Wii Sports

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 82.62m
Platform: Wii
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Sports

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Pachofilauri (on 28 June 2017)
Cant believe this game is still selling
Darwinianevolution (on 10 May 2017)
By May 2017, Wii Sports has sold almost 2k more. Who is still buying this game? How can it sell this well after more than a decade??
Ljink96 (on 22 February 2016)
To all the sour people, yes it was a pack in for US and EU but not JP and if you count out Wii Sports you'd have to count out Kinect Adventures, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario Sunshine, and countless other pack-ins. The software cost may or may not be thrown in with the hardware cost depending if the console is sold at a loss or not.
Junkrixx (on 05 December 2015)
198K at the 14/11! Nearly 200K!
Junkrixx (on 06 November 2015)
150K in 2015 at the 26/09 !
S.Peelman (on 30 October 2015)
Nintendo says 82.72m as of september 30.
StreaK (on 06 September 2015)
Wasn't this game packed in with 82.50 million Wii consoles??? In that case, no doubt it sold this much lol. No different than what the original SUper Mario Bros or even Duck Hunt did back in the day on the NES.

What if, say, The Last of Us on PS4 was packed in no matter WHAT with every PS4 up until now? You'd have 24 million games sold. *yawns and moves along*
Darwinianevolution (on 29 July 2015)
We'll have 83 millions soon!
FloatingWaffles (on 04 July 2015)
Nothing will ever be able to outsell this on a single platform* I should say. Unless someone ends up making the next big Wii Sports-type thing.
FloatingWaffles (on 04 July 2015)
One of the most iconic video games of all time. I mean, you can easily look at it and think "But it's just a sports game and there's nothing special about it", but what it did for the Wii is absolutely incredible. This game by itself sold the Wii for so many people because it showed what the console was able to do with motion controls. Nothing will ever be able to outsell this.
Junkrixx (on 25 May 2015)
Nearly 60K on this year at the 25th of May! 82.43 M at all!
pizdek (on 14 March 2015)
'Still making the charts.... I wonder when it will stop selling.'

