The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 7.60m
Platform: Nintendo 64Also on: Wii, GameCube, Nintendo 3DS
Developer: GREZZO Genre: Action

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toot1231 (on 30 June 2014)
best game of all time
AshKetchum1992 (on 25 September 2013)
My favorite Zelda game , it's so amazing
BossPuma (on 31 August 2013)
If there was ever a good game, this would be it.
DieAppleDie (on 03 April 2013)
History of videogames
S.Peelman (on 07 July 2012)
Brilliant game!
The only game ever in my book that genuinely deserves a 10/10 rating. 7.60 is not bad, pretty good actually, but it saddens me that no Zelda game ever reached 10 million...
Billmaster17 (on 10 December 2011)
Best Game EVER
sep85dd (on 30 July 2011)
Wind Waker is a bit more creative, but ocarina of time is more epic.
dsage01 (on 20 May 2011)
The best Nintendo game ever!
JTurner82 (on 01 May 2011)
TP is in no way a bad game; it's an awesome addition to the ZELDA franchise, although I will admit that it is hard to decide which 3D ZELDA has the most staying power--all four are excellent but considerably different in style but no less entertaining games.
JazzB1987 (on 27 April 2011)
OOT MM WW all are better than TP. TP is no Zelda useless Epona no holes in the ground, huge but empty world. Alot of bugs 1savegame destroyer got a ruppe its woth X rupee. translation errors as well as strange boring use of words not like the old zelda games (that felt epic etc) alot of typos and inside of hyrules castle hyrule west is called hyrule ost and vice versa (ost german for east) They translated the Cube version and used that translation for the Wii thats why that east/west thing happened. Music is also useless in this game sound bugs whil houling etc. TP is a bad game it has no soul and it hat ugly CHICKENS = biggest character fail ever. They mentioned an old race inhabiting hyrule an superior species (i thought wow cool angellike people) and it was chickens...
newwil7l (on 14 February 2011)
i spent hours on this game i love it but i think majoras mask is better
gunslinger (on 02 January 2011)
NO. But we also weren't the same age as back then.
spurgeonryan (on 21 December 2010)
Just over all funness at the time. Did anyone realy have that much fun with ww and twighlight when they played through as they did with ocarina?
SlyFoxDeveraux (on 20 November 2010)
I don't grant in the slightest that both WW and TP are superior in every way imaginable. In fact, the only way TP is at all superior is graphically.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 04 November 2010)
Well, objectively speaking Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are superior in every way imagineable, but I guess this was nice in 1998.
VsionEffectable (on 20 May 2010)
Still best game ever.
The Miyamoto's masterpiece.
Only Final Fantasy VII can be compared whit this.
MasterZack (on 20 March 2010)

Best game ever made.
tio_coyote (on 01 March 2010)
Twilight princess and this game are my fave of all time, nintendo really knows how to create masterpieces
Boutros (on 25 February 2010)
Definitely a masterpiece.

And one of the best soundtrack in gaming's history.
PhilTheGamer (on 25 February 2010)
Best game ever made.Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece.
Imphamis (on 31 January 2010)
IMO A game that revolutionized more than just it's own franchise.........but genre itself.
Aidman (on 16 January 2010)
menx64 (on 14 January 2010)
Best game of all times by far...
SaviorX (on 31 December 2009)
Last game page I look at before the New Year.

spurgeonryan (on 15 October 2009)
they should add Virtual consol sales to this and all old games numbers. Whynot they are technically selling more copies? Cd sales charts include digital sales, so why not this?
pariz (on 04 October 2009)
It is a legend all right.
Hardcoregamer1989 (on 02 October 2009)
i brought this game on the wii's virtual console today, awesome game its still looks good graphical today
roxaskey (on 30 August 2009)
greatest game of all time period.
FFVII fanboys can suck it. ^^
Aidman (on 17 August 2009)
PullusPardus (on 25 July 2009)
i miss the time where Nintendo.Sega and Playstation owners all get together.
fanboy wars weren't taken seriously like now.

