Mario Kart DS

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 23.26m
Platform: Nintendo DSAlso on: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Racing

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S.Peelman (on 30 October 2015)
Nintendo says 23.59m as of september 30.

I doubt DS sales will go any further from this point on though.
Junkrixx (on 25 May 2015)
And nearly 300K in 2014!
Junkrixx (on 25 May 2015)
41 K this Year!
atma998 (on 31 January 2015)
Jeez 23.10M!
Ganoncrotch (on 24 December 2012)
considering this game like most mario related games still sells for almost the full original price in stores it's scary to think of all those sales. Mamma mia she'sa printing monay luigi!!!
atma998 (on 17 December 2012)
Now 22.28M...
Ganoncrotch (on 15 November 2012)
Nintendo games now confirmed for being spliced with centipedes to gain this kinda legs.
fedfed (on 20 August 2012)

22 MIL!
acdcste (on 25 April 2012)
An amazing seller. Another week in the top 100.
AstroMaSSi (on 15 January 2012)
25 M is possible.
Kai Master (on 13 January 2012)
+1.47m ww in 2011
fedfed (on 07 January 2012)
23mil is a great umber
Salnax (on 24 December 2011)
@NintendoPie This was always more of a console franchise anyway. 22 million sales is nothing to sneeze at either.
NintendoPie (on 21 December 2011)
This probably won't reach 30Mil or even 25Mil.
Salnax (on 09 December 2011)
4 million sales in Japan? Best selling Racer there of all time!
NintendoPie (on 26 November 2011)
Wow! Mario Kart 7 is already beating out Mario Kart DS just in Pre-Order Sales, this is a great sign. :D
NintendoFanDj (on 19 November 2011)
yeah because of WiFi and new feature Mario Kart became more popular and sells better.
Salnax (on 30 October 2011)
What with MK7 coming out soon and the steady collapse of the DS, this will probably be it's last holiday. Bravo Mario Kart DS! You turned a major series into a superstar.
llewdebkram (on 24 August 2011)
10 million in USA next week
llewdebkram (on 24 August 2011)
10 million in USA next week
Smeags (on 24 August 2011)
300 weeks of Mario Kart DS, and still in the top 50. Well done. ^_^
DrZoidberg (on 24 August 2011)
finally picked this up last weekend, enjoying it so far- lots of great tracks
Qbro (on 20 August 2011)
not to mention it is still full price in most of the store
Kai Master (on 19 August 2011)
300 weeks and still in the top yearly top 50 !
dasding (on 04 June 2011)
22 m + sill rockin
newwil7l (on 24 January 2011)
How is it still selling 5 years allready and still doing great
Aidman (on 01 January 2011)
21 Millions congractulations.
spurgeonryan (on 24 December 2010)
Well im just gonna guess that with the cheaper games for the DS that at around 22 million this should have done about a billion dollars in sales itself!
GuyDuke (on 24 December 2010)
Oh Dear God. Nintendo struck gold with Mario. What a great franchise Sony and Microsoft would need to propel their consoles. Miyamoto's a genius in his craziness.
DrZoidberg (on 21 December 2010)
there are currently 14 games that are 20-million sellers,
spurgeonryan (on 16 December 2010)
Is that list really that short anymore?
spurgeonryan (on 16 December 2010)
Is that list really that short anymore?
Aidman (on 15 December 2010)
Cheebee (on 09 December 2010)
Oh dear. Another game to be added to the very exclusive and short list of 20-million sellers, very soon.
I like Bacon (on 03 December 2010)
19 million next week!
Newcomer156 (on 31 May 2010)
This game is so addicting...
IxisNaugus (on 25 May 2010)
18 Million.
Opa-Opa (on 25 May 2010)
I have just purchased this game for the second time ... very sad, so addicting ...
SmokedHostage (on 20 May 2010)
So close to 18 million
madmaniac (on 01 May 2010)
absolutely possible, still sold 34,711 this week, 25th best sold game worldwide, on week 232. But there weren't any big releases this week...
fukudalakasone (on 30 April 2010)
Only 500k away from San Andreas now...
mexitalrish (on 12 March 2010)
i still never would have guessed this game would put up such crazy numbers.
leo-j (on 07 February 2010)
I should have never sold this
Aidman (on 14 January 2010)
I just wanna this one beating GTA SA.
sauss (on 31 December 2009)
Just bought it. I Loved Waluigi Pinball Track...what a insane and cool track.
MirrorWorld (on 30 December 2009)
Hmmm... think this game can leg it out to 20m?
c0rd (on 18 December 2009)
This game's 2009 sales are going to be higher than 2006 and 2007's. That's kind of insane.