yup ^^

And both Wii AND this game were a phenomenon.
Skullwaker (on 18 December 2014)
Insane that this game sold so much. Truly one of the most iconic phenomenons in video game history.
4peace (on 03 October 2014)
Best selling retail only games ever.
atma998 (on 05 September 2014)
82.07M and don't see it it being outsold anytime soon!
ExplodingBlock (on 14 July 2014)
I guess this a fun game in like, 2007, but srsly I think the original mario bros is a much more deserving title for most sold game ever
DarkRPGamer007 (on 25 June 2014)
Crazy how this thing still sells more than most Wii U/3DS games after 8 years
S.Peelman (on 18 May 2014)
In reality the Wii was lucky enough to tag along. People didn't buy the Wii, they bought this game.
episteme (on 29 April 2014)
@ExplodingBlock: it wasn't bundled in Japan.
episteme (on 29 April 2014)
@ExplodingBlock: it wasn't bundled in Japan.
ExplodingBlock (on 27 April 2014)
20 million people have a Wii Mini or bought the mario bundle
fory77 (on 07 March 2014)
Still making the charts.... I wonder when it will stop selling.
Munchies (on 28 December 2013)
One of the most legendary games ever made, simply because it caused a REVOLUTION. Only Nintendo is able to pull that off. The definition of a system seller. The King. The Emperor.
Rogerioandrade (on 09 December 2013)
ops.. I mean.. SEVEN years.
Rogerioandrade (on 09 December 2013)
853k in 2013 until the end of november ? This thing still sells that much even after SIX years of its original launch ?
leyendax69 (on 25 November 2013)
I don't know if call this a system-seller since it was bundled with almost every Wii for years. But I can deny this is not one of the most brilliant games ever made :P don't compare it with mario or pong... pls.
S.Peelman (on 12 August 2013)
Like this game or not, no one can deny that this is one of the most brilliant games ever made. The quintessential system-seller. It should be hailed alongside the likes of Pong and the original Super Mario Bros. for it's accomplishments.
think-man (on 06 August 2013)
What a flop I was expecting 100 trillion sales.
leyendax69 (on 25 May 2013)
What the fuck is happen to humanity?D:
Otakumegane (on 08 March 2013)
81million no other retail game will ever sell this much again. Long live the King.
DieAppleDie (on 27 February 2013)
80m isnt that bad
ToraTiger (on 02 February 2013)
Twice as many as Super Mario Bros....And I really hate this game.
DamnTastic (on 21 December 2012)
wii sport/fit and resort are still the only games we have on the wii :p
fedfed (on 10 December 2012)
well done to reach 80 mil.
tbone51 (on 10 December 2012)
80mil wow even though bundled!!!! now lets reach 81mil!!!!
benji232 (on 27 October 2012)
wow, I hope it reaches the 80m mark!
Turkish (on 26 October 2012)
I don't count this as a game but more like a bunch of demos displaying what the Wii can do.
RobDX (on 16 September 2012)
man this game still keeps appearing in the top ten sellers, it truly was a revolution
AstroMaSSi (on 21 January 2012)
A revolution. Incredible game.
atma998 (on 13 January 2012)
The Wii has sold 281k last week and Wii Sports sold ''only'' 51k. Does that mean Wii Sports is no longer bundled?
NintendoFanDj (on 20 December 2011)
5 days remains to blow sales out
NintendoFanDj (on 17 December 2011)
OH wow 79.00
Kai Master (on 07 December 2011)
oops, that was a data bug during VGC renouveau.
Kai Master (on 30 November 2011)
82,265,045 on Global sales page ! Finally more Wii Sports than German people ! ^^
NintendoFanDj (on 16 November 2011)
I see your a CoD Fanboy. Wii Sports is a Bundle but also a stand alone game. cause the Wii sold 89 million this is 77 million see the difference.
rexar (on 02 November 2011)
Bundled shit like this game shouldnt count.
rexar (on 02 November 2011)
This numbers are lie, this stupid game is bundled with crap wii, cod have much better sales than all crap stupid wii games.
spurgeonryan (on 29 October 2011)
It would be so bad ass if this game could sell 100 million total!
VGKing (on 05 October 2011)
This was bundled from day 1 right?
Podings (on 03 September 2011)
Weird to see how Mario Kart, Wii Sports, and Resort have all flat-lined in Japan relatively quickly, but continue to explode in the rest of the world.
MARCUSDJACKSON (on 31 August 2011)
love the bowling
spurgeonryan (on 01 July 2011)
Are we still able to comment on the chart itself?
slipknotfan (on 26 June 2011)
lots of fun. game that started it all!!!
Smeags (on 15 June 2011)
Amazing sales! How does it do it?! :O
spurgeonryan (on 07 June 2011)
But nintendo...did this need to be included? What about almost any other game? Im still waiting for galaxy to be reduced. Oh well this will show everyone that this game would have sold well with out the bundle.
DrZoidberg (on 04 June 2011)
wonder where this will end up now that it is no longer bundled, price cut should keep it going though
cromeros (on 03 June 2011)
Top 1 in sales.... :O!
VetteDude (on 11 February 2011)
Aweful Graphics, great sales.
Nintendogamer (on 01 February 2011)
This game could be the first game to top 100M. I'de guess it will happen during 2013 when Wii HW is over 110M
newwil7l (on 24 January 2011)
Its outsold the entire software library of dreamcast !!
TouchStone (on 24 January 2011)
They should of bundled it in Japan.
elvenearth (on 02 January 2011)
Its not bundled in Japan. Never was!
zgamer5 (on 01 January 2011)
disapointing numbers in japan isnt is bundled their?
Aidman (on 31 December 2010)
Tezzevvv 74 Millions
Joel12345 (on 30 December 2010)
Ultimate BUNDLED GAME with out a bundle I see about 10-20 mil
Aidman (on 27 December 2010)
Wii sports whar did you do to the gaming industry ?
TWRoO (on 26 December 2010)
Still a great game, came out at christmas again to play with the family.
ghost_of_fazz (on 25 December 2010)
There are so much copies of this game that it's not even funny
payote (on 19 December 2010)
Maybe they should bundle Wii Party instead.
Immortal (on 18 December 2010)
75m before 2011, :D?
miz1q2w3e (on 18 December 2010)
I remember when this game had just passed 40m and became the #1 selling game ever, seems like it was just yesterday even though it was almost TWO years ago - - - - - i hope Nintendo makes a new #1 game next gen!
Wickedshyn (on 17 December 2010)
That 71 million just makes me laugh
yahoocom1984 (on 09 December 2010)
Minesweeper sold billions
Aidman (on 03 December 2010)
Too High !!
Pavolink (on 27 November 2010)
Before 2010 ends 70mill
AnthonyW86 (on 30 May 2010)
Minesweeper for PC sold more.
Nintendogamer (on 30 April 2010)
over 62M!
Kai Master (on 19 April 2010)
Next week above the NES (61.91M) !
Nintendogamer (on 24 March 2010)
Nearly 61 Million.
Snake612 (on 10 March 2010)
Best selling game of ALL TIME!
Killergran (on 25 February 2010)
It finally broke 60 million!
Cheebee (on 06 February 2010)
Oh dear, almost 60 million...
Fab_GS (on 21 January 2010)
60m in 4 weeks?
Killergran (on 11 January 2010)
Imagine how many people have played this game... Not only the Wii owners, but everyone they know well enough to bring home.

The only console that might been played by more people would be the original Super Mario Bros. And I frankly don't think it stands a chance. Everyone and their mother has played it.
ps3_jrpg_gamer (on 04 January 2010)
it may hit 100 mil
Siko1989 (on 20 December 2009)
man this game is immortal lol
Samara360 (on 20 December 2009)
Damn nintendo is so rich!!!
atma998 (on 27 November 2009)
51 million already and next week should be at 52 million!
sep85dd (on 22 November 2009)
50 m and no end in sight...Can it be the first one, reach 100 m?
Cheebee (on 13 November 2009)
Man, 50,000,000... That's insanely awesome! :p
ajaghvajagh (on 12 November 2009)
ps3_jrpg_gamer (on 05 November 2009)
extraterestrial numbers for a videogame
but still it goes with a wii
spurgeonryan (on 24 October 2009)
So does anyone know if you can actually get 2400 on tennis? I here it can take liek 1000 wins. It tok long enough to get to 2399.
spurgeonryan (on 16 October 2009)
Well wii sprts resort is selling like crazy too, so it wasnt all the bundle, also this soon will be hitting 50 million thats crazy
haxxiy (on 14 September 2009)
Bombed :)
sep85dd (on 26 July 2009)
What could be the most succesfull Game at next? This one is bundled, all Games, that was the most siccesfull on their Consoles was bundlesd...On Mega Drive/ Genesis Sonic 2. on N64, Mario 64, on Super NES Mario World, on NES Mario Bros. and Mario bros. 3, On gamecube Mario kart DD an Smash bros., and now Wii Sports...keep cool.
sep85dd (on 25 July 2009)
And no more in all Others Regions...The Numbers for Wii sales and Sales for Wii Sports was different in Last week.
glari93 (on 25 July 2009)
the wii outsold it because wii sports isnt bundled with it in the japan models
TheConduit (on 22 July 2009)
How the hell did the Wii outsell this
TheConduit (on 06 July 2009)
this game has some serious legs
SJGohan3972 (on 30 June 2009)
50 million by Christmas. Hell maybe by Halloween depending on how well some of the releases this late summer/early fall do in terms of pushing hardware.
scottie (on 14 June 2009)
@ Halo John - 70 million is likely before the end of 2010. 50 million will certainly come in 2009. Remember last Christmas it was selling over a million in certain weeks
nordlead (on 13 June 2009)
@naruto - If we assume 1m consoles are on shelves and in transit, and that there are copies of the game in Japan, Nintendo could easily be 1m or more ahead on shipments compared to retail sales.

