PlayStation Awarded Guinness World Record for Best-Selling Video Game Home Console Brand Ever - VGChartz
PlayStation Awarded Guinness World Record for Best-Selling Video Game Home Console Brand Ever

PlayStation Awarded Guinness World Record for Best-Selling Video Game Home Console Brand Ever - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted 5 days ago / 1,492 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment via Twitter announced PlayStation has been awarded the "best-selling home video game console brand ever" from the Guinness World Record. The original PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PS4 as of November 7 have sold over a combined 450 million units worldwide.

The original PlayStation first launched on December 3, 1994 in Japan. 

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trunkswd (5 days ago)

For those that don't know Guinness World Records used VGChartz as the source for the figures.

deskpro2k3 (5 days ago)

well it's official now.

V-r0cK (5 days ago)

They came, and they conquered.

StreaK (4 days ago)

This is great but I already figured this much. And like others have already pointed out with the whole Sony and Nintendo rivalry thing: I don't care how anyone tries to put it, what Sony managed to do in such short amount of time in the the gaming industry is unreal. With only 4 consoles they have outsold Nintendo's 7. 3 freaking generations ahead of Sony. With 5 more consoles on PlayStation's side, each selling at 42 million only, would put them ahead of Nintendo overall. The bottom line is, there's no denying how far Sony has come. I'm sure no one back in 1995 would ever imagine they could even compete with a gaming giant like Nintendo and here we are.

VAMatt (4 days ago)

Actually, everyone thought Sony could compete. Much of the sentiment was nearly opposite of what you mentioned - people thought companies like Sony, Panasonic, and (later) MS getting in the business may mean the end for the gaming focused companies like Sega and Nintendo. They were right about Sega.

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StreaK (4 days ago)

@VAMatt Well, I'm thinking RIGHT out of the box when Sony first revealed the PS. I mean, once it started outselling the Saturn then yeah, heck...even I changed my mind back then and went Sony over Sega. My brother was the one who actually changed my mind go figure. I was so keen on getting the Saturn until Ridge Racer pretty much sealed the deal for me.

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DonFerrari (4 days ago)

Disagree VAMatt. Just look that before FF VII PS1 had a very slow start. There wasn't that much confidence that they would obliterate the sales of N64.

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VAMatt (3 days ago)

I remember very well the first time I played Ridge Racer. I loved it.

I also remember that I had never experienced pop-in like that before, and haven't since.

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Mospeada21CA (4 days ago)

Congratulations, PlayStation!!

LivingMetal (5 days ago)

Good stuff.

HollyGamer (4 days ago)

Omedetou, Tanjoubi Omedetou Playstation

DonFerrari (5 days ago)

I swear in this forum we always hear that handhelds should be counted together and Nintendo leading the records.

Jranation (5 days ago)

Doesnt Nintendo hold the best selling video game handheld brand? Or that doesnt exist.

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DonFerrari (5 days ago)

They certainly should.
But here in VGC people will mix both depending on the argument.
And yes if we talk whole videogame Nintendo still have most HW sold. But some change handheld into portable console (because you can play at home anyway if you want) to say Nintendo sold more consoles than Sony.

Even on Guinness their top 10 mix both https://guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2018/12/top-10-best-selling-videogame-consoles-551938/

Nintendo have sold 430M HH, 281HC and 43M Hybrids... or a total of 754,3M HW, versus Sony with that 450M HC plus 97M HH or 547,3M HW... it will take a long time to take the 200M difference if they can do it at all.

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Barkley (5 days ago)

Handheld - Nintendo
Homeconsole - PlayStation
Overall - Nintendo

Though for the Overall Nintendo has been selling hardware 11 years longer than PlayStation and has had 5 more systems, so especially with Nintendo now only releasing one console rather than Home+Handheld we may see a new king crowned one day for total hardware sales.

Nintendo - 754m Sold over 11 consoles, average of 21m sold a year. (68.5m per console average)
PlayStation - 548m Sold over 6 consoles, average of 22m sold a year. (91.3m per console average)

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DonFerrari (5 days ago)

Thanks for posting what I had but for some reason deleted.

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COKTOE (5 days ago)

They're both very lovely.

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Mr Puggsly (4 days ago)

I fail to see why Nintendo handhelds are neglected as well. I guess being in your hands means less cultural significance.

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DialgaMarine (4 days ago)

It's not about cultural significance. By definition, a dedicated handheld is not a dedicated home console. Sony has sold more dedicated home consoles than any other company, which is all this record is stating.

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DonFerrari (4 days ago)

Mr. Puggsly if you want to count the HH separated from HC them still Sony have sold more HC than Nintendo have sold HH.

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Zenos (5 days ago)

A third of those coming from the PS2 is amazing.

John2290 (5 days ago)

Playstation killed Nintendo in the 25 year time period it has been a thing, I think that would count more than comparing them overall. Nintendo shoved a thorn in their side the day they commissioned Sony to make a CD drive.

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YanisFromFrance (5 days ago)

Nintendo Win for Handheld Sony for home consoles et for Hanheld and home consoles together is Nintendo

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DonFerrari (5 days ago)

With 4 system, one of them making 1/3 of the sales isn't that strange (and it didn't end yet).

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siebensus4 (4 days ago)

Well, I guess Nintendo has then the Guinness World Record for those 750 million video game hardware sold.