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10/14/08 THQ
12/04/08 THQ
10/17/08 THQ

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Saints Row 2 - Summary

Saints Row 2 brings true freedom to open-world gaming. Play as who you want, how you want, and with whomever you want in this sequel to the much-acclaimed and tremendously successful Saints Row.

Set years after the original, Stilwater is both familiar and strange. Bring the Saints back as the rightful kings of Stilwater and bringing vengeance to those who wronged you.

  • Limitless customization: Play as fully customizable characters that are male, female or something in between. Vehicles can be visually customized as well as performance tuned. Cribs and even gangs all have an amazing degree of detailed customization options.
  • Multiplayer: The co-op full story campaign has seamless integration (for example one player drives while the other shoots). Competitive MP pushes the boundaries of immersion in a living Stillwater environment fully populated with police, innocent bystanders, and rival gangs.
  • Killer combat, awesome vehicles: Planes, helicopters, motorcycles, boats, and cars can be piloted and used as weapons. On the ground new combat options include melee, fine aim, and human shield.
  • Freedom to explore: Get ready for more missions, activities, diversions, races, weapons, vehicles, cribs, city districts, and interiors than ever before. More than 40 story missions with additional bonus missions take place in a transformed Stilwater that is over 50% larger than before.

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1 n/a 189,515 120,452 53,052 363,019
2 n/a 53,228 83,837 23,041 160,106
3 n/a 36,289 36,537 12,352 85,178
4 n/a 26,756 17,113 7,508 51,377
5 n/a 20,854 13,670 5,905 40,429
6 n/a 21,539 16,491 6,486 44,516
7 n/a 35,176 19,251 9,342 63,769
8 8,755 27,616 20,213 8,810 65,394
9 3,299 38,019 21,938 11,015 74,271
10 2,480 38,170 22,137 11,071 73,858
Zim posted 16/01/2012, 07:22
Lol at the people saying this didn't do as well as SR1. SR1 sold 2.11m, this has 2.5m on 360 and 1.52m on Ps3.
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yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 08:47
I need to play this someday...heard it's just plain fun.
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pokymon90 posted 24/07/2011, 01:01
2.2 million lifetime
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drakesfortune posted 04/02/2011, 05:10
ps360fan10, no, I think it didn't do as well because GTA4 existed when this came out. At the time SR 1 came out, it was your ONLY choice for open world GTA type game.
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Barozi posted 17/12/2010, 09:08
2 Million ! Uber awesome game
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PS360fan10 posted 03/02/2010, 12:42
Something tells me that the only reason this one didn't sell as much as the first was because it wasn't exclusive to Xbox. It's still an Ok game though
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