Considering VGChartz is in line with MC/Famitsu you would essentially be arguing that the hardware is under tracked too.
Kai Master (on 28 May 2009)
Wii Sports is going to pass the Spain population (46M)
bmmb1 (on 22 May 2009)
Sales wherever it is not bundled (e.g. Japan) should soon drop significantly once Wii Sports Resort comes out.
naruto3336 (on 09 May 2009)
Undertracked by about 1.2 million. http://www.gamespot.com/wii/driving/mariokart/news.html?sid=6209412
It should be around 45.7 million.
Halo_John (on 29 April 2009)
probably a 50 million in 2010 :)
Halo_John (on 29 April 2009)
never ever ever will it reach 60 million
uno (on 24 April 2009)
this is a just a gimmick. No way will it 60 million units sold.

Hardcore rules!!!
supermario128 (on 11 April 2009)
Still enjoy playing this game!
cody6695 (on 04 April 2009)
"shouldnt even be considered a retail game who in there right mind would buy this if it actually did sell at retail, NOBODY"

It isn't sold with the system in Asia and a few other countries I do believe and it is doing great.
monlosez (on 03 April 2009)
"after a bit it gets boring"
True, even with party
beefyrhino (on 02 April 2009)
shouldnt even be considered a retail game who in there right mind would buy this if it actually did sell at retail, NOBODY
Trent (on 31 March 2009)
after a bit it gets boring
SJGohan3972 (on 30 March 2009)
Hmm... wonder what this will have sold by the end of the year. And on that train of thought I can't wait to see this sell 100million.
almajovem (on 20 March 2009)
wii are the champions
Fido (on 12 March 2009)
@James wtf? you know that Wii has sold over 7 Mio in Japan right? So 3.5 Mio Wii Sports are not quite more games than Wiis out there...
JamesCizuz (on 10 March 2009)
Vgchartz counts jap sales as bundle sales. Wonder how WII Sports somehow sold more copies then WIIs out there? Somehow... According to VGChartz?
skunkfish (on 06 March 2009)
Been playing this on and off for the past year and can't say I'm bored of it, I'd say it's appeal is almost endless.. A bit like pong! :)
cheese_man (on 26 February 2009)
boring game imo. gets boring fast
wiigamer (on 22 February 2009)
more than 62 million by the end of 2009
Khuutra (on 10 February 2009)
Wouldn't have broken 500k?

It has done about seven times that in Japan alone, where it isn't bundled.
11ht11 (on 08 February 2009)
i helped make history! lol
YoshiLimbo (on 25 January 2009)
I didnt really like it, it was fun at first but the novelty soon wore off.
metalgearmatt (on 22 January 2009)
outsells super mario bros...
johnlucas (on 20 January 2009)
No words necessary for this breakthrough title. YES!!! I beat Mike again in Wii Boxing!!!! Take that Mike!!!!
Naum (on 19 January 2009)
Just like any game then Foote but then again I have put in atleast 100 hours in it, can't say that about alot off todays games.
shizzlee (on 14 January 2009)
I lost my copy :(
Foote (on 12 January 2009)
I'm sure everyone with a Wii has this title. It's a very fun experience when you first pick up the Wii. You'll love it, then when you're done you'll probably never play it again.
VivaLaWiida (on 10 January 2009)
This game isn't bundled in Japan and every 2nd Wii owner bought this game.
chido (on 10 January 2009)
i don't think this would sell well, if it was a game, and it was $50.
DaveD (on 08 January 2009)
They can't make sure you have lost it or not
alexdude1991 (on 07 January 2009)
since they will only let you do that if you've lost your original copy and you own a wii ;)
smac (on 06 January 2009)
Lol, care to explain then?
alexdude1991 (on 06 January 2009)
@smac, that excuse is an epic fail. hang your head in shame!
pokemonfan_2611 (on 05 January 2009)
nooo the best game selled ever
Barozi (on 05 January 2009)
@Sky Render

I have no problem with calling Wii Sports the best selling bundled game of all time.

I'll be kindly: Wii Sports has an attach rate of 44,7% in Japan.
So I'll assume the same for US and Others, which would bring us to 19.962.015 million units.
SSurTails (on 05 January 2009)
Congratulation nintendo.

And for KylieDog, his/her post are 100% rant anyway.
Sky Render (on 04 January 2009)
I sometimes wonder if the endless cries of "it doesn't count!" towards this game are a defense mechanism against the realization that "next generation" is failing to "new generation", and that Wii Sports is leading the way in showing this fact...

