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Review: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil (PSN)

By ssj12 23rd Mar 2008 | 968 views 

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil seemed like it might actually be a good arena-style shooter. Sadly, the game did not live up to expectations. The game can barely manage to keep within its own genre due to the way the game is played.

Jumping into the game, we first get to create our own character. There are a total of three races, both male and female, and three classifications for each race that don’t seem to make much difference no matter which one you choose. The only thing that is different is that the race, genders, and classifications changes your appearance in the cut scenes.

Starting at level one, you get introduced to the story, and what a simple story it actually is. Martians are evil; you must defeat them, and along the way you have to save some of your allies if the levels permit it. That is basically it. The only plus to the story is it is told through cartoon style cut scenes that are done pretty well. They are not too long, there is some humor in them, they get to the point quickly, and the use of in-game character models is always a good thing to see.

Getting into the gameplay you quickly realize that it is somewhere between fun and complete trash. It is understandable that in the arena-style shooter, you get locked into a room or area and have to kill every enemy that comes flooding in. This is where the problem lies, as you get a ton of bad guys but not enough weapons to make things balance out. The better weapons only have a 30 second time limit, which means at times there are so many enemies that you cannot kill them all due to only having your default pistol, which shoots insanely slowly. That isn’t really that bad but there aren’t enough weapon drops to make things worthwhile. Maybe if you got the weapons for, say, 45 seconds or a minute, it would balance things out.

Another major problem with the gameplay is the extreme lack of health in some areas, while others have so many health pick-ups you would expect that area to be where the thousands of Martians would attack you. Of course that isn’t the case, but don’t worry things get even better. You get to respawn after you die at a cost of several thousand experience points (xp) and your limit-limited weapon. That’s right; there is no life system here. You basically have an infinite amount of lives as long as you continue to kill and destroy things to get xp.

Luckily though, even without the flaws it is somewhat fun to run around and kill everything. There are a ton of consoles and other things that you have to mash the X button to break it up, defuse, or use. Whenever you do this you get materials needed to upgrade yourself--enemies drop these materials too--and weapons. There are also a ton of secondary weapons, some of which are useless while others can save you in quite a few situations.

After each level, which you can play as many times as you want to unlock all the secret items, you get prompted with an upgrade screen. After you beat a level you are rewarded with an item that will increase some aspect of your character’s abilities. You can upgrade every main weapon’s firing rate, minus the pistol, and secondary weapon drop rate. You purchase the weapons upgrades with the materials you picked up throughout each level. The character upgrades, which you purchase using your xp, can be quite useful too. You can increase your character’s speed, damage, evasiveness, engineering (speed at which you smash things), demolition power, and health. There is also armor available for purchase with some of your collected materials if you can afford it.

Overall the game isn’t horrid or really bad. It is a very average game in every way. Its positives and negatives balance each other out. Is it worth the $10 purchase? Well let me just say this. If you like arena-shooters, and have extra cash sitting around, buy the game, if not, try the trial of the game, and play through all of the levels available to get the complete feel of the game before judging if you should purchase it or not.

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