Good memories on this game :-) , i loved the ocarina music you play to summon your horse!
sep85dd (on 25 July 2009)
The best game on Nintendo 64, along with Mario 64.
I played it for hours, but it was to difficult for me.
Madanial (on 25 July 2009)
lol, that's funny.My bro. just buy me an Ocarina while he go to northern of Thailand last week.
It is a sign of something? :P
YusukeUnlimited (on 25 July 2009)
Don't know why this is on the most popular list....granted it is the best game ever made.:)
TheConduit (on 25 July 2009)
Zleda OC would have been an MMO if they release an insternet attackment with the N64
BoleroOfFire (on 24 July 2009)
Ahh...memories! :-)
Arius Dion (on 24 July 2009)
Still the greatest.
RockSmith372 (on 24 July 2009)
because it is amazing!
c03n3nj0 (on 24 July 2009)
Whoa, why is this most popular?
TWRoO (on 24 July 2009)
God I hate this stupid spam war going on again.... Infamous, MGS4, Killzone 2, The Conduit, Madworld and now this are all being spammed on just to get them onto the "most popular" list.
CaptainDJ (on 24 July 2009)
Good Game! I wish I was able to play it again. :o
txrattlesnake (on 20 July 2009)
well, people classify it as an rpg because it takes place in a fantasy world and most games that take place in a fantasy setting are generally placed in the rpg category because fantasy is considered to be synonymous with rpgs Tolkien and A D & D.
coolbeans (on 16 July 2009)
Yeah why do people classify this as an RPG? Never heard it called that 'til a few weeks ago.
Lord_Yggdrassil (on 11 June 2009)
This is NOT an RPG.
Thechalkblock (on 25 May 2009)
Nice banner.
HanzoTheRazor (on 12 May 2009)
One of the best ever!
Aidman (on 28 April 2009)
The Game with The Best Transition from 2D World to 3D one with Super Mario 64 of Course.
Slimebeast (on 10 April 2009)
This is the most respected game in history. It's a shame it didn't sell 10 million.
chris1_16 (on 09 April 2009)
This and FFVII are the best RPGs' EVER!!!!
g-value (on 29 March 2009)
An amazing experiance.
fukudalakasone (on 20 March 2009)
Really undersold this game...
TheConduit (on 10 March 2009)
Epic in every sense of the word.
This game truly stands out as the greatest game of all time.
shinyuhadouken (on 07 March 2009)
best game ever made
deadendpro (on 09 February 2009)
You better own this on N64.. if not, get it on the wii right now!
BeTa77 (on 08 February 2009)
@Shizlee,,,, i agree with you, with the constant times you need to change the water levels, probably one of the hardest in the series.
shizzlee (on 06 February 2009)
The water temple is crazy hard :(
ExHuman (on 16 January 2009)
Legendary Video Game!

The Best Game ever!
SuperSmashGuy (on 09 January 2009)
We can't say this is "the best game ever" since everyone likes different kinds of games..

But what the hell, this is my favorite game tied with 2 Mario 64 and Galaxy.
ceronx7 (on 07 January 2009)
the best videogame of the history
Zucas (on 04 January 2009)
Best game ever created and I doubt anything will ever take that over. But I await for a Zelda game to pass it and a Zelda game only haha.
sunday_goes (on 30 December 2008)

I remember when I got the bigoron sword, it was an epic quest!!
kazenolalala (on 30 December 2008)
the most unbelievable game ever.but i played it with the walkthrough.what a shame

indodude (on 22 December 2008)
Flawless victory.
Arius Dion (on 21 December 2008)
"Hey" "Listen" 10 years later, and still has a right to claim "greatest game of all time" For me, I don't think it will ever be surpassed, it was just a flawless game and an unforgetable gaming experience.
rikki86 (on 08 December 2008)
25/12/1998. the best christmas day ever. the best day ever. thanks to this game. some days a pray for memory loss so i can experience this game for the 1st time again.
Lord_Yggdrassil (on 28 November 2008)
novasonic (on 27 November 2008)
words can not explain its majestic amazing gloryness
Thechalkblock (on 08 November 2008)
My favorite game.
TuPadre (on 24 October 2008)
best game ever
Jaos (on 22 October 2008)
Best game when it came out, topped by Majora's Mask. It's the truth.
Okain (on 23 September 2008)
This was my favorite Zelda till i played Majora's Mask which imho top of Zeldas. Regardless, of that I think this OOT has the best music, from the warm fuzzy feeling piano and ocarina intro, to the boss victory with it's killer tambourines and loud trumpets hyping you up after your victory. I don't think any other Zelda's music topped this one.
Finnbar (on 06 September 2008)
Man i remember when i got this game and being like OMG! their eyes blink! omg u can ride a horse! omg this looks amazing! omg that birds head flips around!
sc94597 (on 17 August 2008)
Overatted imo. Not even the best Zelda. MM, WW, Alttp, and TP are all better imo. Though it is an excellent game. I would give it a 9.0 out of 10.
MasterZack (on 07 August 2008)
soon will be his anniversary!!!

