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03/03/17 Nintendo
03/03/17 Nintendo
03/03/17 Nintendo

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A Face-to-Face party like no other!

Throw an impromptu party anywhere with anyone thanks to a new play style in which players look at each other—not the screen! Bring the action and fun into the real world as you face off in wild-west duels, cow-milking competitions, a copycat dance-off, and more. Each game takes advantage of the Joy-Con controller features of the Nintendo Switch system in different ways. While the action unfolds off- screen, the audience watches the players themselves instead of the screen. That makes it as hilarious to watch as it is to play – an instant party amplifier!




Face-to-Face Play – Look at your friends rather than the screen as you compete in a new style of video game party full of fast and fun face-to-face games. Stare down your opponent in a wild-west duel, mimic your opponent's poses in a copycat dance-off, or rally for victory in a heated table tennis face-off.

Anywhere with anyone – Bring fun and surprise to barbecues, house parties, or wherever you travel by using the built-in stand of the Nintendo Switch system. The Nintendo Switch system comes bundled with a pair of Joy-Con controllers, allowing the party to start with just one system and the game for instant multiplayer fun.

Intuitive and simple controls using Joy-Con features – Simple rules make it easy for anyone to play and fun for everyone to watch. Each player holds a single Joy-Con, and different games use different controller features, such as motion control, HD rumble, or the IR Motion Camera.

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1 77,154 33,901 72,522 11,755 195,332
2 23,061 9,586 23,514 3,504 59,665
3 14,430 4,781 11,980 1,763 32,954
4 14,621 9,318 11,164 2,704 37,807
5 14,928 16,569 10,672 4,259 46,428
6 13,387 14,248 9,782 3,699 41,116
7 11,346 15,002 8,517 3,788 38,653
8 9,810 10,844 6,756 2,773 30,183
9 8,156 12,656 8,527 3,275 32,614
10 7,145 10,774 8,315 2,852 29,086

Opinion (11)

friendlyfamine posted 24/01/2018, 05:38
I hope this doesn't sell better than ARMS. This game is garbage...
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xboxonefan posted 13/12/2017, 09:28
1 million
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fedfed posted 29/11/2017, 12:29
come on - you are nearly there!
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Mnementh posted 26/07/2017, 08:45
So, with official numbers form Ninty, this is undertracked a lot. Nintendo does have it at 1.22M end of June.
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Darwinianevolution posted 03/06/2017, 02:08
Half a million to go. This will mane big numbers once it gets bundled or below 30$.
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Mentore posted 13/05/2017, 11:05
A official bundle is inevitable. 3m+ lifetime.
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