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Boy Loves Girl (iOS)

By Kerky 16th Apr 2012 | 3,099 views 

Not quite a love story.

How far would you go to prove your love? Well the titular boy in the new iOS game, Boy Loves Girl, is bringing the love of his life the moon, along a plethora of exotic animals. There’s just one thing standing, or rather floating casually, in his way: clouds. You see, despite what you may believe, the Moon is actually a fragile object, and upon impact with one of these pesky clouds it will be smashed to pieces. Good job boy had the sense to tie some string to it so he can safely guide it to girl.

That's where you'll be helping out. You must manoeuvre the moon through the various stages, ensuring your gift makes it to the end in one piece. Controlling the moon is easy enough, as it merely requires you to swipe up or down to move the Moon in that direction. You'll also need to tap the various clouds in your way as this will allow you to safely navigate your way around them. Optional objectives are presented to the player, however to complete the stage you don’t need to even attempt these challenges. What these challenges do, though, is add replayability, and as most gamers will have some inner completionist demon I am sure you will find yourself attempting these. Challenges vary from the extremely simple, to the rather challenging; often you will be required to collect a certain amount of smiles – yellow orbs dropped by clouds – or perform a certain amount of cloud-related actions, such as flying over sleeping clouds or under raining clouds. The game plays and performs well, and apart from some minor issues with the controls – for example a tap would sometimes be registered as a swipe - it is a very smooth and polished experience.

Graphically Boy Loves Girl looks nice, and the cartoon style visuals on show fit the tone of the game perfectly. The levels are short and sweet; perfect for gaming on the go. However, the level design leaves a lot to be desired. The levels are divided into sets, with each set having a distinct environmental look. Unfortunately, this different aesthetical look is all that separates the levels, as they all play out in a similar fashion. The lack of variety in level design means that the game can begin to feel stale. Yes, it gets slightly harder as you progress, but the gameplay or level design doesn't develop or evolve.

Boy Loves Girl costs £0.69 in the UK and $0.99 in the US, which isn’t a price you’re going to lose sleep over. The game isn’t terrible at all, and there are certainly moments of fun to be extracted from it. It’s the lack of certain qualities that hinder Boy Loves Girl, and if these qualities were present I would be sat here telling you this game is good, or even great. Alas, it wasn’t to be, but should you still give it a try? If you're a completionist at heart, I would suggest you give Boy Loves Girl a shot, as you're the type of gamer that will get the most out of it. That being said, I would still only recommend it if there is nothing else grabbing your interest on the App Store at the moment.

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