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10/16/01 Sony Computer Entertainment
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Pure arcade-style racing focuses on the thrill of competition. Everything from the Kinetic Suit technology to aggressive opposition delivers an adrenaline-filled racing experience.

Kinetica: The race for which the Kinetic Suit was invented, and the most extreme physical challenge known to man. Kinetic Suits, scientifically advanced exoskeletons, fuse with individuals, allowing them to harness excessive speed, incredible agility, and unique technology that enables them to adhere to almost any surface. Kinetica tracks are specifically designed to allow the pure competitive nature of racing to dramatically assert itself through multiple line corners, alternative crossover pathways, and more. Finely tuned artificial intelligence will keep you on edge as each opposing Kinetic racer adapts and adjusts its driving over the course of the race. Strategically timed boosts, drafting off opponents and activating Siphon Boosts, stimulate the competitive element within the interactive field of racers.

Key Features:

  • Pure arcade-style racing with futuristic speed and total maneuverability
  • 6 types of Kinetic Suits, each engineered for racing in diverse environments
  • Different modes (depending on which Kinetic Suit you choose) to enhance certain abilities: speed, maneuverability, or flexibility
  • Articulated animations that capture human agility and the intricacies of Kinetic Suit engineering
  • Dramatic stunts including death-defying air stunts as well as acrobatic ground stunts at breakneck speeds
  • 12+ tracks in 6 futuristic environments consisting of ultra-modern architecture fused with alien technology
  • Alternative routes to explore--not only multiple paths, but wall-riding and gravity-defying ceiling runs that give the competitive edge to those with imagination and intestinal fortitude
  • Intense rider-to-rider interaction delivering the essence of a Kinetica race: competition
  • Apply racing tactics, such as drafting and blocking, to increase Kinetic Suit speed and performance
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soundtrack is amazing!!!
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