And yes, it is possible to buy a copy of Wii Sports separate from the console itself in the regions where it's bundled. Not at any retail outlet, of course, but then, it was basically impossible to find a retail copy of SMB in America back in the day, too. You pretty much had to mail-order a copy of SMB from Nintendo to get it if you didn't get one with your NES.
Barozi (on 04 January 2009)
I need to agree with KylieDog.
As long as you can't buy the game (and I mean the game ONLY) in stores in 99,5% of the countries in the world, it shouldn't be counted like every other game.
smac (on 04 January 2009)
Wii Sports can be purchased from Nintendo by phoning them
Infamy79 (on 04 January 2009)
KylieDog - Well what if they change the Wii bundle with Wii Sports Resort and then sell Wii Sports at retail? Will it count then?
KylieDog (on 03 January 2009)
No, where SMB was bundled, it was also sold seperatly, SMB wasn't a 100% bundle, it was just heavily bundled in some regions more than others.

Wii sports is a 100% bundle in most of the world and isn't sold at retail in the bundle regions.

If the game isn't sold in those regions at retail, then any copies bundled with the Wii are not sales, they are just part of the Wii.
Pete_Beast (on 03 January 2009)
@KylieDog - Wii Sports isn't bundled with every single Wii.
Infamy79 (on 03 January 2009)
KylieDog - It was bundled with most NES, just like WiiSports is bundled with most Wii
deaner24060 (on 03 January 2009)
my nes came with smb, and duck hunt!
KylieDog (on 03 January 2009)
If it isn't sold at retail then a bundled copy is not 'a sale'.

SMB was sold at retail, it wasn't bundled with every single NES.
Batman...WTF? (on 01 January 2009)
The best selling game in history right now is Super Mario Bros. That was packaged with the NES. So, yes, they should count this.
st_muscat0 (on 30 December 2008)
Um no it didn't, even with the original Sims release across multiple platforms, PC, GC and PS2 and all it's expansion packs (which imo aren't counted since they are different games still) the total amount is only somewhere near 35 million units sold.
bigomiee (on 28 December 2008)
sims sold 100 millions
HALOOOOOOOO (on 27 December 2008)
This will pass Super Mario Bros. next week. Somehow, I feel it doesn't deserve it, but at the same time it does. Probably has to do with me liking SMB more.

This is gonna be the only game ever to sell 50 million copies. No other game will ever do that. Ever.
iindyysgvxc (on 26 December 2008)
Dammit! Will this game ever stopped being bundled? And it's only 600000 away from outselling SMB!
Sky Render (on 26 December 2008)
By your logic, pimpcoop, just about every game on the top 50 games ever sold doesn't "deserve" to be anywhere near the top 50, because almost every last one of them was either bundled for the lifetime of the system they were on, or bundled for at least part of the system's lifetime.

Trying to argue that game sales don't "count" just because they're sold alongside the system without choice is pointless. Good pack-ins sell systems; if a pack-in is not moving hardware, only a very dense company keeps it packed in for long.
orangekid (on 26 December 2008)
That's called denial pimpcoop.
pokemonfan_2611 (on 25 December 2008)
this is horrible, vgchartz should do not include this game in the list its blunded with wii. i can believe that a game like this gonna be the most selled in the history
sorry for my english
Kenology (on 25 December 2008)
Look at the legs on this game!!!!!! lol!
pimpcoop (on 25 December 2008)
Sky Render I never knew that, but people always said it was the most sold video game so I used that. All in All in my eyes this game does not count as the most sold video of all time since it is bundle with the Wii
Explosivo (on 23 December 2008)
Wow, it could be the most sold game in the world by the end of the year!
rudyrsr8 (on 23 December 2008)
The games legs are huge first week tops at 1M and over two years later week before Christmas at 1.2M wow.
cody6695 (on 23 December 2008)
for some reason, if it wasn't bundled it would sill be a 10million seller (also cheap so that would help)
Sky Render (on 22 December 2008)
Um, pimpcoop, are you aware of where almost all of SMB's sales came from? The game was bundled with the NES in every region save Japan...
pimpcoop (on 22 December 2008)
First off people this game will not count as the most sold video game of all time when it outsells Super Mario Brothers. It is bundle with the Wii so if the Wii sells over a million wii sports will sell close to it. So it is only getting little sale numbers as a game by its self.
playnext3 (on 21 December 2008)
thats because its bundled dude,with every wii
SJGohan3972 (on 20 December 2008)
I think it is awesome that WiiSports sold about a million in its Launch week (so basically Wii Launch) but has sold over a million the past two weeks, 2 years after it came out :)
SJGohan3972 (on 20 December 2008)
Only about 3 million to go, might even get it before the second week in January! Freaking awesome.
RED53DEVILS (on 20 December 2008)
its bundled with Wii
bigjon (on 19 December 2008)
the miis... dont...
bigjon (on 19 December 2008)
this game has legs
MontanaHatchet (on 19 December 2008)
I don't get why newbies to the game always insist on playing Tennis. Bowling is so much better.
SmokedHostage (on 19 December 2008)
Slowly but surely being the best selling game of all time.
Naum (on 17 December 2008)
Thechalkblock: What is a Wii without Wii Sports?

