Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 1.04m
Platform: Wii UAlso on: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier Genre: Action

Comments (133)

fedfed (on 29 June 2016)
I wonder how many digitals have been sold given the various massive reduction on the Nintendo e shop!
KrspaceT (on 09 June 2016)
You know, I feel this game's issues were not just the system. A bad game that damaged the Wii U signifigantly, not the least harming Rayman.
fedfed (on 03 May 2016)
1 mil! Finally - good to see this stable yony!
FloatingWaffles (on 19 April 2016)
It's nice that it finally hit a million, but it shouldn't have taken 3-4 years to do so. Not to mention all the price cuts it most likely had during that time, so i'm not surprised Ubisoft didn't make a profit and ported it to other consoles.
Illusion (on 17 April 2016)
Great sales. I will never understand how Ubi couldn't make a profit on this game.
Darwinianevolution (on 17 April 2016)
This actually reached the million. Now make a sequel for the NX, Ubi. Now to wait for Minecraft to reach the million too.
Skullwaker (on 13 April 2016)
Congrats to the Wii U's first 3rd party million seller! (might be the only one if Minecraft can't do it)
b00moscone (on 12 April 2016)
1 million! Finally made it after almost 4 years!
xboxonefan (on 12 April 2016)
1 million on wiiu first 3rd party game to do so
b00moscone (on 20 January 2016)
This will almost certainly reach the 1m mark, and it will probably be the only 3rd party title on Wii U to do so. The only possibility i can think of is perhaps Just Dance, but that is unlikely :P
MrYoshi (on 20 December 2015)
I think it will reach the 1m
pizdek (on 21 October 2015)
@Skullwaker 40k done, I think it still has the chance
pizdek (on 05 October 2015)
It just might, port might spark interest in the Wii U version
b00moscone (on 25 August 2015)
Will this reach 1m? Hmm, with Zombi releasing on other platforms, i'm starting to doubt it'll even reach 0.95m
pizdek (on 07 May 2015)
Zombi U is actually a true survival horror game in every possible aspect of the term. Just shows how unfair the game journalism is, giving all the praises to the joke of a game such as Last of us, claiming to be 'survival', and 'stealth'. What a joke.

Zombi U deserves all the praise and Ubisoft's support for sequel. Unique experience which you simply cannot find anywhere else. I wish 3rd parties took notes from it, prime example of utilising Wii U's hardware for unique, bone-chilling experience.
tak13 (on 17 April 2015)
tak13 (on 17 April 2015)
Shit load* Nice expression,well done...:p
No try to spin it but first we need to know if the leak includes the sales from the bundle...It's hasn't been clarified!Do you remember the zombiu bundle?
TheGoldenBoy (on 17 April 2015)
Yeah it's overtracked by ~190k in the US.
chapset (on 17 April 2015)
Overtracked by a shit load
Skullwaker (on 13 April 2015)
I wonder if this will ever become a 1m seller. It only needs 100k for the rest of this year and 60k next year to get there.
Emme (on 10 January 2015)
I am so happy for this game :D The more users the Wii U gets, the better for this title !
fedfed (on 15 December 2014)
low digital price... it is probably closer to a million including digital now1
atomicblue (on 14 December 2014)
I'd just like to point out that Ubisoft said they won't bring any more "mature" games to the Wii U because they don't sell, and yet ZombiU is by far their best-selling game on the console. By. Far.
Nuvendil (on 04 November 2014)
@korn62586 They may have. Which is idiotic frankly. ZombiU Is by far one of their best selling games on Wii U and clearly continues to get slow but steady sales. Ironically, their "better fit" franchise Just Dance is sitting waaay down on the Wii U sales lists at 20. Heck, Rayman Legends is lower than this. ZombiU is by far their best selling game on the system and it's a fairly low budget product! This is why I am convinced Ubisoft is the new Capcom: they are coming into this gen with money, decent rep, new engine tech, and off the positivity of well received titles, and they are already in the process of flushing all of that down the toilet with betrayals (of consumers and partners), overhype, asinine public relations, and absurd business decisions.
korn62586 (on 16 October 2014)
I just bought this game for a friend.
had to go to Target
Gamestop said they don't sell new copies of ZombiU anymore!
thats weird and unfortunate.
has UbiSoft stopped shipping new copies of ZombiU!?!?!
it probably won't reach a million if thats the case :(
fleischr (on 25 September 2014)
Fire sale on this game started @ Best Buy for $8. This game may finally disappear from retail soon
WagnerPaiva (on 06 September 2014)
My favorite WiiU game. Cant believe how underrated this game is.
drake_tolu (on 28 August 2014)
1,000,000 of course.
Toxy (on 24 August 2014)
I think this game could possibly leg it out to 0.85 lifetime (retail).
gingergaymer (on 21 August 2014)
I just got this game, found it brand-new on Amazon for $15! It doesn't deserve the terrible reviews it got. It's a much better survival horror title than most other recent addition to the genre.
Gammalad (on 15 August 2014)
No doubt 1M+ life time sales.
DolPhanTendo (on 11 August 2014)
Looks like Mario Kart helped this game a lot. Last time i checked in early April it was sitting around 350.000
Thechalkblock (on 11 July 2014)
retail, that is.
Thechalkblock (on 11 July 2014)
it's kind of funny that ZombiU has sold almost three times as many copies as Just Dance 4 on Wii U.
snowdog (on 10 July 2014)
If you include digital sales this game should have sold over 1m and made Ubisoft a reasonable profit. If Nintendo had any sense they would fund a sequel, this game was a system seller at launch.
drake_tolu (on 19 June 2014)
Come on, 1,000,000 for 2016/2017!!! :D
RaiZeNoblesse (on 12 April 2014)
agree, this is a great game.. a pitty the Wii U is already "dead"..,

