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Review: Route 66

By ssj12 24th Apr 2010 | 1,486 views 

Can you find everything?

Remember those little kid puzzles that had you searching for certain objects randomly placed throughout a scene? This concept pretty much entails what Route 66 is, a point-and-click puzzle game in which you find random objects at twenty-five different locations on one of the United State's most famous roads, Route 66.

Route 66 is one of Sony's trademark "Minis" games, making it very short and to the point. Gameplay is very basic and simplistic while being offered at a very low-price. It should only take a person anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour to beat all twenty-five levels. The good part is that this game has quite a bit of replay-value since the items you search for change each time you play. It almost comes off a bit too short, which can be depressing, but if it was too much longer the game would become stale very fast.

As stated above, the gameplay is very simplistic, but is quite enjoyable if you enjoy simple point-and-click puzzles. To play, you simply move your hand cursor around the setting finding the items listed on the bottom. Scenes can be pretty massive in size, and rarely will the desired objects you are attempting to hunt down jump out at first glance. There is a time limit of 7 minutes per scene, which actually feels tad long as I never needed more than 4 minutes. Once you find an item, it is transported to the bottom of the screen, marking off the item while revealing whatever was actually under it.

Each scene is hand drawn in a way to appeal to children rather than adults. Everything seems to have been colored with crayon or light pastels. Truly, it's as if each scene seems to have simply been digitized from a kids puzzle book. This isn't a bad thing at all though, as it lets all these wonderfully done pieces of art be viewed by a wider audience.

There is only one piece of music in this entire game and it sounds like it was taken from the game Cruis'n USA. It's a constant set of guitar rifts that begs for some form for lyrics but then decides to repeat itself. It is a catchy tune, but it tends to get very annoying when it's all you hear. Still, if Route 66's developers were wanting something instrumental to fit this game there are better options from the world's past composers and music geniuses that could have suited the game perfectly.

After an hour and a half of letting a 5 year old play this on a long car ride, I can state that this game is good enough to keep a normally rowdy little kid at bay. This truly isn't a game designed with adults in mind. If you plan on taking a car ride of decent length, then get this game for your kids; they will enjoy it far more than you. Considering the nice price of $4.99 it's a steal for peace on the open road.

Overall, Route 66 is a small little visual puzzle game that can keep a kid entertained for hours. The audio is good, but can get annoying after solving a few puzzles. Artwork for all twenty-five puzzles is fantastically well done. If you or your kids like visual puzzles, get this, as it's a great game for car trips.

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