And what is PS360 without LIVE/PSN? :-)
Thechalkblock (on 17 December 2008)
What is a Wii without Wii Sports?
Cheebee (on 09 December 2008)
No ClaudeLv250, you're definitely not. I suck so much at Tennis it's not funny anymore. Everyone I've played against beats me. :'(
sep85dd (on 06 December 2008)
In japan it sells normaly High. Because there it is no bundled.
In America and others it sells awseome. It would be the most selling game of all times in January 2009.
ClaudeLv250 (on 05 December 2008)
Am I the only one that sucks at Tennis?
Killergran (on 04 December 2008)
Actually, it could pass SMB this christmas.
Snake612 (on 03 December 2008)
It will definitely be the best selling game of all time in two or three months time.
MrBirdTurd (on 01 December 2008)
Good pack in game for sure I think it is driving the Wii sales a bit.
sethnintendo (on 27 November 2008)
@novasonic I guess you don't like the bowling? I think bowling and boxing are probably the best games on it.
novasonic (on 27 November 2008)
I think I've used this like twice. The boxing is fun but I dont think its a good thing for Nintendo to be selling this as their staple game
Explosivo (on 26 November 2008)
ivo, it will be the most sold game by the end of january 2009.
deathcape (on 25 November 2008)
lole..no..it'll go down as the game that sold the most..in reality..it's not the Wii that sells Wiisports..it's the other way around

obviously..the game is selling the console to nongamers..it's only bundled in US and EU yet the game sells about as much as the consoles sold..guess the Japanese happen to buy it accidentally..right? XDD what about the rest of others that doesn't have it bundled?

lol..everyone seems to forget that
Never Try (on 25 November 2008)
how the hell can you say best selling with a pack in game. really its only sold maybe 4 million outright the rest was pack ins. I would of rather of been able to pick my pack in game if its counting as sold items.

Love never,
your mother
ivo (on 21 November 2008)
7.6 mln to go, to be the best selling software ever.
will be halfway 2009 i guess.
curious about the upcoming weeks however.
theshizzolator (on 13 November 2008)
Wii Sports is going down in history fo sho I know its packed with the Wii but when you see 500,000 in a week on a game thats been out for 103 weeks you know u will never forget it!

Snake612 (on 02 November 2008)
only 11 million more and it will be the best sellng video game of all time.
kopstudent89 (on 29 October 2008)
will beat pokemon for the second highest game soon enough
Ostro (on 27 October 2008)
There have been a lot of games bundled with a console (even the #1 Mario Bros). So Wii Sports should have 3 million because only Japanese people buy it? :P worse idea.
pimpcoop (on 26 October 2008)
Wii Sports selling over 30 mill does not really count. Wii sports is bundled with the system so that counts as a game sold. You are not really buying the game your buying the system and it happens to be with the system. So in reality it is getting lots of sales. So maybe about 10 mill at best is really people buying the game it self.
SaviorX (on 24 October 2008)
Maybe this should've been bundled with the Wii in Japan.
Gnosis (on 24 October 2008)
That's a lot of millions.
SmokedHostage (on 22 October 2008)
With American #'s, it's now at 30 million units sold.
Ostro (on 16 October 2008)
Hm, it is not bundled with the Wii in Japan but the number of units in Others has been different to the number of Wiis sold for some weeks now. Where do they sell the Wii w/o Wii Sports in Others?
famousringo (on 16 October 2008)
In two weeks, Wii Sports will overtake Tetris on the Gameboy (30.26 million units) as the third-highest selling game of all time.
Simulacrum (on 12 October 2008)
Umm what the hell?
Strategyking92 (on 06 October 2008)
wow, it sold over 3 million.
CaptainDJ (on 06 October 2008)
I play this game more than I play Super Smash Bros Brawl.
Cheebee (on 04 October 2008)
29.29 Million... :O
DMeisterJ (on 25 September 2008)
Wow, the Japan boxart sucks.
lancea34 (on 21 September 2008)

Wii Sports isn't bundled with the Wii in Japan.
insomniac_dog (on 19 September 2008)
Wait so where ISN'T this bundled? As long as the Wii sells, this sells, meaning that Nintendo has practically checkmated both Sony and Microsoft in HW & SW.
stof (on 19 September 2008)
I'm still playing and loving it.
prosi (on 09 September 2008)
Wii Sports - 28.32
Duck Hunt - 28.31

SaviorX (on 31 August 2008)
Twenty-eight million...
Skeeuk (on 24 August 2008)

then the game should be listed at 3.14 million then.

either way this is a yawn game, that i never play anymore, it is more of family/children who play these type of nintendo games.
iindyysgvxc (on 21 August 2008)
This one is selling well...a bit too well. Is Super Mario Bros under threat?
Aidman (on 13 August 2008)
Thank you Wii Sports.
theshizzolator (on 04 August 2008)
Wii sports is tracked because it is soled seperately from the console in japan so therefore it would be silly not to track it no one would ever say dont track mario bros because it came packed in with the nes and this game is going to be remembered by everyone no matter how good or bad it may be
squibbfire (on 04 August 2008)
This game was ok...but lost it appeal after a week or two...good for little kids...glad i rented it:)
Erik Aston (on 01 August 2008)
I have this ranked 6th in terms of all-time sales.

1. Super Mario Bros. 47.57M
40.24M for NES
5.07M for GBC
2.26M for GBA

2. Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow 46.02M
For GB
31.38M for Red/Green/Blue versions
14.64M for Yellow version (special edition)

3. Tetris 37.77M
30.26M for GB
5.58M for NES
1.93M for GBC

4. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal 29.50M
23.11M for Gold/Silver versions
6.39M for Crystal version (special edition)

