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High Voltage Software



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06/23/09 Sega
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07/10/09 Sega

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A quality FPS finally arrives on the Wii.

09th Jul 2009 | 1,786 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 8.5
I highly recommend The Conduit to anyone looking for a solid FPS. It is comparable to almost any FPS on any other console.

The Conduit delivers fulfills many of High Voltage Software (HVS) promises.
The first thing I noticed is how much I could customize the controls. I can change the button layout, what commands would respond to motion controls, dead zone, motion sensitivity and pointing sensitivity. The customization level rivals most PC FPS. The controls for "The Conduit" are faster than any other console FPS, but not as fast as mouse and keyboard. When set up properly, the motion controls add to the game. Almost any command can be mapped to motion controls with the exception of reload for some reason. If you do not like the motion controls, map a more useless command to it and set sensitivity to 0. It is not a necessity to use them like some reviews which will remain nameless say. Furthermore, I think it is fun using the motion control for melee attack, but I agree use a button for grenades. Throwing a grenade with the nunchuck inadvertently moves the opposite hand, which changes the aim direction. As a result, instead of throwing the grenade through a window, it hits the wall and bounces back into Mr. Ford. However, once all controls are properly mapped, dead zone set and sensitivity adjusted, the controls are fast and accurate.

The online component works great. I have had no online issues or glitches yet I hear about them from other gamers. Even though I have a weak DSL connection, most games run smoothly. My only major issue is the pathetic frame rate. Sometimes a lag free game seems to have lag because the frame rate is dropping so low. I have a minor issue with how maps and settings are chosen. All maps and settings are voted on before the match can start which often leads to bad combinations. I do not like playing match in a small level with explosive weapons for example. Another minor flaw is with the maps themselves. HVS promised they would make separate maps for each multiplayer option. For example capture the flag maps and death match maps would be setup differently. However, all the maps blend together and this is fine for death match, but capture the flag does not work as well with these maps. Even though I do not like friend codes, they are not needed in this game unless you want to use Wii Speak. I bought a Wii Speak because it was on sale, but I rarely use it. I do not want to hear a game full of whiny teenage brats complaining about their life and swearing at me that I suck. I am just fine with no voice chat, but it is an option when my friend want to play a game. Unfortunately the Wii Speak does not work as well as it should which is disappointing. Even though The Conduit does have some online flaws, I think it is a great overall experience.

The single player campaign is a great experience if you set the difficulty to High or Severe because the AI adds so much to the game. The enemy does have a brain and uses it. For example, I was hiding behind a poll and so was the enemy. I ran over to attack, but the enemy anticipated this attack and took a better cover. Lower settings dial down the AI and the game becomes pathetically easy and feels too short. I completed the game on High in just over 14 hours, but this does not include all of my deaths. In reality I probably spent 18-20 hours playing the single player campaign and I still have to finish all of the events like find the data discs and hidden messages. I normally do not complete challenges in games, but The Conduit includes fun cheats that unlock when you beat the game. This is similar to the hand cannon in Resident Evil 4. I plan to play the game again with every cheat turned on and destroy everything in site. It is a lot of fun running through FPS with cheats turned on after you beat the game. Unfortunately this game does have automatic heal, however the first few levels lack this feature which makes them much more challenging. I am not a fan of dividing the game into clear cut levels, but it is not that annoying. The amount of instant death is extremely annoying. I had to cheat through a small part of this game because I could not get past it. Every enemy has the ability to kill Mr. Ford with 1 hit and you cannot keep track of all 30 of them at all times. Other flaws include check points that appear random and are not always conveniently located. This would not be so bad, but the game lacks any kind of save option which is further made worse by random health kits that can disappear. All health kits look alike, but some re-appear after use and others do not. Despite its flaws, the single player campaign is a lot of fun and adds 20+ hours of good game play.

I do not have much to say about the story or graphics. If you want a great FPS that delivers hours of solid game play buy The Conduit. If you want a long story with good graphics, look at another FPS.

I highly recommend The Conduit to anyone looking for a solid FPS. It is comparable to almost any FPS on any other console.

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270,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2009

Opinion (819)

supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 05:54
i think its a lil bit overtracked... number should be more like 500k flat
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DieAppleDie posted 12/11/2012, 03:08
i absolutely liked moar this game, despite its inferior grafix over the secuel
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 09/01/2012, 10:34
there used to be hardcore on Wii in 2007 bu they moved away and are still moving because 3rd parties ony put their hardcore games on Ps3/Xbox360, also many people pirate hardcore games on Wii which certainly deosn't help
Message | Report
Fededx posted 28/08/2011, 05:01
I enjoeyd the game a lot, I usually don't play FPS, but on Wii I find them more fun and easier to play. It's a good game, and it sold ok, and I'm glad it did. Hope it generated some earnings to SEGA and HVS :)
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Conegamer posted 04/06/2011, 02:14
And I thought this game's sales were weak O.o
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Pierreism posted 26/04/2011, 01:09
Not bad sales at the end of the day. Now with the sequel, onwards and upwards!
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