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11/17/05 Microsoft Game Studios
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12/05/05 Microsoft Game Studios

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dsister's(44) awesome Perfect Dark Zero review

10th Apr 2009 | 1,606 views 


User Score

Presentation - 8.5
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 9.0
although lacking a strong single player this shooter more than makes up for it in its multiplayer.


      the game starts off with a short training mission. then through you into a story of mystery and betrayal. the story is a prequel to the original, taking place before you join the Carrington Institute. and has you saving a archeologist(Nathan Ziegler) from Killian, then the story evolves from there.

            the single player story is kind of a letdown, but fun none the less. the first time you do a level you get default equipment, but anytime after that you can choose  whatever equipment that you want. this allows you to do things in different ways. say instead of going through the unlocked door to be ambushed, you can just go finish a level.



The competitive multiplayer is also a lot of fun. Consisting of the basic modes, it can support up to 32 players online. And can get quite epic if you are playing on a smaller map. Which they kept going with additional map packs (one of which is free). There is also the option for ai bots if you do not want to bother with human players (although it only has sixteen player support). There is also the option to use hovercrafts and jetpacks, but I found that they didn’t control the best.         



the developer did a great job with the co-op campaign. It consists of the same levels of the single campaign, but with several team oriented (puzzles). Like in one level the teammate who is behind the other gets locked out of a door, and has to go another way, so that he can push a button before time runs out so they can find someone that is willing to play it with you then you will have a really fun experience. This game also can get very hard when you get the harder difficulty levels . Also the achievements are kind of boring as well, most of them can be gotten through fighting against the bots.   

In conclusion, this game is worth the purchase. There are a few things that I failed to mention in my review. Like the inability to jump (why would they do this?), and also a very well polished cover mechanic. The game is very fun, pick up and finish a level with a weapon than you keep it, and you can and if you through the locked door (with your lock pick) and come out behind them. the weapons on the other hand you can pick at anytime, once you select it for the next level.



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goldeneye0065r posted 03/01/2012, 09:19
this game got boring after 5 minutes lack of content to
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 04:37
online is fun if you can find anyone playing still
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JazzB1987 posted 27/04/2011, 09:35
Really bad game. Perfect Dark 64 is still lightyears ahead even in the graphics department (graphics include style and this looks shitty n64 looks dated but great)
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PearlJam posted 26/04/2010, 11:27
I think this game sucks donkey balls. I bought it because it was a launch title and because I expected more from Rare.
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PS360fan10 posted 05/02/2010, 12:49
This game is amazing. It's so fun! I just reached mission 4 and I'm having a blast. Multiplayer is well done.
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ArcticGabe posted 18/11/2009, 02:34
To Glari93: Viva pinata reached a million as well
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