Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.68m
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Developer: Clap Hanz Genre: Sports

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
08th December 2007183,091N/A83,091
15th December 2007231,734-61.8%114,825
22nd December 2007320,570-35.2%135,395
29th December 2007414,952-27.3%150,347
05th January 2008517,20515.1%167,552
12th January 200869,214-46.4%176,766
19th January 200877,728-16.1%184,494
26th January 200887,336-5.1%191,830
02nd February 200897,150-2.5%198,980
09th February 2008105,647-21.0%204,627

Japan Annual Summary (Units)



ElGranCabeza (on 14 January 2010)

Famitsu numbers has
287,296 +71,823 = 359119 Don't know
what Media Create and Degenki say though
Stats87 (on 10 September 2009)
Bought this a month ago, first HSG i've
owned since HSG3...super addicting

I think HSG is actually better
on the PSP since I can stop mid-round,
really suits the pick up and play
aspect. Whenever I have 20 minutes to
kill or whatever, I just play a couple
rounds of this.
AdventWolf (on 30 March 2009)
Very addictive! Everyone should at least
try this game.
Aj_habfan (on 18 January 2009)
So addictive!
*~Onna76~* (on 07 June 2008)
Ordered US version, can't wait to have
it :-)
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