5. Duck Hunt 28.31M

6. Wii Sports 26.88M
For Wii

7. Super Mario World 26.07M
20.61M for SNES
5.46M for GBA
Sky Render (on 31 July 2008)
Somehow I don't think the harsh judgments of various individuals on the internet are going to impact Nintendo's decisions regarding Wii Sports. Just sayin'.
KylieDog (on 27 July 2008)
@Skeeuk - in japan it isn't bundled, and has sold 3.14m.
silverlunar777 (on 25 July 2008)
I wish Mario Galaxy was the bundled Wii game rather than this...
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 22 July 2008)
holy shit............
AaronSOLDIER (on 17 July 2008)
Totally agree with skeeuk!
MontanaHatchet (on 17 July 2008)
I know, it's such strange and amazing logic.
Onimusha12 (on 14 July 2008)
So playing a game and owning a system gives a person the right to say whatever they want about it? Lol, I love this site's logic.
Skeeuk (on 13 July 2008)
this was fun for a few weeks after that its just old and boring, i dont know why it is tracked, it a demo given away free with every wii sold, its not a standalone product.
Gearbox (on 12 July 2008)
Going to reach 41 million units!
Snake612 (on 11 July 2008)
wii sports will pass super mario bros lifetime sales eventually.
RockSmith372 (on 09 July 2008)

it comes with the Wii so even those people who got it could say it sucked. I personally would not have bought it if it was selling, but it is free so it doesn't hurt.

PS- It woun't sell 150million. It will be around 60 million.
skeezer (on 06 July 2008)
Fucking Gumbi
Gearbox (on 23 June 2008)
which games r included in the wii bundles?

I no that mario galaxy is in a bundle at gamestop.
FaRmLaNd (on 13 June 2008)
This game was fun for a few weeks.
toastboy44562 (on 11 June 2008)
this is the worst game that nintendo could have bundled with the wii
trestres (on 01 June 2008)
I should have added if a 2nd Wii sports isnt released, or if new bundles come in.
MontanaHatchet (on 01 June 2008)
I do understand it, I just don't like the game. But I've at least played it, which is the key word there.
trestres (on 01 June 2008)
Well, not really, but as you told me, stay away from games you dont understand, this game isn't boring at all. And 150 million is a conservative figure.

MontanaHatchet (on 01 June 2008)
I think it's boring too. Does that mean that this game will sell exactly 150,000,002 copies?

Dang, that's a bold prediction!
trestres (on 30 May 2008)
Skeeuk, yet 150 million people will disagree with you at the end of this gen.
Skeeuk (on 29 May 2008)
what a boring game
stynkkeli (on 29 May 2008)
Next on the Million sellers list: Duck Hunt @ 28.31M. 4.65M copies still to go.
trestres (on 28 May 2008)
Good idea to bundle this game, it would have sold extraordinarily anyways, I'd say 50% attach rate, just like Wii play.

But still 40 million at the end of the year most probably.
SaviorX (on 24 May 2008)
This game is going to hit 25 million in like 2 months.......
MontanaHatchet (on 21 May 2008)
By the time this week's America data comes in, it will have passed Pokemon Gold/Silver.

It's only a matter of time...
Luthor (on 09 May 2008)
The game is sold with the wii, so hum, it's fun but short on solo.
Killergran (on 06 May 2008)
One of the best party-games I ever played. Even competes with Guitar Hero for attention on gaming evenings.
W4n9Le (on 23 April 2008)
SMB will be passed~~???oh no.....=,=
rtzr (on 22 April 2008)
it not prepacked in japan
Untouch (on 22 April 2008)
Wait, how are the sales less than the console sales?
Leni (on 22 April 2008)
lol......this is going to be the best selling game of all time!! :p
MontanaHatchet (on 21 April 2008)
They've probably not made that much, since a large chunk of the sales were from bundles.

Now, money made from selling the Wii on the other hand...
MeowTheMouse (on 16 April 2008)
20.99 m...
just imagine .. how much money.. nintendo made.. out of this..
Strategyking92 (on 13 April 2008)
but it's still a pack-in?
Erik Aston (on 08 April 2008)
Passed Super Mario World for #6 all-time.
RCTjunkie (on 06 April 2008)
This game is soooo fun!
My grandpa even tried bowling, & he had a blast!
Diglet (on 30 March 2008)
This game will sell no matter what and be the highest selling game evr
Faxanadu (on 22 March 2008)
welcome to the 20 millions.
sep85dd (on 21 March 2008)
Had passed 20 million great. It can be such a big game like SMB on NES at the end of Wii Lifetime. 30 to 35 Million at the complete i think.
loadedstatement (on 08 March 2008)
This will pass 20 million next week.
Edge112 (on 04 March 2008)
viewtiful_jon (on 02 March 2008)
This is on its way to being the best selling game ever, Go Wii Sports.
Punisher (on 18 February 2008)
Ok partygame. 8/10

Good game to show for non-gamers or those Pc-gamers.
deet-tastic (on 09 February 2008)
after boxing my arms get pretty sore. I LOVE IT
11ht11 (on 09 February 2008)

i know boxing had me sweating, lol,
famousringo (on 05 February 2008)
Boxing is a crazy good upper body workout. I've flailed my way to a 2100 rating to prevent the winter pounds from piling on.

