Sony: PlayStation 3 Shipments Tops 80 Million - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 November 2013 / 7,072 Views

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 topped 80 million units shopped to retail as of November 1st. The milestone comes just before the console's 7th anniversary. The PlayStation 3 launched in November 2006.

This figure came out just two weeks after Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 had hit 80 million units shipped to retailers. That would put shipment totals for the two consoles at almost the same figure. However, the PlayStation 3 did it in one less year.

Sony also said there have been 4,332 games released for the PlayStation 3 to date and that is not including download only titles. There are also 300 titles that will be released for the remainder of the year, despite the launch of the PlayStation 4 later this month.

The PlayStation 4 hits store shelves on November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe.

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Underworld (on 06 November 2013)

If that's right then why do you guys have PS3 at 80.4 and 360 at 78.8. Your chart has had PS3 in front for months. I'm confused.

WebmasterX (on 07 November 2013)

Now other change. Ps3 79,9 X360 79,0.. im still confused. 360 is more most probably

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WebmasterX (on 06 November 2013)

Ok and why VgChartz NOT update the units for Xbox360? 80 both. We are already thousands who are watching this and not logical

WebmasterX (on 06 November 2013)

oooh i see now ps3 down 80 to 79,7 suddenly. And 360 is shame? OMG

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NobleTeam360 (on 06 November 2013)

Over tracked confirmed.

Michael-5 (on 06 November 2013)

PS3 physical sales should top 360, or at the very least be the exact same, by the time PS4 releases. Plus with all the exclusives releasing in the next 12 months for the PS3, it should finish significantly ahead of the 360.

kabamarutr (on 06 November 2013)

Difficult to know the exact sales, though.Which one is ahead will elude us as long as the difference is so small. Yet, the pace of the PS3 sales indicate that the console will finish above its competitor.

Recon1O1 (on 10 November 2013)

This almost seems like an afterthought by Sony. I'm surprised M$ announced 80m at all. They usually talk combined $ale$ totals including peripherals etc. and just the U.S. Sony are just saying 'Me too'. For the site bashers VGC do sold not shipped and when actual evidence of over/under emerges they'll adjust. Ease up.

late_release (on 07 November 2013)

vgchartz you are late and it's consoles SOLD instead of shipped

spynx (on 07 November 2013)

X360 should be ahead of ps3 since its shipment was 80mil at the end of september.

r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 08 November 2013)

the numbers on VG are sold at retail not shipped, this is why the PS3 has 79.9 while the 360 is at 79.0, if sony over produced they could have manufactured 10 million more units and shipped them but with manufacturing costs coming down every month it makes no sense to over manufacture just to boast about shipped numbers, shipped is not as good as sold at retail.

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JimmyDanger (on 07 November 2013)

So MS announced 80 million shipped end of September. Sony announced 80 million shipped this week. Are we seriously expected to believe (going from the numbers) - that there are only 100,000 PS3's sitting on shelves - but a million 360s - that they shipped 2 months ago. I think some adjustment is required on the MS side of the numbers. This cannot be disputed. VGC has always been generous with Sony numbers (remember the MASSIVE Vita overtracking of a year or so back?) - but this is quite ridiculous.

Jusing (on 07 November 2013)

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Underworld (on 06 November 2013)

Now Vg has both under 80 million. What's the point in coming to the site if you can't get the right numbers?