New Play Control! Pikmin

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.64m
Platform: Wii
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Strategy

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Buzzi (on 22 May 2010)
You're right, casual Wii
gamers care a lot of who made the game.
My cousins bought Moto GP 08, which they
sold after 3 weeks...and now they buy
only Nintendo games. Pikmin for what I
know is a good game, and being a
Nintendo game helped pushing its sales.
I'm sure if No More Heroes was made by
Nintendo (and marketed too) it would
have reahed 1m (the first one).
killeryoshis (on 24 April 2010)
People must look at the box and try to
find a nintendo logo. To see if its
worth buying because how can this sell
so well. Its a port of a game that did
better than any 3rd party game that the
interwebs cares about. It outsold no
more heros! Nintendo must have a big
brand name or they did somthing right
jeffrey9999 (on 18 April 2010)
best nintendo franchise ever made, I got
this for 10$ at sears appliance store
and I owned a gamecube and never played
a pikmin game until that day, since then
I beat it 3times and I got the 2nd one
yesterday at gamestop used for 40$ on
gamecube since the 2nd one never came to
america on wii and thats 10 shy of what
the game cost new back when it came out
in 2004 "expensive" but so far I
really think it was worth it not to
mention the trouble I had with my car on
the way and I also had to call every
gamestop I new of and then I had to get
a gamecube controller and memory card at
some other store............. pikmin 1&2
in my opinion are not only the best
nintendo games made but I also think
they should be in the top 10 games of
all time not to mention my 1&2 best
games I've ever played, can't wait for
pikmin 3 and I hope it has some small
side story to bring back the 30day timer
and I hope it has a main story without
it like pikmin 2 but you have to have
them both because they are completly
different games because of it "find
them and buy them" and if you give each
of them an hour or 2 then you'll add
them to your permanent collection of
games you'd never sell..............
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 19 January 2010)

good sales, same for Pikmin 2
(if you think it's not even out in

i guess Pikmin 3 will sell
over 2m
BigGumby (on 10 January 2010)
yes! Great sales for a remakes, I wish
Pikmin 2 would come to America on Wii.
Let's get more Pikmin fans! :D
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