Heck, between this and DDR, I might actually be in better shape this spring than I was in the fall.
tibisor (on 29 January 2008)
seems to me that there are a lot of japanese people on VGchartz :)
Super Mario Galaxy is owned by almost 600 people while Wii Sports is at 380.
Or maybe people just disowned this game :)
Strategyking92 (on 28 January 2008)
am I missing something? It's an "good" game with friends, but "where's the beef?"
Oyvoyvoyv (on 27 January 2008)
Toki, perhaps we have a wholesome lot of Japanese on the site?
ClaudeLv250 (on 23 January 2008)
I need to pop this bak into my Wii sometime soon...
tokilamockingbrd (on 20 January 2008)
I am curious as to how more people on this site own SMG than do own this... WHEN IT IS BUNDLED
Brianna (on 17 January 2008)
Ohh I love bowling in this game!

but sometimes I get too into it and someone gets hurt hehe.
famousringo (on 13 January 2008)
Well, I'm not going to tell you whose "thoughts and opinions merit giving a shit" but the metascore for this game is only 76%, yet few 90+% games have changed game culture this much.
MrMarc (on 10 January 2008)
When was Wii Sports ever reviewed 'so poorly'? :S

As far as I remember, just about everyone whose thoughts and opinions merited giving a shit loved it!
famousringo (on 06 January 2008)
stof (on 05 January 2008)
@famousringo - Technically, I think E.T. would fit that description.
famousringo (on 04 January 2008)
Has any other game been reviewed so poorly, yet changed the industry so much?
Leni (on 02 January 2008)
this game brought wii on the top, the best choice to pack with wii!!!

one of the best games ever, a game like no other....for sure!! :p
OmegaRugal (on 18 December 2007)
Honestly ... it is in my opinion THE system seller for the Wii.

Sure its packed in ... but its it Wii Sports that attracts all those new gamers to the system. It's not Zelda or Mario that has knocked Nintendo back into number 1.
jaywalker2309 (on 17 December 2007)
You couldnt buy a Wii without this title bundled (has sticker on it saying free too)
Gnosis (on 16 December 2007)
This game is nearly in the top ten most sold games. I wonder how long Nintendo will keep this game bundled.
rudyrsr8 (on 10 December 2007)
This is a game that I still play once a week lol.
rickytan (on 09 December 2007)
If you want a work out don't play a video game, get off your fat ass and get on a f****ng treadmill!!

I hate wii
coonana (on 07 December 2007)
there some games on there that dont get old they are so damn fun
pearljammer (on 06 December 2007)
I was actually kind of excited for this game after hearing from a friend who purchased a Wii had talked so much about it. After the initial 'oh, this is neat' experience, it grew very very tiresome (not physically). But I can see how people could enjoy it for the occasional game when company comes over but it's hardly a game I'd play much at all.
acidzebra (on 12 November 2007)
I've had a Wii for a year now; we still have regular tennis matches with friends. Booze is often involved. Fun is had by all.

And that is the point of this game I think: get together with some friends and have fun. Forget the platinum medals.
stof (on 08 November 2007)
I threw my back out playing a Boxing training game. That's how amazing this game is.
josenieves1 (on 06 November 2007)
Modern classic. 8/10.
digdouug911 (on 06 November 2007)
Not sure why this game is considered a purchase. Last time I checked it came with the console. Is VG going to do the same with Forza2 or Marvel Alliance or moterstorm? Were those games counted that MS and Sony gave away? Open one can of worms. Then comparing combined sales of all Nintendo products is not fair either. If we added all of MS and Sony software and hardware sales the stats would again be three sided.

Don't get me wrong Nintendo is numero uno in games but when it comes to next gen console actual software sales not so much..... yet

The way I see it is all three are in an almost dead heat for the hearts and minds of gamers. It is going to be a great Holiday to say the least for the owner of any or all of the consoles.
Squire (on 04 November 2007)
every time i open this page comes a message from avira, that there's a virus on this page. ???
RCTjunkie (on 04 November 2007)
I refuse to play bowling anymore, because my cousin broke my wii-remote getting too into it. >:(
Explosivo (on 03 November 2007)
If Nintendo keep it bundled with the Wii this could be the most sold video game ever :O
Chehansen (on 29 October 2007)
holy crap 11 million sold
MontanaHatchet (on 28 October 2007)
Tsk tsk, what?

fazz (on 26 October 2007)
"Halo 3 lasted you a week? Damn man, get Live or something"

So, for Wii Sports it would be "Damn man, get friends or something"

Tsk tsk
MontanaHatchet (on 24 October 2007)
Halo 3 lasted you a week? Damn man, get Live or something.

Games that have lasted me six years or longer:


Final Fantasy VI

Tekken 3


Warcraft 2

Just to name a few.

Really, I'd feel more motivation to gain Platinum medals if the games were actually entertaining.

I don't know, maybe I'm living in a different world. Everyone I talk to admits that the game is incredibly fun at first, then loses entertainment after a bit (say, a week). Sooooo.....

What's the difference here?
GhaudePhaede010 (on 24 October 2007)
Montana, how many other games lasted you six years? Halo 3 lasted me a week... You have no point.

I agree with MrMarc. This game shows exactly what video gaming was founded on. Simple to learn, difficult to master. An easy philisophy that is amazingly difficult to apply. Pac Man had no buttons and was about as easy in concept that a nine month old could handle it. Yet, even by todays standards, it is considered one of the greatest games of all time.

How many people think Smash Bros is simple? How many people think the game is boring and a button mashing fest? Yea, it can seem that way to attract anyone to it but we all know how deep and complicated the game actually is. Same with Wii Sports. Get the platinum medals and see how much your prespective changes.
MontanaHatchet (on 10 October 2007)
Yay, gaining Platinum medals in repetitive, boring sports game. Not shallow at all!

I think Wii Sports should win a medal for being the greatest game that can proportionately get boring at such a quick rate. SSBM? Lasted me near 6 years. Wii Sports? About a week.
MrMarc (on 26 September 2007)
I disagree with whoever it who wrote that it's a shallow game, try gaining the Platinum medals on some of the training games and tell me it's not hardcore!

Also I really wish people would give more effort into the boxing, you really cannot flail your arms about like a nutter and expect to land punches. With a bit of concentration, it's a winner. It's definitely the one game on Wii Sports that demands more focus from a player than the others, and it's brilliant once you can land and dodge the punches, as well as countering them.

