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02/11/02 THQ
10/25/91 Compile
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25,000,000 Machina 08th Feb 2020

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25,000,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2017

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Machina posted 08/02/2020, 03:31
Some notes on this figure:

- Firstly, it only covers the period ~1998-2017. 1998 is the starting point because that's when Sega acquired the IP, even though it existed several years before that (first entry was in 1991).

- 2017 is the last time Sega reported proper sales figures for the series. Ever since, in their financial reports they've bundled it in with free-to-play downloads.

- Usually the free-to-play bundling has a huge impact on the figures. Not so much here - Puyo Puyo went from 25 million in the 2017 financials to 27 million in the 2018 ones. Not such a huge bump, and some of it will have been from actual game sales.

- As of 2019 the total shipments + F2P downloads reported by Sega are 29 million, for anyone who is curious. We'll be keeping to 2017 figure as the main one on display on this page though, because adding F2P downloads to your shipment or sales totals paints a misleading picture in our view (for an incredible example of this see the Sonic the Hedgehog series page here -
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