10 years of glory!!

Long life for the best game ever!!!
trestres (on 23 July 2008)
Best game ever made.
Skeeuk (on 10 July 2008)
was a good game, but its highly overated nowadays.
aiden.cronus (on 06 July 2008)
the best game ever made by far!
Hoffmole (on 03 July 2008)
Oh Hanzo! When you gonna stop smoking that crack? 3rd best in the series... Jesus, Hanzo, the 2nd best isn't even a Zelda game!
Btay (on 17 June 2008)
this is by far my most loved game I have
supermariouniverse (on 10 May 2008)
I started playing this game again on Collector's Edition and it is STILL an amazing game.
Snake612 (on 10 May 2008)
Legend Of Zelda is the greatest game of all time. Their will never be another game like this.
wareagle372 (on 05 May 2008)
one of the greatest games of all time
*bleu-ocelot* (on 05 May 2008)
One of the best games from my childhood.
MontanaHatchet (on 30 April 2008)
These sales are great, it's the best selling in the series by over a million copies.
SaviorX (on 30 April 2008)
Arguably the greatest game of all time. A brilliant cinematic masterpiece from start to finish. Gameplay was awesome and the experience of it all was and still is a sight to behold (and hear)
MeowTheMouse (on 19 April 2008)
the n64 did pretty bad in terms of sales this is why this game did sell as it is suppose to sell.
im sure it sold alot on VC
Harry Angel (on 08 April 2008)
Best transition from 2D into 3D since FFVII (from FFVI) and MGS (from Metal Gear 2 for the MSX)
HanzoTheRazor (on 31 March 2008)
9.5/10 Beautiuful game and my 3rd favorite in the series.
SuperSteveyLes (on 30 March 2008)
sinheart (on 03 March 2008)
Very good 3D transition from the 16-bit era's Link to the Past.
lemieux-rules66 (on 09 February 2008)
This is the greatest....
deet-tastic (on 06 February 2008)
LOVE this game. WORSHIP this game. Everything about it is..epic!! Only reason the rating has been going down is because retards are bringing it down cuz they want there game on top.
tehsage (on 04 February 2008)
This has to be the best game ever created. As many of you have stated before, I wish I could give this a 12/10. Bravo Nintendo! Way to be the best!
Ari_Gold (on 04 February 2008)
TyePhoid_PAL (on 03 February 2008)
Brilliant. I did'nt play this until PS2 was out. I saw a second hand N64 and I had an urge to see why my mates loved it.

After the first dungeon when the Great Deku tree tells you about the triforce and ganondorf I was hooked. 1 million out of 1 million
trestres (on 28 January 2008)
Impressive nonetheless.
Chrizum (on 21 January 2008)
Everyone who takes a piss on the graphics of this game should try the GameCube Master Quest version. It runs in hi-res so it gets rid of the muddy look and has better a framerate.
kopstudent89 (on 18 January 2008)
truly an all time classic... best game of its generation
HALOOOOOOOO (on 03 January 2008)
This Zelda deserves the good ratings, but why is the top ten filled with just Zelda games?
robond (on 21 December 2007)
One of the best games of all time.
thanny (on 12 December 2007)
lol i just realised Soriku has posted theese THREE comments on this game

1st: 10/10!

2nd: great game. 9/10

3rd: Good game, 10/10

pearljammer (on 05 December 2007)
I thought the game was really good but preferred both Wind Waker and A Link to the Past. I know I'm in the minority, but I just see it as the greatest game ever. I remember it came out near the same time as MGS... now that game Wowed me.

