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Best Original Music Score of 2018

Best Original Music Score of 2018 - Article

by Taneli Palola , posted on 06 January 2019 / 1,475 Views

One of the best things about video game music is that no matter how much of it I listen to, year after year there's at least one score that still manages to take me by surprise. Whether it's from a small indie game or from one of the year's biggest blockbuster titles, the world of video game music never ceases to amaze me. That's not just in terms of the quality of the music, either, but because of the sheer variety and breadth of styles that are on display every single year. Each of the following five games exemplified this quality, boasting exceptional scores with very different musical styles and approaches.


The Shortlist:


God of War


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Octopath Traveler










The Winner:


God of War

Undoubtedly one of the year's most impressive and varied scores comes from God of War. Composer Bear McCreary created a wonderfully diverse soundtrack that doesn't get stuck in any one specific style, but rather it constantly takes the player to new places and emotions. From the bombast of the game's main theme to more subdued, contemplative pieces, such as the beautiful 'The Summit', the score for God of War is an absolute masterpiece, well deserving the win for the Best Original Score of 2018.

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Bisa (on 06 January 2019)

Gris got my vote, I've listened to the ost long after completing the game.

Chazore (on 06 January 2019)

Gris by a mile.

StriderKiwi (on 06 January 2019)

Smash hands down. The Castlevania tracks alone are phenomenal, but none of these titles can compare to the sheer scope of Ultimate's soundtrack. It turns the Switch into a portable MP3 player.

raulbalarezo (on 06 January 2019)

Well deserved !

ARamdomGamer (on 06 January 2019)