but Ubisoft should bring a sequel PS4/XO (or Wii U..), if Ubisoft handelt this franchise right, it could become something like the a "Deamon's/Dark Souls" franchise.. (and shouldn't need a too high development budget...)
Emme (on 17 March 2014)
Its a great game, and the production values were not that high, so 640k might have make it break even.
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chase123 (on 26 February 2014)
If they say it didn't make profit,it probably didn't make profit.
Stop trying to comfort yourself,if it made profit there would have been a sequel coming.
supernihilist (on 20 February 2014)
nice sales
cant believe the claimed it was unprofitable. biggest BS ever to boost some sales.
this games will keep selling as long as they stock it, its their fault they screwed it with multiple flash pricecuts that devaluated their own product top baragain bin choice
LOL Nintendo is the LAST thing would do.
fuck Ubi, you screwed a potential winner
Arfen (on 12 January 2014)
now at 9'95 in GAME & selling quite well
NintendoSupporter (on 06 January 2014)
For a game that didn't "make profit" it has some decent legs.
TSNFLD (on 12 November 2013)
I don't understand how this was not profitable for Ubisoft. They've sold 540k physical copies of the game, a decent number of digital copies (I'd guess more than 40k), plus the game wasn't terribly high budget in the first place. If it isn't profitable for Ubisoft it can't be far off. Anyways I think it will sell 680,000 - 700,000 retail copies by the end of the year.
WagnerPaiva (on 31 October 2013)
Back on the best selling this week, the only WiiU game that interest me.
T.Rexington (on 23 October 2013)
Well, the budget might've been higher since it was a debut game for a new console and wasn't this supposed to be the Killer Freaks game? The devs probably had to start over to some degree and that probably drove up the total cost of the game.
think-man (on 25 September 2013)
@matt_182 I think once it hits 650k It should become profitable, Its probably not to far off hitting that mark, if you include digital sales.
Matt_182 (on 17 September 2013)
This game has reached over half a million and that is from retail alone.
None of us are 100% sure how well it sold online.
I own this game and while I really enjoyed it... I don't understand how they didn't break even or made a profit as Ubisoft had claimed. This game doesn't exactly scream high budget.
Arfen (on 01 September 2013)
Hal million at least!! and pushing up!! This game has a lot to develop but it is a great true survival game!! deserves much more sales
leedlelee (on 20 August 2013)
Apparently this game saw a minor resurgence in sales the week Pikmin 3 released in the US...
Perhaps this game will continue to sell as more people feel as though there are enough reasons to invest in the Wii U...
think-man (on 06 August 2013)
Financial disappointment was frequently tossed around whilst Ubisoft was mentioning this game.
BossPuma (on 03 August 2013)
They should have made a better game. This was a mediocre experience imo.
jcalamil (on 23 July 2013)
I hasn' been even a year since it's launch, a sequel of ZombiU is posible but it's too soon, dead rising 2 was released 4 years after the first dead rising game, so there is no need to be dissapointed, we must wait
curl-6 (on 08 July 2013)
It's not like it's finished selling, it'll be tied to hardware, which will kick off when more games arrive. 99% of games aren't system sellers on their own, doesn't mean they're unwanted.
oniyide (on 08 July 2013)
also its not like people buying the WIi U for this game, which is why i said they dont want it. and being niche means only a few people want it
oniyide (on 08 July 2013)
considering it isnt making them any money, its not doing ok
curl-6 (on 07 July 2013)
Wouldn't say people don't want it. 1 in 6 Wii U owners has it, its the 2nd highest selling game not bundled with all Premium Wii Us. It's too niche to command big system-selling power, but it's done okay considering the circumstances.
oniyide (on 06 July 2013)
people dont want the game its tha simply, Ubi didnt mismanage anything, hell there was even a BUNDLE, they did the best they could and here it is.
DieAppleDie (on 10 June 2013)
ouch, just the game got half priced xd

