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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G

モンスターハンターポータブル 2nd G


Capcom Production Studio 1



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06/23/09 Capcom
03/27/08 Capcom
06/26/09 Capcom

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Summary

Twice the danger, twice the action, twice the size – Monster Hunter Freedom 2 claws the PSP™ apart!

As the fire dies down and the night's cold creeps in, they tell stories of the Monster Hunters. Ferocious warriors who once tracked, fought and killed the most ferocious of beasts. After the Monster Hunters had defeated the most brutal of their enemies and tamed the land, they disappeared. No one knows where they have gone to. But the campfire stories tell of another realm, a land even larger, with dangers even more deadly, monsters even more powerful. And the stories tell of the deeds of the Monster Hunters there, locked in the ultimate battle between man and beast. A battle for survival, for ultimate glory, for power…

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 tears apart the PSP™ to deliver twice the brutal action and epic adventure of the stunning original. A massive new land is yours to explore, survive and ultimately tame. More than 70 huge monsters ready to tear you limb from limb, if you're not fast, smart and well-equipped enough to survive. Track them across twice the area of the original action epic Monster Hunter Freedom in over 270 quests, with more available via download, designed to deliver the ultimate survival test. Freedom is the ultimate reward for survival; death in red-toothed battle the noblest failure.
Once again, roam a barbarian world alone, or with fellow Monster Hunters by your side. Wireless multi-player modes mean you and your friends can team up to create the ultimate tribe of hunters. In a world before time, co-operate to keep your freedom. In a land of danger, it's hunt… or be hunted.

Twice the action – An epic action game twice the size of the original Monster Hunter Freedom. Huge new lands are filled with over 70 types of monster to hunt, over 270 quests to complete and more than 700 weapons and over 1,400 armour items to collect.

Monster success – The Monster Hunter series is a massive smash success worldwide. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is Japan's number one best-selling PSP™ game ever.

Tribal gathering – Face the challenge of a barbarian world alone, or band together for survival. Four-player wireless "ad hoc" co-operative gameplay lets you and your friends hunt together to form the ultimate barbarian fighting force. Infrastructure mode lets you create the ultimate warrior with extra quests, weapons and armour available to download to your PSP™.

The ultimate warrior – Fight to survive, survive to thrive. With a huge array of weaponry and armour to discover as you progress, you can fully customise your Monster Hunter. Use your village base to construct new unique potions and other items to power-up your Hunter.

The ultimate enemy – Over 70 monster types that live and breathe in the world of Monster Hunter. Learn a creature's habits to outsmart them in the hunt, construct traps and use each enemy's own strengths and weaknesses to best the ultimate beasts. Strategy-fuelled action provides the ultimate in brains and brawn gaming.

Shipping Total

3,800,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2018

Opinion (198)

PAOerfulone posted 17/07/2017, 03:42
3.8 million according to Capcom, themselves.
WAAAAAAAY overtracked.
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think-man posted 20/03/2013, 06:15
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tbone51 posted 20/03/2013, 05:34
Will this game be 2nd highest of all time for the franchise? Only to be surpassed by MH4?
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Heavenly_King posted 20/10/2012, 10:58
This title is way overtracked. How the hell it will sell 5.35M if Capcom only shipped 3.3M?? LMAO!
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Iveyboi posted 15/09/2012, 03:39
Highest Selling MH game ever =-)
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kleinanzeigen posted 05/12/2011, 11:41
Second best Monster Hunter Game - I love the Soundtrack -
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