Great nonetheless.
HALOOOOOOOO (on 05 December 2007)
It's not the best game ever, and people will hate you nevertheless. It's in my top 5.
zexen_lowe (on 03 December 2007)
Everyone calls it the best game ever, but I just couldn't find on it more than a good game, without anything outstanding (except the boomerang). I give it an 8. Please don't hate me.
nicktwilight (on 30 November 2007)
I remember that it was christmas of 1998 when i first saw this game.From the first time i played it i felt something i had never felt for a videogame before.I was feeling for the first time that i was on another world and living my dreams.I can not forget any moment from the time I saw link sleeping until I fought with cannon because simply this game is something more than a videogame.It is a dream.It is an experience you will live with all your heart.It is a masterpiece which is perfect in everything.It is simply a piece of art.You will feel it when you first see link,when you find something you have not seen before,when you fight with enemies and solve puzzles that seem to came out of a dream,when you will hear and play a song with the ocarina of time that link is full of moments which you will not forget and a journey into a world where everything comes from a dream you want to live.
jptolife (on 28 November 2007)
This is no doubt one of the best ever! It brings such good memories!
thanny (on 16 November 2007)

or not says mario?
lolita (on 13 November 2007)
Geez what is wrong with people here? It deserves AT LEAST a 9!
black-katana (on 11 November 2007)
One of the Best Games Ever
TWRoO (on 09 November 2007)
did anyone ever make sure they changed clothes/sword to suit which shield you needed.
If i needed (or when i finshed the game just wanted) the mirror shield i would always change to goron tunic and the Biggoron sword (also looked nice with iron boots but i wans't walking around in them)
And If i changed back to Hylian shield I'd change into Zora tunic and master sword.

I was actually annoyed when i got the gold gauntlets because the silver ones suited the goron tunic perfectly.

I hope it wasn't just me.
KeptoKnight (on 07 November 2007)
I remember how many times i said to people how much this game sucks at the time I didnt know about it.

LOL Boy!! i was wrong. This had me playing NON-STOP. I never played a game like this....and still to this day, no other game can make me feel like it. Nintendo is very clever.
fazz (on 06 November 2007)
^Well, Wind Waker was released FOUR years later and Twilight Princess EIGHT years later. It was expected that the mechanics and everything got better.

This was the first 3D Zelda game, it translated the traditional gameplay to 3D. It wasn't the same game just on 3D graphics. So many games have been based on the gameplay of this great game. It deserves all the praise.
NintendoTogepi (on 01 November 2007)
So overrated.

TWW and TP do EVERYTHING better then this one.

Still amazing though. 9.5. Dated.
AwareQP (on 27 October 2007)
Why is this game not avg a score of 10.0? I don't get that. It's the best game out there, the best game I've played and the bes tZelda of the series. Yes, it's a little bit better than Twilight Princess even. It's perfect, magical, and just pure enjoyment. I gave it a solid 10/10 without even a second thought.
HALOOOOOOOO (on 27 October 2007)
Yay, Zeldaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
fazz (on 25 October 2007)
^Thank me that. *vote vote vote*
SHMUPGurus (on 25 October 2007)
Wow, from 8.79 to 8.90 in a day? I'm impressed. ;)
Soriku (on 23 October 2007)
Good game, 10/10
MontanaHatchet (on 19 October 2007)
Don't worry, just giving ya the jitters.
SHMUPGurus (on 18 October 2007)
MontanaHatchet, I didn't want to partically accuse anyone but at the time that Half-Life 2 was #2, it didn't have 20 votes so I don't think it popped out of nowhere from the database. I'm just saying that it's weird that it got so high in the rankings in less than a matter of hours, especially with ~400 votes at that time. A better example would be Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It never reached the top 15 until "that" day, and it had more than 20 votes already, even more than Half-Life 2, which I was surprised! I mean I didn't even know that the game was even in the rankings in the first place!