well there it goes, rly poor managmen by Ubi on this one if you ask me...
DieAppleDie (on 07 June 2013)
they should give this game a boost in shelves up until holidays and advertise it a lil bit, unless they are planning to release a sequel which seems plausible
snowdog (on 02 June 2013)
This should have done over 700K by now including digital sales, it was on special offer in the eShop for a while and plenty of people bought it from there before that going by Miiverse comments. Should do over 1m.

I don't think we'll see the sequel on anything other than the Wii U unless Smartglass and Vita use are lag free, and I can't see that happening tbh.
RaitheNoblesse (on 13 May 2013)
Ubisoft or/and Nintendo should finally change the (crapy) art cover of this matesterpiece game...

@ RedInker

agree, these sales are a crime, this should be selling in the millions.... (resp. it should be at least on paar with RE sales...)
MANUELF (on 04 May 2013)
Because Nintendo is the one publishing the game in japan
Luck (on 01 May 2013)
Why does it list Nintendo as the publisher ?
curl-6 (on 24 April 2013)
@MegaDrive: Well, people gravitate to known IPs, and Mario games have a habit of generally being good, while this got so-so reviews. Personally, none of the launch lineup interested me, hence why I'm still waiting to buy a Wii U.
MegaDrive08 (on 23 April 2013)
Not sure if we will see a follow up or not, if we do think it will be multi platform, also hope they expand on the online and multiplayer modes more, seriously though who bought nsmbu over this at launch?
RaitheNoblesse (on 07 April 2013)
@ POE & DieAppleDie
totally agree!
(it's like the legitimate Resident Evil sequel many always wanted...)

@ AlexFili
don't really agree.. (Dead Island is "fun", but nowhere as tens/thrilling as ZU..., if you play alone and at night...)

@ sales
the sales have to bring forth a sequel..., but not a "mainstream" sequal.. (it has to stay hard and tens as hell, maybe leave out the radar...), hope it will develop like Demon's/Dark Souls did..
DieAppleDie (on 01 April 2013)
This is a must have. Buy it damn it.
curl-6 (on 28 March 2013)
It should reach a million in the long run., seems like a game that will pick up once Wii U hardware gets boosted by new software. I can see it possibly becoming a cult classic of sorts.
korn62586 (on 27 March 2013)
More people should ick this game up.
VG should change the Genre from Action to Survival Horror
RedInker (on 24 March 2013)
It will be a crime if this game doesnt reach a million in sales.
think-man (on 18 March 2013)
Id make Rayman Multiplat aswell after seeing these sales.
AlexFili (on 15 March 2013)
Not quite as good as Dead Island but still fun
POE (on 13 March 2013)
Cant believe the reviews of this game. It an amazing piece of art!!
curl-6 (on 12 March 2013)
Decent attach rate at least, it's sold to what, one in ten Wii U owners? Benefits of being a launch title...
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 01 March 2013)
R da sales 4 this game beginning to "die"? (no pun) It seems so... =/
RaitheNoblesse (on 11 February 2013)
doesn't seem, as if it's droppig any lower...

maybe Ubisoft will wait till there are enough fans (and more sold Wii U's), befor starting the squel..., hope it can reach 0.5m by end of the year..

