LEGO Batman: The Videogame

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 3.08m
Platform: WiiAlso on: Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Traveller's Tales Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
27th September 20085103,267N/AN/A
04th October 2008543,947-57.4%N/A
11th October 2008566,51151.3%N/A
18th October 2008563,786-4.1%N/A
25th October 2008538,344-39.9%N/A
01st November 2008531,732-17.2%N/A
08th November 2008524,873-21.6%N/A
15th November 2008524,009-3.5%N/A
22nd November 2008525,3045.4%N/A
29th November 2008542,48667.9%N/A
06th December 2008536,395-14.3%N/A
13th December 2008549,75236.7%N/A
20th December 2008560,28921.2%N/A
27th December 2008551,704-14.2%N/A
03rd January 2009525,822-50.1%N/A
10th January 2009518,752-27.4%N/A
17th January 2009517,833-4.9%N/A
24th January 2009515,906-10.8%N/A
31st January 2009512,578-20.9%N/A
07th February 2009510,917-13.2%N/A
14th February 200959,806-10.2%N/A
21st February 2009510,4506.6%N/A
28th February 200959,132-12.6%N/A
07th March 200959,2020.8%N/A
14th March 200958,874-3.6%N/A
21st March 200958,557-3.6%N/A
28th March 200957,453-12.9%N/A
04th April 200957,185-3.6%N/A
11th April 200959,64734.3%N/A
18th April 200957,148-25.9%N/A
25th April 200955,549-22.4%N/A
02nd May 200955,194-6.4%N/A
09th May 200954,978-4.2%N/A
16th May 200954,756-4.5%N/A
23rd May 200955,23710.1%N/A
30th May 200955,77710.3%N/A
06th June 200955,8321.0%N/A
13th June 200955,666-2.8%N/A
20th June 200955,419-4.4%N/A
27th June 200956,90827.5%N/A
04th July 200957,5949.9%N/A
11th July 200957,9544.7%N/A
18th July 200959,57720.4%N/A
25th July 2009510,99014.8%N/A
01st August 2009510,923-0.6%N/A
08th August 2009510,183-6.8%N/A
15th August 2009510,025-1.6%N/A
22nd August 2009512,08420.5%N/A
29th August 2009516,40435.7%N/A
05th September 2009513,812-15.8%N/A
12th September 2009511,781-14.7%N/A
19th September 2009511,159-5.3%N/A
26th September 2009511,4222.4%N/A
03rd October 2009512,0875.8%N/A
10th October 2009511,573-4.3%N/A
17th October 2009511,8392.3%N/A
24th October 2009513,43513.5%N/A
31st October 2009513,274-1.2%N/A
07th November 2009514,64410.3%N/A
14th November 2009516,0279.4%N/A
21st November 2009517,2287.5%N/A
28th November 2009529,43970.9%N/A
05th December 2009530,4723.5%N/A
12th December 2009540,72533.6%N/A
19th December 2009551,60726.7%N/A
26th December 2009562,43021.0%N/A
02nd January 2010529,108-53.4%N/A
09th January 2010513,776-52.7%N/A
16th January 2010512,586-8.6%N/A
23rd January 2010511,919-5.3%N/A
30th January 2010510,965-8.0%N/A
06th February 201058,937-18.5%N/A
13th February 201058,307-7.0%N/A
20th February 201057,968-4.1%N/A
27th February 201056,747-15.3%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.


atma998 (on 02 January 2012)
Now at 2.45M
primogen18 (on 03 February 2011)
2 million now, lol.
atma998 (on 04 January 2011)
2 million soon...
Smeags (on 03 September 2009)
The Lego franchise is keeps going
strong. Congrats are in order to the
Dark Knight. :-D
Neos (on 03 September 2009)
1 million! finally =)
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