I don't want to cause any trouble here as I really don't care about the ranking system at all (I'm one of the few people that usually think before voting), but it's like I've said before, is it really necessary?
swordplay (on 17 October 2007)
I gave this game a 6, the game looks horrible very bloocky and the textures look like mud. I feel like the game isn't as good as people make it seem. and I agree with you Dejackso it's one of the worst in the series.
MontanaHatchet (on 16 October 2007)
Attention: zenintendofanatic and SHMUPGurus...

Games must have at least 20 ratings to show up in the Rankings. If you want to continue to accuse the mods and administrators of bias, then I can drop them a line and see what they think.
Dejackso (on 16 October 2007)
I never cared for this game and I always thought it was one of the worst of the Zeldas. I think I'm in the minority though.
wareagle372 (on 10 October 2007)
best game ever made...
HALOOOOOOOO (on 10 October 2007)
This game kicks @$$. It deserves to be second thought to Goldeneye 007 in my opinion.
SHMUPGurus (on 08 October 2007)
Yeah, and it seems like the administrators or the moderators are "manually" modifying the rankings. Half-Life 2 wasn't at 8.81 a couple of hours ago (more like #13), and now it's #2 in the rankings. It's just weird, that's all. =/

I don't really care though, I just think it's stupid to have to actually "arrange" the rankings in order to not make this site look like a "Nintendo Fanboy" haven.
zenintendofanatic (on 08 October 2007)
The highest ranked game on this website is only a 8.81? Say it all together now, "fanboys"! And I'm not just talking about this game. On any other site their are tons of 9s, and here there isn't even one. That's just nuts.
ceronx7 (on 07 October 2007)
this game is the best of all time, is the best really,
Snesboy (on 05 October 2007)
I am proud to own both GameCube versions as well as the Nintendo 64 version.
Best game ever made by anyone in the history of anything ever.
SHMUPGurus (on 01 October 2007)
I've bought the game from the Wii's Shop Channel a long time ago but never found the time to actually play it again. It was a foolish move though!

I've finally decided to start playing it last Saturday and I have to say that the game looks gorgeous with component cables! Other than the graphics, the game still plays like it always did and is still addicting! I guess I'll never stop playing that game, and that's what makes the game awesome. =P

ShastaMasta (on 29 September 2007)
Best game ever
Soriku (on 29 September 2007)
Great game. 9/10. And now 8.85?
Senbei (on 17 September 2007)
Ce jeu est parfait ! Un vrai chef d'oeuvre!
ryu3000 (on 12 September 2007)
One of the greatest games ever conceived.....truly an artistic masterpiece.
niik (on 10 September 2007)
Ocarina of Time easily deserves a 10/10, it can only be described as Epic.

Yeah, there are games out there that are really good or fantastic, but this game is 'perfect'.

masterisaac21 (on 09 September 2007)
Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
MontanaHatchet (on 08 September 2007)
Ok, the score is just getting ridiculously low...
MontanaHatchet (on 05 September 2007)
Well, I'm trying to get Goldeneye on top. Otherwise, I would give it a 10.
fazz (on 05 September 2007)
Seriously Montana, don't be so childish.
nathantay (on 05 September 2007)
OOT is a solid game but not even close to being the best.
MontanaHatchet (on 05 September 2007)
I've given Ocarina a 1 at least 5 times now but it's never gotten that low of a score.
SleepWaking (on 05 September 2007)
What the Hell do you think you guys are doing OOT below a nine now, pathetic really.
MontanaHatchet (on 02 September 2007)
Wow....what the hell just happened to the score?
Naraku (on 29 August 2007)
This is a legendary game! 10/10
hitufude (on 24 August 2007)
THE Game ;)
manueldelalas (on 23 August 2007)
Best game ever, defined every other 3D adventure game.
supermariouniverse (on 20 August 2007)
great game with outstanding visuals for its time. 10/10
Soriku (on 13 August 2007)
fazz (on 09 August 2007)
Good grief, some kids are lowing the score of this game.
MontanaHatchet (on 04 August 2007)
I don't know why this game would be so popular unless a bajillion fanboys come over to give it biased ratings day and night.