(Ubisoft could make up to the fans with ZU2...., after persuading Rayman fans to buy a Wii U, when not needed.....)
DieAppleDie (on 10 February 2013)
i really like this game, i will buy any secuel of ths
Barozi (on 09 February 2013)

True I thought it was an UK exclusive. My bad.
RaitheNoblesse (on 04 February 2013)
hope you're right!

at least it isn't dropping under 4-5k...

if it could stay steady with about 4.5k/week, in about 40-45 weeks (about till the end of the year), it could get annother ca. 180-200k

maby Ubisoft should change the cover for the next production set... (maybe just announing a sequel would help it's sales a bit better too...)...,

hope they do a better P/R for the sequel... (better relations with some reviewers.., showing how/how not to play it...., and the maybe some reviewers the wont play/test the game this time in a loud and bright enviroment..)

but if Ubisoft turns the sequel into a pure coop or online game, then they might as well not make it...., ZombiU2 has to be focused on the singleplayer part, keep it hard as ever.. , just hade some more dialogues, climaxes, ect.. and take away the radar.. (only after making the singleplayer part bigger, better and more intens, they can take some time for the multiplayer part....)
Arfen (on 04 February 2013)
@Barozi, well the ZombieU bundle was released in many others countries. not just in UK..
snowdog (on 29 January 2013)
Should have done over 500K by now including digital sales going by the size of the Miiverse community. Should get a sequel.
RaitheNoblesse (on 27 January 2013)
let's hope the Game can keep a steady ca. 5000/week resp. doesn't drop under more then it has.... (and hope they change the cover art, when they give the game the "platinum" thing....)
RaitheNoblesse (on 22 January 2013)
@ Arfen
I totally agree, this game is VERY tens.... and the Game should NOT be play on an event (with friends or family) with all the "noise and light"... ZombiU should be played alone at night (with a good soundsystem oder with earphones/a headset)
really hope Ubisoft/Nintendo will try to push this franchise,...it could really develop well, even if it might have to have go a bit more "Mainstream" if it wants to sell better... (maybe also add more "sidequests" or/and more "side-characters".. but sill keep it "hard"..and takeaway the radar...)...

this week it sold for the first time under 10'000.., barely 5500.., how much does it need to develop long legs? a minimum fo 10'000??.. (is 5500 too litle? it will probably drop even futher....).... it's a pity for this game.. (...bloody metascores and lame cover maybe killed the game, ...with a better PR, somethingk like with Demon's/Dark Souls, could it have been avoided??... maybe the sequel could pull it off better, and reach similar sales as Demon's & Dark Souls..)
Barozi (on 14 January 2013)
The UK bundles are included in these sales.
Haven't heard of any other official ZombiU bundle.
Arfen (on 13 January 2013)
Finally I finished it, Great game. Is very tense!!! Many people play this on an event with all the noise and light .. but to appreciate this game you have to play it alone at home at night. Then you can enjoy allthis game has to offer. Now I'll try a second run.

