Sega Makes Push Into the Mobile Market in the West

Sega Makes Push Into the Mobile Market in the West - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 November 2015 / 2,712 Views

Sega has hired Joseph Kim to work in its mobile division as vice president of product in an effort to increase its presence in the western mobile game market.

Kim previously worked at FunPlus as its studio head in the strategy division and as external general manager of the Vancouver office. He has worked on a number of successful mobile games, including RenRen’s NBA Rush and Gamevil’s Fantasy Quest.


"In mobile gaming, the best is yet to come," said Kim. "I look forward to working with the teams at Sega to help deliver awesome game experiences to existing and future Sega customers."

COO of Sega  Chris Olson added that "This position is instrumental in pulling all three of our wholly owned studios and two studio investments together to drive Sega's success on mobile. Kim’s rich background in successfully bringing games to market along with his experience in consulting and analytics makes him the best candidate for the job, and we look forward to seeing him work his magic."

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TheGreatGamerGod (on 05 November 2015)

I'd love if Sega rakes in the money off mobile gaming and decides to use some of that on new console games...probably not happening but we can all dream.

mountaindewslave (on 05 November 2015)

got to be careful in that line though, because mobile games are so much easier to make. if Sega is making a lot of $$$ from mobile games then they may actually end up making LESS for consoles. that's just how it works, however you can make the most money for the least work

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Chazore (on 05 November 2015)

I'd love if they actually keep to their word and make us some good PC ones too.

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Semmie (on 05 November 2015)

If sega sees profit in mobile they will skip console games all together mark my words

Semmie (on 06 November 2015)

At motherbound. Take the talk with a grain of salt. They need to show the walk

MotherBound (on 05 November 2015)

When are they going to start making games that are like the classic ones, like they said they would

Azuren (on 05 November 2015)

Go away and file for chapter 7, Sega.