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05/18/10 Rockstar Games
10/07/10 Rockstar Games
05/21/10 Rockstar Games

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Didn't live up to the hype

26th May 2010 | 1,612 views 


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Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 9.0
A great game, with a few shortcomings that ruin the epic experience

Red Dead Redemption is a GTA style western shooter.

There are random events that happen in the game, such as a wagon being stolen you can choose to return the wagon or le the robber get away and many other things to that nature.

One of the best parts of the game are the ecosystems. Rabbits, wolves, coyotes, and many birds are around the wilderness that can be killed and skinned. there are also big game animals like buffalo and bears.

Multiplayer is where the game falters, big time.

First its similar to GTA IV in every way. auto aim makes it too easy to shoot, but with it off its impossible to hit anything, making it impossible to show skill in matches.

Free Roam was over hyped, and is why this game doesnt get over ran 8.0 Free roam has alotof chalenges that would be fun to do, too bad you either need a private game or an empty room. Random people kill you, constantly. this would be fun if it the spawn system was better. it be nice to have fun then get killed 100 times by the same 2 people, when u kill them they spawn about 30 ft from where you are so dont worry you can't win. there is no hiding everyone has thier own DOT over the map and when nearby you become  visable on the hud.


when you have friends in free roam you posse up, it makes you the same color. this is great! too bad its almost impossible to get 8 people around one spot, god forbid someone dies, they will respawn half the map away.







EDIT: after playing some more, i feel the single player is worth a 9.5 multiplayer is still trash however, so the overall only goes up to a 7.8


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Total Sales
1 n/a 632,548 310,776 162,217 1,105,541
2 n/a 301,284 187,966 83,767 573,017
3 n/a 221,211 134,400 60,916 416,527
4 n/a 124,614 87,707 36,269 248,590
5 n/a 78,883 68,142 25,014 172,039
6 n/a 61,193 43,543 17,887 122,623
7 n/a 50,831 36,193 14,862 101,886
8 n/a 43,070 33,334 13,027 89,431
9 n/a 44,918 25,653 12,103 82,674
10 n/a 40,042 23,368 10,870 74,280

Opinion (67)

Machina posted 31/12/2018, 07:41
@hiccupthehuman - 56k at retail so far this year, with 5 weeks to go. Up a fair bit on 2017, but down on 2016 and every other year.
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hiccupthehuman posted 06/12/2018, 10:51
I wish we could still see how much a game sells by year. It would have been interesting to see how much RDR had sold during 2018
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hiccupthehuman posted 06/12/2018, 03:45
This game is still slowly increasing. Pretty cool.
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Slimebeast posted 12/10/2012, 07:49
This week it passed 10 million copies sold combined on PS360!
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coolbeans posted 17/03/2012, 04:31
Replace ,but with *so I'll just say :P
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coolbeans posted 17/03/2012, 04:31
I thought the final ending was exceptional. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet, but it's the quintessential "realist" western in videogames.
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