Are bundles copies includes in this sales?
Thechalkblock (on 13 January 2013)
awesome game
leedlelee (on 10 January 2013)
I think these sales are fine considering the sales of the console...
The Wii U has still yet to surpass two and a half-million million sales...
When you consider the fact that the only advertising has been fans of the game on Miiverse, and that reviews were piss poor, things could have turned out much worse...
aikohualda (on 09 January 2013)
i dunno why people are not picking up this game... and yeah the cover looks cheap... even a plain black with the title is better than this
RaitheNoblesse (on 07 January 2013)
the sales are droping..., hope it can develop long legs and get the well deserved sequel..

but showing the game to friends (trying to convince them, just how brilliant the game ist) can be tricky,.. cause to get into the crazy intens atmosphere, it should be played alone a night...

don't know if 100K is much.., maybe for a "port", but ZombiU isn't a port..
JTurner82 (on 03 January 2013)
I wouldn't say it's the ONLY game that didn't fail. ARKHAM CITY, ACIII and even CALL OF DUTY II all breached the 100k mark. So not every title on WiiU is doing badly.
Chrizum (on 02 January 2013)
Only third party game that didn't flop in WiiU (along with probably Just Dance 4 eventually). Ubisoft should be pleased.
korn62586 (on 02 January 2013)
this is a great game that is slow paced.
If there can be an update to fix a bug or 2 it'd be nice.
If your a fan of old resident evil & you like FPS, you should give this game a shot.
RaitheNoblesse (on 28 December 2012)
Zombi U has to problems:
1) lame box cover art (just WTF where they thinking??...)
2) idiotic reviewers bashing at it, because it's not a conventional shooter...
if the sales can at least reach 500k in less than a year, despite those two problems, it should be worth a sequel..., this game is not a AAA budget game, and probably doesn't need to sell over 1m...
Demon's Souls sold less during it's start, but true core gamers realized it's greatness, and it developed long legs and even a got a sequel...,
Zombi u should be compared to Demon's Souls, it's just as special... (Red Steel is a joke, if Ubisoft gave RS a sequel, than they just have to develop ZU2...., hope ZU outsells RS at least 2x as much...)

for the sequel, they should just add some drama and multiple choices, like the walking dead, but keep the focus on a "solo" adventure, but make it bigger (and of course take away the radar, or weaken the radar a lot)..
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 26 December 2012)
Not necessarily, u know? Ubisoft could do what other companies have done, and instead, they could just simplify the gameplay so that it can b played with a regular controller. Hell, they could just "carbon copy" the Dead Island gameplay so to speak into this game, and save themselves some trouble that way. That's exactly what the guys who made No more heroes did when they ported the wii version of that game to the PS3/360, and what Sega did with THOTD:overkill, too... so those games never really depended of a wiimote 2b played, and in the same way, this game doesn't 100% "need" a tablet controller.
I agree with u, however, that if the devs want to remain true 2d original gameplay (apparently intended) then they would have to go the route u already mentioned, and once again, judging by the present sales, that certainly wouldn't b wise or convenient for them... risky, indeed.

eyezofnight (on 25 December 2012)
I had read that they developed ZombiU for the Wii U exclusively in case it took off like the wii did. (remember, not many saw the success of that before it happened) Rayman, I have heard they paid for time exclusivity so even if it sells well I still expect it to end up on other systems in some way. That's how you maximize profits. Zombiu on the other hand is a bit trickier to port since you would have to have a vita to play it on ps3 and a tablet on xbox. That's kinda risky in my mind.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 25 December 2012)
HA! Ubisoft haven't ''given'' shit to Nintendo. They BOUGHT the timed exclusivity of this game from them (same with rayman legends),... and judging from this lousy sales, it is just not getting the job done for them... not AT ALL!

