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Review: Patchwork Heroes

By ssj12 08th Apr 2010 | 1,689 views 

Can you destroy the Warship PooSkoos?

Patchwork Heroes is the newest innovative game to grace the Sony PlayStation Portable. It seems like innovative gameplay is something Sony's handheld draws to it to bring new experiences and joy to its gamers. What sets Patchwork Heroes apart is there isn't another game like it. It's truly one of a kind. Even with unique gameplay, there are some issues.

The story of Patchwork Heroes makes no sense, but here we go. We follow the story of Titori, who is apart of his city's air-defense force. Throughout his missions he becomes more well-known and respected in his city. The characters you meet along the way are interesting, but have very little depth. Each mission consists of a giant flying battleship that you must destroy. There are thirty ships to destroy, each different than the rest.

Patchwork Heroes is a puzzle game in which gameplay consists of everyone's favorite thing to do: destroying everything. This is easier said than done since unlike every other game on the market that has to do with destruction; all you have is a limited number of bombs, a saw, and your mojo attacks. Ships can be quite large and take some time to figure out how to beat them in your allocated time and abide to any stipulations. Mojo attacks are pretty much speed sawing, but with the power to slice metal. This - as well as bombs - can come in handy when facing metallic battleships.

Gameplay consists entirely of slicing pieces off each battleship in an allotted amount of time. Amount of time varies between missions and difficulty settings. On certain missions there are portions which can't be cut off at all. These missions can be a massive pain due to the inability to know what part of the ship will fall off if you're trying to cut different parts of the ship. At one point I was trying to cut a large jail off one of the ships and the half I didn't want to fall fell to its destruction, causing instant failure. This is easily done. Bombs also destroy parts of the ship as well as killing enemies. They also use up your lives or the lives of people assisting you on that mission. Taking any damage also knocks off the amount of bombs and lives you have.

Speaking of killing enemies, there are some in Patchwork Heroes game. The majority being attackers and one enemy that repairs the ship. The enemies that will do the most damage to your efforts are the missile turrets. These bad boys come in two flavors: one that fires a missile straight and the heat-seekers which will follow you for a short distance. Heat-seekers appear on thin areas where you don't have much movement. Repair enemies can also get frustrating. These little guys will damper most major slicing efforts you put forth until you kill them either by bomb or quickly slicing a circle around them to send them to their death.

The major downside to this game's unique experience is repetition. With only three attacks and only small variations in what you're allowed to do on a ship, this can get quite boring. This is sadly one of those games where you can't just sit down and beat the entire thing. You have to take breaks or just plain forget about the game after beating a few levels to let your mind want to get back into it. I personally had to force myself to play this after running out of time on missions several over and over. This game could have been great if later levels introduced something that wasn't more of the same.

Audio is quite nostalgic. Every noise in the game feels like it came from an NES title and the music came from early JRPGs. You get an interesting blend of uptempo jazz with techno. It is truly enjoyable to stop and listen to the music and reminisce about games past. At times it gets a bit distracting since you want to listen to the music more often then play the actual game.

Patchwork Heroes is presented in a 2D top-down view of the action. This is a good choice since I don't see how a 3D view would help. The story is displayed as a cartoon like no other. Individual characters have unique personalities and there is never a duplicate animation. If the game play didn't hold this game back so much it would truly be worth playing just for storyline alone. Each battleship takes the redefines the word "patchwork". Every one seems to have been jigsawed together.

Overall, Patchwork Heroes is a unique game that unfortunately takes a nose dive in keeping a player entertained long enough to enjoy its story. This is far from a bad game though, it's just overly average. If you take in the game in long strides it can be enjoyed. Mastering the increasing of all thirty levels will take a person about three to five minutes each, not including retries. It's expected to take a person anywhere from four to five hours to beat the game. That is - of course - if you beat each mission the first time without having to retry them. If you're a puzzle fan, love destruction, or just have $9.99 USD to spare and want to play something different, consider Patchwork Heroes as a worthwhile investment.

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