I guess 20 million won't be a problem.
Aidman (on 08 December 2009)
the game needs 620K to reach its 17 Millions and we have 5 weeks what do you think ? Is it possible ?
YES, because every week need only 124K.
SmokedHostage (on 01 December 2009)
I love this game but Action Replay users kiled Wi-Fi for me. Good thing there's still local multiplayer.
PlaystaionGamer (on 15 November 2009)
love this game!
MasterZack (on 12 November 2009)
I hate The Sims by the way :P
Aidman (on 07 November 2009)
can beat The Sims in LT sales next week Congractulationssss.
atma998 (on 25 October 2009)
The game will reach 17 million before the end of 2009 for sure.
I like Bacon (on 23 October 2009)
16 million next week. I wonder how long until 17 and 18 million.
I like Bacon (on 19 September 2009)
200th week! 22nd top selling game world wide. amazing! I wonder if it will be in the top 30 a year from now.

@sepI like MKW better, but DS is still fantastic! Best battle mode of the series by far!
sep85dd (on 25 July 2009)
This one is the High Point of the Series. My opinion is: Mario Kart DS is the best one, than Super Mario Kart (SNES) than Mario kart Double Dash, than MKWii, than Super Circuit.

I played it 3 to 5 Hours a day.
Khuutra (on 09 June 2009)
Broke 15 million. Man, that's terrifying.
IxisNaugus (on 03 June 2009)
Great Mario Kart game.
Shadowfest3 (on 22 May 2009)
This game is SWEET!!
ZuZayLi (on 18 May 2009)

metalgearmatt, Everyweek, this game is selling more than 50k, so if you take the 40-50% of them which try the online, so it makes a big number.
SleepWaking (on 12 May 2009)
second best selling race game ever!!!
metalgearmatt (on 09 May 2009)

How many people still play online?
ZuZayLi (on 06 May 2009)
metalgear mat, yes there's a lot to do in this game. 32 races!!
metalgearmatt (on 30 April 2009)
Should I get this game if Im only going to play by myself?
IxisNaugus (on 27 April 2009)
Deserves to be selling to incredibly. Best Mario Kart ever.
NicholasCage (on 17 April 2009)
Fun as game to play with friends.

Bought the legit version but lost it, then downloaded it on my R4 :P
slalanc01 (on 15 April 2009)
20 millions soon?
llewdebkram (on 18 March 2009)
This game is going to be the 2nd best selling racing game soon, behind the Wii version.
OmegaRugalv3 (on 20 February 2009)
While MKWii has passed it ... it is simply amazing how this title is so old and yet was the fifth best selling title last week.
st_muscat0 (on 23 January 2009)
Still the best selling MK, but by next week it might have to give up it's title to MK:Wii.
Math (on 08 January 2009)
14 millions!!!!! OMFG!!
TheConduit (on 04 January 2009)
About 82 million DS owners.

PS: I'm not one of them
deathgod33 (on 01 January 2009)
honestly, who doesnt have this game?
TheConduit (on 31 December 2008)
Pokemon Pearl/diamond
New Super mario bros
pokemonfan_2611 (on 26 December 2008)
its the second most selled ds game, its so cool
funkyguitar (on 21 December 2008)
I cant believe this is still selling, surely most people have it by now. Good game though.
kopstudent89 (on 16 December 2008)
As much as these sales are monstorous, MK Wii has almost reached its levels in less than a year.... simply amazing!
headshot91 (on 08 December 2008)
i will get this game when the dsi comes out in europe
Khuutra (on 26 November 2008)
I think 13 million, by this point, borders on inevitable.
st_muscat0 (on 06 October 2008)
Yeah your right 13 million by the end of isn't out of the question, although I think 12.5 million is more reasonible. But now I'll say probably 16-17 million by life time.
kopstudent89 (on 04 October 2008)
@st muskat
u mean by the end of this year:S its sellin sooo fast!
smac (on 02 October 2008)
The DS now has 6 12million sellers..., question is when will Animal Crossing break 10mil?
O-D-C (on 01 September 2008)
My favorite Mario Kart game, happy to see its selling so well.
st_muscat0 (on 13 August 2008)
Yay 11.5 million, probably at lifetime sales time it will have sold over 13 million, if it keeps on going at this rate.
bigjon (on 23 June 2008)
sale have exploded since MKWii came out. It seems like it is get 30-40k more a week...
SaviorX (on 13 June 2008)
Well, this hit 11 million in two weeks, an din now way will it stop there. Who knows when this will stop.......
kopstudent89 (on 11 May 2008)
Damn sales boost after MK Wii... incredible!
FaRmLaNd (on 19 April 2008)
Will this ever stop selling? I don't think so :P
thetonestarr (on 14 April 2008)
Welcome to the diamond threshold.
NSS7 (on 14 April 2008)
very huge leg
stynkkeli (on 13 April 2008)
Congratulations for 10M
Untouch (on 08 April 2008)
Welcome to 10m
kopstudent89 (on 08 April 2008)
wait for it... tttten million!
MANUELF (on 07 April 2008)
10 million seller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aDESTINY (on 05 April 2008)
Next week, it becomes 10million seller!

