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Alternative Names

The Sly Trilogy

Kaitou Sly Cooper Collection

スライ・クーパー コレクション


Sanzaru Games



Release Dates

11/09/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
01/27/11 Sony Computer Entertainment
12/03/10 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Owners: 158
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1 n/a 14,388 n/a 2,150 16,538
2 n/a 6,972 n/a 1,042 8,014
3 n/a 9,594 n/a 1,434 11,028
4 n/a 7,545 n/a 1,127 8,672
5 n/a 8,586 n/a 1,283 9,869
6 n/a 13,008 n/a 1,944 14,952
7 n/a 18,347 n/a 2,742 21,089
8 n/a 8,788 n/a 1,313 10,101
9 n/a 5,558 n/a 831 6,389
10 n/a 4,933 n/a 737 5,670
CarriedLawyer45 posted 05/01/2021, 02:37
I'm hoping Sly can appear on PS5 in some way.
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CarriedLawyer45 posted 18/04/2020, 12:37
Sly deserves better than this. #Sly4Smash
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aimancooper posted 07/01/2013, 08:24
Almost 500K sales
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aimancooper posted 27/12/2012, 04:38
Sly 4 soon! :D
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fauzman posted 07/12/2012, 05:21
@pitzy. J&D will definitely pass this - it has 300k + sales and is in the top 10 psn games this week. Ratchet and Clank will also likely pass this - these collections tend to sell slow but steady and we should see sales creep up slowly. I doubt Sly will go much above 500k tho that is impressive in itself.
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pitzy272 posted 15/11/2012, 08:29
Amazing that this has sold significantly more than both J&D and R&C (although R & C has only been out for like 3 months).

R&C is pretty good (especially the weapons). Really liked tools of destruction, but a crack in time kind of ruined my like for the series a bit. Sly 2 and 3 got pretty repetitive at times, but I like the characters in the sly series better than those in Ratchet and Clank. I think Sly is a cooler character than ratchet. He's just really slick and smooth. And Bentleys the man. His voice is funny enough, but he makes some actual lol comments sometimes. Clank, on the other hand, Is not very likeable in my opinion. Carmelita and Quark are both pretty good characters.

I played about the first third of Jack and Daxter 1, but I wasn't into the gameplay, story or characters enough to continue.

Anyways, I wonder how many psn copies have been sold? I bought all 3 games on psn bc they had a great deal (even better than Amazon).
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