only dog simulation to really get it right IMO, because after it was well received they didn't spit out countless other carbon copies subbing other animals and even babies.
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tuoyo posted 26/11/2008, 12:08
Imagine Wedding Designer. Did not see that one coming. Must be more Imagine games than Mario games by now.
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