Soul Sacrifice Pushes Vita Sales Above the 3DS in Japan - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 March 2013 / 6,840 Views

PlayStation Vita sales have skyrocketed since the price was cut in Japan on February 28. The week ending March 3 sales increased nearly six fold to just over 60,000 units sold in Japan. Famitsu is now reporting that sales increased the following week to 63,581 units.

The boost in sales is mainly due to the release of Soul Sacrifice which sold more than 100,000 units in its debut.

With the increase in sales the PlayStation Vita managed to outsell the 3DS by about 2,500 units. the 3DS sold 61,008 units, down from 77,439 the prior week. While the Vita has a long way to go to catch up to the 3DS, this is a good sign. Sales normally decrease the week after a price cut.

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Salnax (on 13 March 2013)

This is the first time this has ever happened.

Michael-5 (on 13 March 2013)

No, I think we week Vita released it topped 3DS in Japan....WAIT IT DIDN'T!!!! This is the first time Vita has been above 3DS in Japan!

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nnodley (on 13 March 2013)

Glad vita is doing good right now. Hopefully the sales will stay around 30,000-40,000.

Elvis7 (on 13 March 2013)

very good vita, soul sacrife is a must-have

abhiram_33 (on 13 March 2013)

the Vita isn't saved yet, but nice to Sony is definitely going in the right direction hopefully there will be more third party content for the Vita now

the_dengle (on 13 March 2013)

Very impressive, Vita! I am much more hopeful that it can maintain decent sales after this week. Very good for the industry if it keeps this up!

zippy (on 14 March 2013)

im very pleased about this, although i am a Nintendo fan i still like to see the industry growing. Also we need to keep the handheld alive against the evil smartphones :)

Weedlab (on 14 March 2013)

Very happy to read this! I hope it continues to do well. Keep the good games coming developers!!

z101 (on 14 March 2013)

If the vita stay at these sales there would be some hope for the future of this device, but I think the pricecut and some new games will spike the Vita sales only for short time.

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Michael-5 (on 13 March 2013)

Oh, PSV topped 3DS because 3DS sales fell really hard, lol. For a second there I thought Vita was doing REALLY well. Still, awesome, lets see how long Vita sales can stay up.

LilChicken22 (on 13 March 2013)

If you think Vita is saved now, don't come back when Monster Hunter 4, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Luigi's Mansion 2, Pokemon X/Y releases for 3DS.

Ganoncrotch (on 13 March 2013)

or next week :D

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StephenKing (on 13 March 2013)

There will also be a good market for the PSVita like the PSP before it sold more than 70 mill.

If the price is right and the games start to come then the sales will raise no mather what Nintendo does but winning over the 3DS is another thing though

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kupomogli (on 14 March 2013)

Why does the Vita or the 3DS have to win? Is it not good enough if both consoles do well?

I own a 3DS and Vita and while I no longer have to hope that the 3DS does well, I'd like the Vita to continue to succeed because I'd like to get more great games for this system.

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