Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition

Global Total as of 29th Nov 2014 (units): 1.50m
Platform: Wii
Developer: Treyarch Genre: Shooter

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
14th November 2009132,334N/A32,334
21st November 2009218,529-42.7%50,863
28th November 2009345,815147.3%96,678
05th December 2009436,266-20.8%132,944
12th December 2009554,68650.8%187,630
19th December 2009676,27439.5%263,904
26th December 20097113,17048.4%377,074
02nd January 2010845,191-60.1%422,265
09th January 2010927,704-38.7%449,969
16th January 20101017,583-36.5%467,552

USA Annual Summary (Units)



drake_tolu (on 28 July 2014)
Fantastic game.
Best Call of Duty.
i'm happy for the fact other 1,500,000
Nintendri have played this game.
Fededx (on 07 July 2012)
Well, Activision can't complain, it
sold very good. Might have made a big
profit for sure, specially considering
it's a port of and older game.
theRepublic (on 27 September 2011)
Single player is good, but marred by
terrible hit detection. Multiplayer is
addicting, but the match making seems
like it has issues.
spurgeonryan (on 04 July 2011)
14.99 used would get it a place above
COD3 for wii, and make me happy.
primogen18 (on 24 June 2011)
finally went down to $19.99 used at
gamestop, $17.99 with card
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