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Uninspired piece of goodness

17th Apr 2009 | 1,612 views 


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Presentation - 8.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Value - 8.5
Hack'n'slash at its finest, but a shame the rest of the game can't keep up with it.

Devil May Cry 4 is my first game in the series, so I'm coming in with a blank slate.

The game starts you off with a cutscene of Nero, the main character of the game, fighting demons and running. A woman is singing in a church, and when she is done, Nero is sitting in his seat waiting for her. When things have quieted down in the church, Dante, the main character of the previous Devil May Cry games, enters the scene.

Of course, he isn't really welcome, and you end up fighting him until backup appears.

During your fight with Dante, all of a sudden, your arm (which was previosly plastered) turns out to be demonic, and gives Nero the power to grasp enemies from afar, smash them into the ground and other useful things. It does feel a little random though, there is hardly any attempt to explain how it appeared.

Overall the story is decent. It has some quirky characters, some returning from old games, but mostly brand new ones. There is a bit too much damsel-in-distress too it though, and it could have used a bit more originality.

Now you start going on missions to find Dante again, after he flees the scene, and you will be fighting everything in sight, all the way there.

The combat in Devil May Cry 4 is definitely its greatest strength. At your disposal, you have the Red Queen, Nero's sword, the Blue Rose, Nero's double barrel revolver, and the Devil Bringer, Nero's demonic arm.

When swinging the Red Queen around, you will find that there are a lot of options for slaughtering your enemies, as you will perfom different attacks depending on how you time the button pressing in your attacks.

On top of this, you have the Exceed Gauge, which you fill by pressing a button whenever you are at the peak of a slash. The more this gauge is filled, the more devastating attacks you can pull off. Although it sounds well, I never got a hang of the Exceed Gauge, and I did just fine without it as well.

But when the sword play is awesome, the gunplay comes off as a bit weak. There is an auto lock-on system (which works fine), and you just fire away. This might have been better if it had been more effective, enemies often need a great amount bullets to die. Actually, it's faster to just pull in enemies and slash them up, than using the Blue Rose, which kind of defeats its purpose.

You can still use it in a few combos though, like sending an enemy flying with your sword and keeping them afloat with a stream of bullets, but it feels more like it's just for show, because it isn't really that effective.

Finally, the Devil Bringer is great. It complements the sword well, as it can generally be good for combos and keeping enemies within slashing range. There will also be special attacks for each enemy with the Devil Bringer, and bosses as well. They are as good spectacles as they are damage dealers.

Around half way through the game, you start playing as Dante, who plays very different from Nero. Dante has four different fighting styles, which you change by pressing a new direction on the D-pad. He doesn't have the Devil Bringer to pull in enemies with, so you have to be more mobile. Changing styles on the fly helps redeem some of this though, as it allows for rapid change in gameplay style. Although he has the same problem with his guns as Nero does, that they feel weak and hardly worth using.

Dante will also have a lot more interesting weapons to play with compared to Nero, and Dante is in general, much more of a badass, he puts up a lot more spectacles, and badass moments.

Speaking of spectacles, many of the game's cutscenes are in fact just that.

The cutscenes in Devil May Cry 4, when containing action, are usually pretty cool, and this is from the very first moment of the first cutscene. Some will say that they are hugging all the action, which I will partially agree with. But I will also say that the much more stylish action shown in the cutscenes are helping to show the characters, and I think they are in fact good.

On top of that, the graphics are also pretty good, running at 60 FPS, and keeping the game pretty tight looking. Even though you wont be blown away, combined with the artstyle, the game looks pretty good.

The enemy AI is pretty good, though not perfect in any way. It fits with each of the respective enemies pretty well and there are many different types of enemies. The bosses are fun to fight as well, and also pretty different in their respective fighting styles.

All of this gets dragged down by some unimaginative leveldesign though. There are a lot of corridors. Even the jungle has a lot of corridors!

And here comes one of my most hated things about the game. When you start playing as Dante, you start going back through the game, and you will be fighting almost the exact same bosses as you did on your way there. The game recycles so much of its own material, that you get sick of it before you're let into new areas. I wont go into specifics, but trust me when I say that you will be sick of seeing some things again.

The game also introduces a board game, in which you roll a dice, and depending on how many steps you must move (as dictated by the dice), you will end up with either a punishment or a reward. This isn't so bad the first time you meet it, but the last time you meet it, you will be rolling the dice and taking your punishments/rewards until you land on the right spot in the ring of spots.

Once that happens, you have to fight a boss to get to the next level of the game (which will feature a bigger ring with more spots), and depending on how much life you have lost due to the punishments, you might not survive. If you don't survive, you get to start at the bottom ring all over again. That there, is one major pain in the ass.

During the entire game, you will be picking up red orbs, which you will use to buy equipment like healthpacks and such. When you complete a level, you are ranked and receive proud souls depending on how well you did, which you use to upgrade your abilities with.

Upon completing the game, you will be rewarded with higher difficulty levels and art. The increased difficulty levels, the rewards for playing and upgrading your skills and the fun combat is enough to make you come back to the game, but there is also the Bloody Palace. This is basicly you against wave after wave of bad guys, and it adds a bit of value.

All in all, it's a good hack'n'slash game, but the level design, repetition of levels and bosses and also some camera issues prevents the game from being really good.

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Opinion (224)

PyroBlade posted 10/07/2014, 03:07
People mad at the sales number, making pathetic accusations!
BMC:Butthurt May Cry!
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A203D posted 25/06/2014, 08:01
LAMO. Capcom admitted this shit was based on Hollywood movies. Anyone who likes this can't be a DMC fan, because its nothing like the original Devil May Cry. Its like Twilight with Nero the emo and Kyrie the Twilight girl. Not to mention Hideki Kamiya has rebuked the camp homo as Dante. Which is true, DMC1 is the true Dante, not Donte the camp homo. Not to mention Trish and Lady butchered the original iterations of the those characters... And well the game is fucking boring. Case in point that awful dice game.
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PyroBlade posted 01/06/2014, 06:23
You looking at this, Capcom?
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shikaka2 posted 28/03/2013, 11:51
Your words >I'm not interested in DMC4<
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A203D posted 18/05/2012, 09:10
The sales in Japan are not very strong. Not to mention the decline in console ownership this gen in Japan.

Capcom understands a game is not defined by the geographical origin of the developers, its the skill set of the developers that matters. And thats why Ninja Theory was chosen above a Japanese studio.

And Japanese gamers/ or American gamers who want to be Japanese can be as xenophobic as they want. It dosent change the poor quality of DMC4, FF13, RE5, or many Japanese games this gen (of course their have been some excellent games).
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