Barozi (on 24 December 2012)
This is a brand new game and not a port. It's very likely that 300k is not enough yet to be profitable for Ubisoft. It definitely should be though in a few months.
eyezofnight (on 23 December 2012)
red steel sold a lot on hype sadly. Yet it did end up over a mil worldwide if I remember correctly. Sadly that hurt Red Steel 2 a lot image wise. Too bad, red steel 2 was a great game imo. it sold what ubi expected but sadly we probably won't see it again. wouldn't be the same with just a gamepad
eyezofnight (on 23 December 2012)
bundling it with the wii u europe was smart though. I'll give them that. I wish they did that in the us
eyezofnight (on 23 December 2012)
its only been out a month. xmas sales aren't even done and who knows the digital sales. give it 3 months and it'll be at or over 500k. I see new people on miiverse buying it daily. (i've gotten 3 people to buy it myself) I could see this doing very well in the long run. a mil isn't out of the question by this time next year. I wish Nintendo pushed it more and a little more advertising would do wonders for this. I mean if a 3rd party gives you a wiiu exclusive in this day and age you should help advertise it NINTENDO
itsyounghavok (on 23 December 2012)
300k is a good sales number. This game will no doubt hit a million at the pace its going. And im sure its already profitable for Ubi Soft. Im almost certain there will be a sequel. Hopefully other 3rd parties are looking at this. Its a mature title selling good on Nintendo hardware, and its a new IP to boot.
DieAppleDie (on 23 December 2012)
Vary vary bad sales
and bad game also,
think-man (on 22 December 2012)
250k is not profitable id imagine.
RaitheNoblesse (on 15 December 2012)
true, L4D was made out of lot of long testing (balancing)..., a multiplayer ZU would take more recources and time...,
for ZU2, the focus should still stay on the solo adventure... (if there is a coop mode, it sould be "hell on earth".. , "VS" mode could be like "2 survior groups" against each other or something like that..)
yes! ZU ist one of those cult games, that is too controvers too have high Metascores and needs positiv mouth2ear spreading, this really needs a sequel..
& Zombi U is THE game (experience) of the Year.. , no other game can make you so feel so tens, afraid of dying, afraid of climbing down a ladder or being afraid of the dark.. and not other game gives such "radar biep" fear.. (like in the movie Aliens)....,
@ Zombi U sequel
Ubisoft has to realize the potential in this game/series..., even if the sales don't shoot out of the roof, because of lame/incompetent Metacritics and a lame cover art
(or Nintendo should just buy the rights or finance ZU, like with Bayonetta 2.., Zombi U ist equally "cult" as Bayonetta)
axumblade (on 15 December 2012)
Still tracking well above Red Steel. I think positive word of mouth will help it outsell it easily.
snowdog (on 14 December 2012)
And I'm pretty sure that Red Steel sold over 1.2m.
snowdog (on 14 December 2012)
@Chrizum: Ubisoft Montpelier didn't have the resources to work on the local multiplayer, they had to hand that over to a different studio, and online multiplayer would have taken longer to code and test. We wouldn't have seen it released until next year if they added online multiplayer, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll see it in the sequel.
RaitheNoblesse (on 14 December 2012)
you're right, there arn't any EU sales shown for Red Steel, strange..
well ZU has only been out in the EU for 2 weeks, but RS must have sold more... a pity (ZU plays in another league and is by far the better game..., the only thing better in Red Steel, is the cover art...)
RaitheNoblesse (on 14 December 2012)
should have sales fr EU
CliffB likes ZU :)..., the controls are "simple", but it's part of the "raw" survival feeling,.. and aslong as their simple, one can (or has to) use the enviroment more to survive (like luring them on lower areas or around corners ect..)... ; being able to "duck" (like stealth) would be cool..
but I wouldn't want to see any "combos", the character has to feel "weak" and not overpowered; .. but the radar should be left out of the sequal (playing without the radar and only listening to the sound of zombies is much more tens
agree, ZU really is reason for the Wii U.. (even if the the atmosphere and panic feeling is more important than the controler it's self)
a "L4D" coop and vs Mode for ZU2 would be cool (but insanely difficult.).. but still keep solo mode the main attraction..., Zombi U should really become a ne franchise for Ubisoft.. (it should be nominated at the AIAS...)
Chrizum (on 14 December 2012)
Ubisoft have shot themselves in the foot, as they always do on Nintendo consoles. If this game would have an addictive online multiplayer, it would have sold triple this numbers.
Mensrea (on 14 December 2012)