I've never really been such a big fan of the series, but this and Majora's Mask were magic to me.
Maverick Hunter Z (on 29 July 2007)
A great game, surprised at its popularity though, back in 97 when I got it for christmas I had to force myself to play it before I really got into it. While I'll always love it, I've played it so many times it's really hard for me to pick it up again without getting bored. 9/10
LeroyBrown (on 22 July 2007)
I'm glad to have both version for the GC.
ssj12 (on 19 July 2007)
This is the best Zelda game since the SNES versions. Even with that I voted 9/10.
deathbeast (on 17 July 2007)
I've always thought of Ocarina as a 12/10. Seriously. That way I can still give 10/10 to games like twilight princess and majora's mask, that clearly deserve it, but are still not in a league with Ocarina.

I really doubt whether any game ever released, even by Nintendo, will be of Ocarina's quality.

Aonuma seems to be staying on Zelda.... if only Miyamoto would resume his serious role, and ditch this midna/ cel shading bs.... they never ONCE said triforce in twilight princess! It's a zelda and they didnt say the word!
VonShigsy (on 10 July 2007)
For Ocarina Of Time, it goes up to eleven.
deathbeast (on 08 July 2007)
Top 5? This game is most often rated the best ever made. Just check any half-decent site or magazine, and Ocarina will be leading em all.

Definitely a 10. Hell, if Ocarina is 10, no other game can be 10 to me, but say 9.
Aidman (on 05 July 2007)
Every game has a story ,
Only one is a Legend... The Legend of ZELDA.
KillUiu (on 03 July 2007)
I dislike this game... 5/10 for me.
ale666 (on 02 July 2007)
This game was in a league of its own when it came blew away every game that existed before all time classic and my favourite game of all time..10/10
DarkNight_DS (on 01 July 2007)
This game and Majora's mask still sit in my uncleared games pile... I don't know why I could never get into the game. I came late to the N64 party (bought it in 2002) so maybe that has something to do with it. I do love the series though and I've tried several times to sit down and play this game on the N64 and the Cube (I bought the master quest disk). Why can't I get into this game when it's supposedly so good? I can't explain it.. I want an upgraded OOT I guess... Maybe a 2d remake (yes I saw the project for that but it will never happen) or maybe I'd like it better if it looked more like Wind Waker.. I dunno... I think watching someone else play the game originally may have ruined it for me.. Ugh..
leo-j (on 30 June 2007)
10000 votes amazing simply amazing
DonWii (on 29 June 2007)
Write some reviews...
leo-j (on 29 June 2007)
Wat how did it get a 98?
leo-j (on 29 June 2007)
This game was very very very very good almost as good as banjo kazooie 9.5/10
josenieves1 (on 29 June 2007)
7.87!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible! One of the best games of all time...
Ackmed Tepish (on 27 June 2007)
why post about scores in the here and now that will be in this game's commentary forever?
johnsobas (on 27 June 2007)
I think over times these scores will be good. Problem is right now some of these games don't have enough votes and 1 person can make a huge difference. Give it a few months and it should level out.
diamuerto (on 18 June 2007)
It's one for now, but I wish haters would stop giving it low scores purposely. This section of Vg is extremely low on credibility. I love Naruto, but there is no way one of it's games should be above this one, ever.
nelsonbianchi (on 11 June 2007)
HALOOOOOOOO (on 09 June 2007)
Now the game is in the top 6 at least...
diamuerto (on 09 June 2007)
Yeah, this game should be in the top 5. Stop hating.
a.l.e.x59 (on 09 June 2007)
Okay, what morons gave this game less than 10/10? What is this 8.27 BS I'm seeing here? Show yourselves immediately!
omgwtfbbq (on 07 June 2007)
good to see this game get back ahead of Twilight Princess.
DonWii (on 06 June 2007)
Another summary from Nintendo Power.


toot1231 (on 30 June 2014)
best game of all time
AshKetchum1992 (on 25 September 2013)
My favorite Zelda game , it's so
BossPuma (on 31 August 2013)
If there was ever a good game, this
would be it.
DieAppleDie (on 03 April 2013)
History of videogames
S.Peelman (on 07 July 2012)
Brilliant game!
The only game ever in
my book that genuinely deserves a 10/10
rating. 7.60 is not bad, pretty good
actually, but it saddens me that no
Zelda game ever reached 10 million...
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