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06/09/09 Graffiti
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Bel Lenora is a world where people are born with magic at their command. Years ago, a single man walked the land with no magic in his veins. He brought death and tragedy in his wake and was banished by a brave General at a great cost. It has been fifteen years since his banishment and once again, a young man with no magic walks the land of Bel Lenora.

Join Kairu, a young knight, born with a cursed spirit...



  • Vivid environments create a realistic yet imaginative landscape
  • 40-50+ hours of game play with tons of side-quests
  • Dark secrets and powerful plot twists create an original and intriguing story line
  • Strategically customize your 3 person party from up to 8 unique characters
  • 100+ different physical and magical skills/combos
  • 100+ different weapons
  • 200+ different pieces of armor


Source: Graffiti Entertainment website

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Opinion (19)

Gintoki posted 06/11/2009, 12:31
Got it.Looks great remind me some classics.
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Cactus posted 22/08/2009, 06:26
I like everything about this game except the gameplay. It's a broken mess. The encounter rate is way too high and the game has serious balancing issues. I find myself running from every battle in a dungeon because I'm tired of going through a battle every three steps, yet I'm still able to defeat the boss easily at the end.

I'm pretty much forcing myself to continue, which is sad, because I love the old school feel, and the characters are great.

Hopefully we get a sequel one day, because I know that with some serious polish, this game could have been amazing.
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IxisNaugus posted 02/07/2009, 08:33
This looks really good. Currently waiting for the european release :)
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elgefe02 posted 01/07/2009, 06:55
Great game, I am really enjoying it.
Over 16 hours already.
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Dazkarieh posted 25/06/2009, 10:48
I have it as well!! Hehe
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Xen posted 25/06/2009, 04:21
Finally got my copy.
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