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03/25/08 Tecmo
03/20/08 Tecmo
06/27/08 Tecmo

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Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword - Cheats

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28th Mar 2011 The Way of Kunoichi ioi

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24th Feb 2011 ACTION REPLAY (0) ioi


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04th Mar 2011 Unlockable - Clear game benefits (0) ioi

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340,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2008

Opinion (42)

Fededx posted 07/07/2012, 06:41
I've enjoyed this game a lot actually. A bit short though...
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AstroMaSSi posted 15/01/2012, 08:53
A good game but finally boring
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spurgeonryan posted 12/12/2010, 05:38
These are good sales for a DS game
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 27/11/2009, 08:49
finally a game that shows the awesome Ds hardware, uses the double screen and controls, with pleasing graphics

really a shame about the sales : (
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Saki posted 10/07/2009, 06:24
The touch controls worked fine. Great looking game and Itagaki continues to show why he is a beast. Never would have expected a NG like Xbox on the DS but he made it work. Its repetitive but great game.
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Graves posted 29/06/2009, 12:55
This game is terrible. They should have made it like the Xbox games with a normal control scheme.
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