But, I like 64's best.
MaxwellGT2000 (on 03 April 2008)
The little go kart that could =)
MANUELF (on 02 April 2008)
with Japan maybe 10million seller
Untouch (on 01 April 2008)
I WANT 10m >:D
regin2005 (on 31 March 2008)
No surprise here
MANUELF (on 31 March 2008)
In 2 or 3 weeks 10million seller.
volt (on 27 March 2008)
Next week 10kk seller
bigjon (on 27 March 2008)
I believe the term for a 10 million seller is diamond.
Zucas (on 27 March 2008)
the next deca platinum DS game. Kudos and well deserved.
sep85dd (on 24 March 2008)
Great Game. Since Mario Kart On SNES/Famicom the best one of this Series.
kopstudent89 (on 23 March 2008)
6th 10 million seller actually... the most system ever with 10 million sellers!! unbelievable. 2 maybe 3 weeks?
Faxanadu (on 11 March 2008)
10 million for sure. 5th 10 million seller for DS, I think
MANUELF (on 29 February 2008)
Welcome to the top 30 seller of all time, 10 million seller? yes
hihihi (on 24 February 2008)
Welcome to the top 50 seller of all time
kopstudent89 (on 12 February 2008)
This is the most awesome graph ever! Till a few weeks a go all regions were identical, although they really are close. It really shows how this game appeals everywhere. 9.5 million, amazing!
ZuZayLi (on 09 February 2008)
yeah, it just surpassed the 3 millions only in Japan too!! Go MK!!
hunter_alien (on 04 February 2008)
Wow ... when did this pass the 9 million ? :o Anyways , Ive just got the game , and all I can say that IMO its much batter than the N64 version , and its batter than DD . Its unfair to compare it with the SNES version , but quantity wise it has much more to offer ;)
RCTjunkie (on 24 January 2008)
What the, 7.95?!?!!!?! This is the 2nd best Mario Kart ever!! (I liked DD better. Sue me)
kopstudent89 (on 10 January 2008)
another 10 million seller for DS?!O_o
tokilamockingbrd (on 09 January 2008)
9 million... and legs are still churning... chalk this up as another 10 million seller!
Stats87 (on 04 January 2008)

Kaio_felipe (on 02 January 2008)
Wow, Mario Kart DS have just passed Super Mario Kart at sales: 8,81k x 8,76k!
thanny (on 30 December 2007)
wow look at how even the sales are across the 3 regions!
jpelles (on 26 December 2007)
This game is unstopable. Who knows how much this well sell when the DS is dead, whenever that will be.
playnext3 (on 25 December 2007)
9/10 for me
great game
highwaystar101 (on 24 December 2007)
ooops, just accidently rated it as 1 instead of 10, sorry
thetonestarr (on 28 November 2007)
With online play and more tracks than ever before, you'll find yourself logging more hours in this Mario Kart than any other version ever.
acidzebra (on 12 November 2007)
Best of the kart series, bar none.
leo-j (on 11 November 2007)

I had no clue you can buy chinese people.. its at a reasonable price too.

Anyhow, I have this game, Its awsome.
Psycho1984 (on 02 November 2007)
This game is awesome, the only problem is snaking, it takes all the fun out of it (And I'm a snaker 220-12 online............) Remove that possibility and it really is the best in my opinion (Although SMK will always have a special place in my heart, hundreds of hours of pure fun^^)
MontanaHatchet (on 01 November 2007)
This game is a perfect example of how the DS takes great series and makes them even greater.
zackblue (on 28 October 2007)
Best racing game on any handheld, the online is bad though chinese people cheat alot.
PowerOn (on 15 August 2007)
it very enjoyable against anyone in world through online
Senbei (on 16 June 2007)
Mario Kart a 15 ans, mais est toujours au top !!
Muchs (on 06 June 2007)
Best Mario Kart ever and there ist no difference of the sales between europe, us and japan. Mario ist italian (europe), lives in brooklyn (us) and nintendo comes from japan.

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S.Peelman (on 30 October 2015)
Nintendo says 23.59m as of september

I doubt DS sales will go any
further from this point on though.
Junkrixx (on 25 May 2015)
And nearly 300K in 2014!
Junkrixx (on 25 May 2015)
41 K this Year!
atma998 (on 31 January 2015)
Jeez 23.10M!
Ganoncrotch (on 24 December 2012)
considering this game like most mario
related games still sells for almost the
full original price in stores it's
scary to think of all those sales. Mamma
mia she'sa printing monay luigi!!!
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