It's a landmark in videogame history tbh, an amazing example of just how simple gaming can be whilst being undeniably fun. Really it's a benchmark of just what videogaming should all be about.

FreeTalkLive rocks! (on 23 September 2007)
Certainly not. Wii Sports was on game of the year lists last year. It is not a 2007 game of the year and cannot be the 2007 game of the year. Besides, that title will likely go to Halo or Mario.
ShinKazenoKizzu (on 31 August 2007)
@stof, wii sports was released along with the wii in 2006. can it still win a 2007 goty?
stof (on 29 August 2007)
The undeniable game of the year. Pure and simple.
Just_Ben (on 29 August 2007)
Dam it, i removed the box art by accident :(
MusicAddict911 (on 21 August 2007)
This game is definitely not one of the best games available for Wii, or any system for that matter but it's free and included with the console (even if it bumps up the console price a bit, we have no choice) so it's a good addition.
Parokki (on 15 August 2007)
This game is entering the all-time top 10 best seller list late this year, or early next year. Better get used to it. =P
nathantay (on 13 August 2007)
This game is a piece of crap and is a low point for Nintendo.
Soriku (on 09 August 2007)
It's ok for a bit.
fazz (on 08 August 2007)
It's a very fun game, more fun than many games I had the chance to play.
Hyperion (on 08 August 2007)
I'm still playing the game!
MontanaHatchet (on 06 August 2007)
Doesn't even deserve to be called a game.

It's a nice little game for a couple days, but don't treat it like a gaming messiah.
Maverick Hunter Z (on 29 July 2007)
Never could get into this one. It's a great game but just not my style. 5/10
leo-j (on 23 July 2007)
Wii sports is the #1 game in north america so far, yep the funnest one so far.
tombi123 (on 11 July 2007)
megaxl, leo-j means you have no choice to get this game if you want a wii. its not free its included in the price (in america and europe). but it is forced on you, in that sense it is free.
megaxl (on 27 June 2007)

you really think that the wii system costs 250$? and wii sports is free?, In Japan the system is more cheap because dont have Wii Sports bundled, and this is a signal that the real price of the system is 200$ or 150 $ , because Nintendo dont take risks in the price of his systems (the ps3 is more cheap in japan but because Sony take risks in the price of the ps3, lost money in each system and in adittion in Japan have a price cut ) , other signal of that wii sports is no free is in the box , manual, and in the Nintendo publicity, nowhere they say Wii Sports is free, in the box of the Wii say "included Wii sports" and no say "Wii sports Free"
megaxl (on 27 June 2007)

you really think that the wii system costs 250$? and wii sports is free?, In Japan the system is more cheap because dont have Wii Sports bundled, and this is a signal that the real price of the system is 200$ or 150 $ , because Nintendo dont take risks in the price of his systems (the ps3 is more cheap in japan but because Sony take risks in the price of the ps3, lost money in each system and in adittion in Japan have a price cut ) , other signal of that wii sports is no free is in the box , manual, and a Nintendo publicity, nowhere they say Wii Sports is free, in the box of the say "included Wii sports".
chiem (on 27 June 2007)
chiem (on 27 June 2007)
Well this is very fun and interactive. Especialy beating people. So this is like one of the BEST games! EVER! Its a fun pick up and play game!
leo-j (on 27 June 2007)

Wii sports is bundled and free in america... Nice game its fun I love it dam paper mario is much better at least in my opinion.
megaxl (on 24 June 2007)
this game will be on the chart, many others games are bundled, or you think the all 8 millions of gran turismo 4 are alone games sold? , the reason because gran turismo sell good is because sony sell many playstations with gran turismo bundled.

And no, Wii sports is no free in America and Europe.
*Yoshi* (on 20 June 2007)
Al igual que nickg, pienso que no debería incluirse la lista de América, para que si el juego viene incluido con la consola.

Pero de todas maneras el juego se define con una sóla palabra:

nickg (on 17 June 2007)
Isn't this a free game in America, included with the console? Why does it show up on the sales chart for America?

Senbei (on 15 June 2007)
Impossible de rejouer a un jeu de tennis avec une manette normal apres ! :)
ioi (on 13 June 2007)
6.78 million copies now sold worldwide !!!
Entroper (on 06 June 2007)
Great game. Bowling and Tennis are by far the best-implemented of the five minigames. Golf can be quite fun once you get the hang of how the game interprets your swing. Baseball is overly simplified, but easy to control. Boxing clearly has some control issues, but it's still fun to find a friend and just wail on each other, burning off calories in the process. :)
xstonexcold316x (on 05 June 2007)
very nice Job
naznatips (on 05 June 2007)
Nice job DonWii!
ioi (on 05 June 2007)
Great Job !
DonWii (on 05 June 2007)
I hope you like my info.

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Pachofilauri (on 28 June 2017)
Cant believe this game is still selling
Darwinianevolution (on 10 May 2017)
By May 2017, Wii Sports has sold almost
2k more. Who is still buying this game?
How can it sell this well after more
than a decade??
Ljink96 (on 22 February 2016)
To all the sour people, yes it was a
pack in for US and EU but not JP and if
you count out Wii Sports you'd have to
count out Kinect Adventures, Sonic The
Hedgehog, Super Mario Sunshine, and
countless other pack-ins. The software
cost may or may not be thrown in with
the hardware cost depending if the
console is sold at a loss or not.
Junkrixx (on 05 December 2015)
198K at the 14/11! Nearly 200K!
Junkrixx (on 06 November 2015)
150K in 2015 at the 26/09 !
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