This is the best reason to own the console right now. I hope it does well enough to warrant a sequel, or another new IP from Ubi that uses the gamepad uniquely. Third party exclusives like this will be so important moving forward.
F0X (on 12 December 2012)
@RaitheNoblesse To my knowledge, CliffyB thinks ZombiU is interesting but the controls need work.
retroking1981 (on 12 December 2012)
@RaitheNoblesse actually Red Steel sold more than that, this site has no data for european sales.
RaitheNoblesse (on 10 December 2012)
for the moment, it's selling like Red Steel (also about 0.18 in the first two weeks)...., which a pitty...ZU is nothing like Red Steel, ZU's a piece of (suspense) art..
agree with RedInker, Capcom should take a close look at ZU...
(would be cool if Cliff Bleszinski and Capcom are going to maybe do a joint, wonder what Cliff Bleszinski thinks of Zombi U....)
JTurner82 (on 10 December 2012)
It's also important to remember that the game has just been released on a console that is just getting started. Give it time; its sales will increase.
Mad55 (on 09 December 2012)
Looking at past games on other consoles in their first week weeks i can say this is alright.
VGKing (on 09 December 2012)
Even if these numbers are accurate, its pretty low for being the best selling 3rd party game.....
RedInker (on 09 December 2012)
Just completed it. Great game. Truely scary at times. Oi, Capcom take note. This is how you make a survival horror game.
Thechalkblock (on 09 December 2012)
steady sales for ZombiU! so far so good :)
zippy (on 09 December 2012)
Brilliant game, and quite tough as well..be prepared to die.....a lot
DieAppleDie (on 09 December 2012)
this game is good shit
globalisateur (on 09 December 2012)
In my local supermarket, in France, both the ZombiU game and ZombiU premium pack are sold out.
Barozi (on 09 December 2012)
NPD has it around 50k for week 1
RaitheNoblesse (on 08 December 2012)
have a feeling, that besides some unfair & ridiculous low reviews, that Zombi U's lame cover art of might be scaring off some people...
(and they're missing one of the most intens gaming experiences ever...)
RaitheNoblesse (on 08 December 2012)
hope snowdog is right, and the ZU sales are going to be better then they seem right now, and we get a sequel... the series might even start to take of like Demon's/Dark Souls franchise...
(for the sequel, wish they'd leave out the radar or only give a "weak" radar......very late in the game)
SlayerRondo (on 08 December 2012)
I agree with RaitheNoblesse on this one. Having played the game i can say with confidence that this game should have received an 80% or greater meta-critic score.
Just another example of a disconnect between reviewers and their audience.
snowdog (on 06 December 2012)
Don't worry RaitheNoblesse, it's the third biggest game community on Miiverse and I've seen reports of several shops being sold out of copies of the game. Purchases through the eShop have also been doing well too apparently. I can see this selling over 1m units before the end of this calender year. We'll certainly get a sequel. Best game available for the console so far imo.
RaitheNoblesse (on 06 December 2012)
and No! Zombi U is NOT just another "Red Steel"...
RaitheNoblesse (on 05 December 2012)
"Ubisoft will create ZombiU sequel if the first is successful"...,
those d..... incompetent reviewers giving the game under 70-60 (ridiculous...), ...if ZU doesn't get a sequel, because it got unfair low reviews, form reviewers, who wanted to play COD instead..
RaitheNoblesse (on 05 December 2012)
this game deserves (much) more than the Metacritic of 75%...,
don't even read gamespot's or gametrailer's reviews.. (didn't know how to play it or it was to hard/frustrating for them) => read Joystiq's or Eurogamer's reviews
(& play it alone at night..., then'll you'll understand why this is the "best survival game" ever....)
POE (on 30 November 2012)
Im sooooo in love with this game!!
Metrium (on 26 September 2012)
Can't wait for this game! Deffinetly picking this up with my Wii U :D

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fedfed (on 29 June 2016)
I wonder how many digitals have been
sold given the various massive reduction
on the Nintendo e shop!
KrspaceT (on 09 June 2016)
You know, I feel this game's issues
were not just the system. A bad game
that damaged the Wii U signifigantly,
not the least harming Rayman.
fedfed (on 03 May 2016)
1 mil! Finally - good to see this stable
FloatingWaffles (on 19 April 2016)
It's nice that it finally hit a
million, but it shouldn't have taken
3-4 years to do so. Not to mention all
the price cuts it most likely had during
that time, so i'm not surprised Ubisoft
didn't make a profit and ported it to
other consoles.
Illusion (on 17 April 2016)
Great sales. I will never understand
how Ubi couldn't make a profit on this
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