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Alternative Names

Heracles no Eikou: Tamashii no Shoumei

ヘラクレスの栄光 ~魂の証明~


Paon Corporation



Release Dates

01/18/10 Nintendo
05/22/08 Nintendo
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Glory of Heracles features the eponymous Greek hero in a pick-up-and-play role-playing
game that has a rich storyline in a Greek motif and a deep battle system. The story begins
when Heracles washes up on a beach with amnesia. Players must journey far and wide to
figure out Heracles’ story and unravel the mysterious pasts of the other main characters in
this new adventure. The game uses ancient Greece as its backdrop, and players can visit
cities like Sparta and Athens on their travels.


  • Players travel the countryside to meet new characters, collect helpful items and gain experience.
  • Strategy is key during battle, but once the fighting is over, players can gather the spoils of war. Some items might be rusty and in need of polishing at a shop in town, while others might require a blacksmith to forge them into something even more powerful.
  • Players will be treated to animated cut scenes on the screens of their Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi systems.
  • Players can opt to use the stylus or +control pad and buttons to control movement in the game, while the touch screen is required to complete optional challenges used to power up spells or skills during battle.

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Opinion (6)

Fededx posted 10/09/2011, 02:47
I bought it really cheap, and it's a fine RPG. Not the best, but it's good. An 8.5 out of 10 maybe for me :)
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elmerion posted 27/03/2010, 02:20
This game is an average JRPG with a dull story, RPG's are probably going to like it, but it really doesnt offer anything new or exciting to keep you playing
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Faxanadu posted 24/03/2010, 09:57
Never heard of this. I am intrigued.

How much of it is like Battle of Olympus?
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Fededx posted 24/03/2010, 09:03
I want this game, despite the reviews... It's a Nintendo game, it should be good...
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nordlead posted 08/02/2010, 05:35
wow, this started off really bad in the US.
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Sapphire posted 15/12/2009, 02:18
This game will release for US region Q1
the japan sales pretty good
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