Minecraft Pocket Edition Sells 5 Million Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 17 December 2012 / 6,122 Views

Mojang has updated the sales figures for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The mobile version of Minecraft has sold more than five million units. This makes it the second bestselling version of the game. Behind the PC version and ahead of the Xbox Live Arcade version.

"5 million of you have bought Minecraft Pocket Edition, amazing!" Tweeted Mojang developer Johan Bernhardsson.

The PC version has sold 8.35 million units according to the games official website, and the Xbox Live Arcade version passed 4.5 million units earlier this month. The game has sold a combined 17.85 million units to date.

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KungKras (on 18 December 2012)

Why isn't Minecraft in the charts?

pezus (on 17 December 2012)