EA Sports UFC 4 Announced for PS4 and Xbox One, Rated for Xbox Series X and PS5 by ESRB

EA Sports UFC 4 Announced for PS4 and Xbox One, Rated for Xbox Series X and PS5 by ESRB - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 July 2020 / 909 Views

Electronic Arts has officially announced EA Sports UFC 4 will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14. While next generation versions of the game were not announced, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated the game for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Pre-orders for EA Sports UFC 4 will include boxers Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, the Backyard Customization Pack and the Kumite Customization Pack. If you buy the game in an in-game tile in EA Sports UFC 3 or EA Sports UFC 2 you will get a 10 percent discount on EA Sports UFC 4, martial arts legend Bruce Lee, and 500 UFC points.

View the official trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:

EA Sports UFC 4 features UFC middleweight champion Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya and UFC welterweight contender Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal as the game’s official cover athlete duo. The next game in the popular UFC franchise brings a new experience that puts the player and their created fighter at the center of the action. Featuring an all-new unified progression system, overhauled takedown and ground mechanics, more fluid clinch-to-strike combinations and the chance to experience the origins of combat sports in all-new environments, EA Sports UFC 4 delivers the most polished mixed martial arts experience to date. Players who pre-order the game can play out one of the most anticipated fights in combat sports history with world heavyweight boxing champions Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury on day one.

In EA Sports UFC 4, the fighter is shaped by their fight style, achievements and personality. Players can develop and customize characters through a unified progression system across all modes to go from unknown amateur to UFC superstar in the new Career Mode. New to EA Sports UFC 4, players can also experience four all-new environments, including The Kumite, The Backyard, UFC Apex and Action Avenue, or challenge the world in new Blitz Battles or Online World Championships to become the undisputed champ. Performance details like weight class and one of five MMA disciplines, including Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and more, define how players fight, while over 1,600 new pieces of earnable gear, over 120 emotes and more allow players to put their personality on display while doing it.

In gameplay, fluid clinch-to-strike combinations offer more responsive and authentic stand-up gameplay experiences, while overhauled takedown and ground mechanics deliver more control in those key phases of the fight. No matter how or where players play, EA Sports UFC 4 puts them at the center of every fight. Fluid clinch control brings RPM into the art of the ‘clinch’, adding a key element of strategy to the striking system. RPM Tech drives a takedown overhaul, with a slew of new takedown animations, driven by player control and fighter attributes. A new submission system was built to offer a simplified player experience, with more ways to transition into submission attempts, accelerate a finish, or deploy high-impact slams to escape them.

Additionally, an overhaul to Career Mode introduces a brand-new way to develop fighter backstories and offers an in-depth evolution process for the duration of the fighter’s career. The new fighter evolution feature lets players dictate a fighter’s skillset, as every punch thrown, or every takedown executed builds fighters up in that specific discipline. Relationship Building brings the impact of partnerships and rivalries into EA Sports UFC 4, learning from both friend and foe to gain experience and learn vital skills. Players can pick their path, which allows them to choose the fights, weight class and rivalries they want, ensuring no two careers are alike.

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Liquid_faction (on 11 July 2020)

Funny how they did WIlder dirty by not including him lol

Mr Puggsly (on 11 July 2020)

Good trailer. Hope they fix the mistakes made with UFC 3, the control changes were ridiculous.

COKTOE (on 11 July 2020)

Man, these UFC fighters need a union. The UFC is using not only the fighters likeness, but catchphrases and other traits, and the fighters get nooooothing for being in the game. What makes me bring this up, is that 2 boxers, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, are in the game. I wonder if these 2 non-UFC athletes were compensated for their appearance? I would bet Coke that they were, which further underscores why UFC fighters need to get organized and union up.

Mr Puggsly (on 11 July 2020)

They could also just leave the UFC after developing some fame. Like many fighters have already done. However, many fighters do stay because they get huge pay increases after having success. A few of them could easily get together and headline non-UFC events.

These UFC games don't sell that great by the way. Shit compared to Fifa and Madden. The game doesn't even look like its changed much visually since the first release in 2014.

  • 0
COKTOE (on 11 July 2020)

While I wouldn't call the issue complex, there is a fair amount of detail to how UFC fighters are treated. So much so, I'm hesitant to get into the topic. I will say this though: In general, the athletes there have the shiniest deal in major pro sports, which I feel the aufc can comfortably be grouped with, even though it's not as big as the other members of said group. And to address the idea of leaving: UFC contracts are tilted entirely towards the company side. They are usually quite long. you can leave, but that means you're retiring. You at least have to fight out your contract, which can take up the prime of your career. Masvidal's new contract is for 10 fights I believe, and I guarantee you he only signatory that long because he had no choice. It's an all or nothing proposition with them. And of course, it's built into literally every contract that they can release a fighter on a whim. There is no guarantee for the athlete aside from being totally bound to the UFC. This despite the fighters being classified as independent contractors. Just throwing this ou there too. The revenue split between the fighters and company is at 16%/84% or as high as 20%/80%. Way out of whack. Sorry if this is poorly composed, I'm in a bit of a rush.

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COKTOE (on 11 July 2020)

Shittiest. Not shiniest. 🤕

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Mr Puggsly (on 11 July 2020)

Masvidel could have left though, he has become famous for a few recent victories. Also, the pay early in UFC was much worse.

I am not gonna argue the UFC fighters are getting a good deal. I am arguing the UFC is a good platform to get fame and money. If they aren't happy with their overall pay, they should leave.

Frankly, I really don't care either. Top fighters are wealthy. I am not losing sleep over them not being wealthier. If you're a medicore fighter, its a bad business to be in.

Unless you're Paige Van Zant. She sucks but makes money being hot on social media. The UFC is just platform to get fame for someone like her.

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