The Last of Us - Opening Week Sales Estimates - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 17 June 2013 / 50,821 Views

First week sales for the biggest title of 2013 to date, The Last of Us (PS3), are in. The game sold around 1.3 million units worldwide making it the biggest launch of 2013. This is nearly 200,000 units above BioShock Infinite which sold 1.16 million units in its opening week across the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us managed to sell around 500,000 units in the US, this is nearly a 50 percent increase over the 338,000 pre-orders. The game also sold 120,000 units in the UK.

The Last of Us is an action-adventure post-apocalyptic third-person survival horror game developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The player takes control of Joel who has to escort Ellie in a post-apocalyptic United States in 2033. The game is currently the highest-rated game of 2013 so far with a user rating of 4.93 out of 5 and a score of 9.8 / 10 from our sister site gamrReview.

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Serious_frusting (on 17 June 2013)

Oh my word. Everyone has been talking about this game though. I do mean in the real world.

Michael-5 (on 17 June 2013)

Nice last minute title change ;-) This is about as big as Uncharted 3, question is, are these sales headstrong like Gears 3 was in comparison to Gears 2, or can Sony keep sales up and match UC3 numbers?

CGI-Quality (on 17 June 2013)

Can't be compared to Gears 3. That was the end of a trilogy and NOT at the conclusion to the 360's life. The fact that it's a new IP and blasted through 1 million is a feat that doesn't really need comparison at all.

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binary solo (on 18 June 2013)

I would think for a new IP sales patterns are not likely to be front loaded. I expect this to have sustained Uncharted 2 like sales for at least a year. 5 million is definitely on the cards. A lot of people's last Hurrah game for PS3. This and Beyond are seeing PS3 out on a very high note.

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eFKac (on 17 June 2013)

I hope this estimation comes close to reality or even exceeds it! The good word of mouth and critical acclaim should give it some decent legs. Although I'm not expecting Uncharted style legs. It will get undercut by PS4 release and less mainstream appeal.

Heavenly_King (on 17 June 2013)

This game deserves it; hopefully it will also have awesome legs too!! WOHOOOOO!!! :D

ps3-sales! (on 17 June 2013)

HYPEEEEEEEEEEEDDD. Sales are insane, well deserved.

Dahum (on 17 June 2013)


Neofx93 (on 17 June 2013)

Amazing. ;)

gigantor21 (on 17 June 2013)

Holy shit. :O

solinox (on 17 June 2013)

I downloaded the title from PSN. Are downloads counted in this sales figure?

Dgc1808 (on 17 June 2013)


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kivi95 (on 17 June 2013)

Nope. But I can imagine it sold pretty well digital since you could pre-order it and it was priced pretty well.

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Miguel_Zorro (on 17 June 2013)

Nope. I wish Sony would publish those.

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think-man (on 17 June 2013)

Could be sonys new big IP

Miguel_Zorro (on 17 June 2013)

I'll wait until the final numbers come in. I still think it will hit 1.6 million in the first full week, including Japan.

VGKing (on 17 June 2013)

It's a shame this game came out on a Friday here in the US. Game usually come out on a Tuesday here. Oh well, I guess this means the 2nd week sales will be good. Here's hoping to some great long sexy legs.

qmoney88 (on 18 June 2013)

Hell yes, this game deserves every sale it gets and then some, I absolutely love it.

green_sky (on 18 June 2013)

Deserves every single one of them.

DamnTastic (on 17 June 2013)

'High five' Yeahhh Best single word of Ellie in my opinion lol

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 17 June 2013)

hoping for even beter news as the yr's go on. hoping for 5m ww by yr's end.