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02/05/08 Capcom
01/31/08 Capcom
02/08/08 Capcom

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Total Sales
1 208,837 n/a n/a 208,837
2 35,762 146,336 101,556 63,109 346,763
3 17,902 58,810 65,282 33,880 175,874
4 9,096 44,675 31,411 19,389 104,571
5 6,529 26,026 25,329 13,745 71,629
6 4,751 22,402 17,430 10,306 54,889
7 4,053 16,512 11,405 7,103 39,073
8 3,288 14,106 9,322 5,919 32,635
9 2,853 10,961 7,287 4,618 25,719
10 2,259 9,383 5,212 3,595 20,449

Opinion (223)

PyroBlade posted 10/07/2014, 03:07
People mad at the sales number, making pathetic accusations!
BMC:Butthurt May Cry!
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A203D posted 25/06/2014, 08:01
LAMO. Capcom admitted this shit was based on Hollywood movies. Anyone who likes this can't be a DMC fan, because its nothing like the original Devil May Cry. Its like Twilight with Nero the emo and Kyrie the Twilight girl. Not to mention Hideki Kamiya has rebuked the camp homo as Dante. Which is true, DMC1 is the true Dante, not Donte the camp homo. Not to mention Trish and Lady butchered the original iterations of the those characters... And well the game is fucking boring. Case in point that awful dice game.
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PyroBlade posted 01/06/2014, 06:23
You looking at this, Capcom?
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shikaka2 posted 28/03/2013, 11:51
Your words >I'm not interested in DMC4<
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A203D posted 18/05/2012, 09:10
The sales in Japan are not very strong. Not to mention the decline in console ownership this gen in Japan.

Capcom understands a game is not defined by the geographical origin of the developers, its the skill set of the developers that matters. And thats why Ninja Theory was chosen above a Japanese studio.

And Japanese gamers/ or American gamers who want to be Japanese can be as xenophobic as they want. It dosent change the poor quality of DMC4, FF13, RE5, or many Japanese games this gen (of course their have been some excellent games).
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